Minutes of August 9, 2012 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Megan Ruszala for Mary Beth Weber, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick
Nancy Hendrickson, Jane Sloan

1. Upgrade to Symphony 3.4.1 SP2

a. LIS members discussed the upgrade to Symphony 3.4.1 Service Pack 2. The upgrade will be loaded in the test system in September/October. Sign off will occur in December and the upgrade to the production system is tentatively planned for the first or second weekend in January 2013.

b. Highlights in the new version include:

a. Workflows can now be set to show open wizards in multiple tabs or multiple windows but not both at the same time.

b. Symphony will have the capability to send text notifications of notices and other messages to library users. This new feature is not free and sites interested in implementing it need to contact their sales representative for a price quote.

c. There will be a number of updates to the format policies to support RDA.

d. SirsiDynix is adding support for single sign-on through CAS. This new feature is not free and sites interested in implementing it need to contact their sales representative for a price quote.

e. Sites have the ability to output a marc file of holdings with XX call numbers formatted with the "substitute text" instead of XX. This means, for example, if we output our RU-ONLINE holdings we can specify that the call number is created as ELECTRONIC RESOURCE instead of the XX call number.

f. There is now the ability to set a default classification scheme property in the Add Brief Title wizard.

g. Multi-lingual support in enumeration and chronology displays of marc holdings is available.

2. Debrief from the SNRG 2012 conference

Chris and Judy debriefed LIS members on their attendance at the annual Sirsi Northeast Regional Group conference held at Montclair State University from June 11-12, 2012.

Highlights from the sessions include:

a. SirsiDynix added 38 new customers and 350 new libraries in 2011. At the end of 2011 SirsiDynix had 3600 customers, serving 23,000 libraries in 70 countries.

b. SirsiDynix is putting more emphasis on the social aspects of the web including improvements to their mobile app called BookMyne and promotion of their Facebook app.

c. SirsiDynix produced 26 software releases in 2011/2012 across their product family including updates to Symphony Workflows, BookMyne, Enterprise (web scale discovery), and Portfolio (digital asset management)

d. Software enhancement for 2012/2013:

a. Ability to link to the RDA toolkit in Workflows in Symphony 3.4.1 SP2

b. Additional item categories added to Workflows (i.e. item cat 3, 4, and 5)

c. Ability to send a broadcast message to all those logged in to Workflows

d. The next version of Director's Station will be renamed to Analytics Station and will only be hosted by SirsiDynix. Sites currently running a local version of Director's Station will be able to migrate to the hosted solution at no charge.

e. Implementation of e-resource central - new product that streamlines the management of electronic resources and delivers them via a one-click download to users

f. Development of a brand-new staff client that runs in a web browser. The new client is not simply recreating the functionality of Workflows but is a redevelopment of the staff client from the ground up. The catalog wizards will be released first, followed by circulation and then acquisitions and serials.

3. Update on VALID

Chris reports that Vale is configuring the space on Amazon Web Services to support their new initiatives such as the shared discovery layer and the shared ILS

4. Information sharing, announcements

Stephanie - making changes to default record displays; improving the context sensitive request buttons, and working on revising the media booking form

Bob - loading new and updated EEBO content from Proquest

Gracemary - along with other LIS members Chris, Mary Beth, and Nancy assigned to work on new Acquisitions Working Group with a charge to develop policies, procedures, documentation, and training for the intersection of acquisitions functions with budget, collection development, distributed technical services, and systems; and to examine current policies and practices in these areas and make changes as needed. It also has a longer range goal to create a policy and procedures manual that can be used to train new staff and to codify practices.

Judy - A-team responsibilities have shifted from CTS to Access Services beginning July 1. New A-team work is going well; REF books will circulate among NB libraries

5. Next meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held in December with a primary goal of signing off on the upgrade to 3.4.1. Date TBD.

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