Minutes of February 14, 2013 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Nancy Hendrickson, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

1. Review post-upgrade issues

Chris debriefed LIS members on the process to upgrade our ILS software to Symphony 3.4.1 SP2 on Jan 12-13, 2013. Chris reported that loading the upgrade on the Symphony server went well and installed without error. Since then he has not heard of any bugs or trouble in the new version.

The only trouble with the upgrade was the problems we encountered updating Workflows. Chris reported, while we knew Windows 7 users would not be able to update Workflows on their own, we were not aware that Windows XP would not have sufficient rights to perform the update. When we learned that Windows XP users could not update Workflows, Chris began to work with our Unit Computing Manager, Ed Smith, to determine the best way to deploy the Workflows client. Fortunately, Ed had been working with a new remote software distribution and installation tool from Dell called Kace. Ed recommended that Kace could be used to remotely push out and install the Workflows update with minimal intervention from IIS and/or local PC support staff. The process was tested and, when it was determined we would use Kace successfully, Ed and Chris came up with a plan to deploy the Workflows client. The plan was put in place Monday evening and starting Tuesday morning, users Workflows began to update remotely. Chris thanked everyone for their patience during this period and added that this whole experience will help IIS build better deployment strategies in the future.

One of the LIS team members reported they were seeing incorrect labels and pull-down options on their Workflows screens. For example, instead of displaying the word Status on the "Display User" screen, they were seeing user cat1 and instead of seeing "Item Barcode" in Item Search and Display's Index pull-down menu, Workflows displayed "Item ID". Chris responded that users with incorrect labels and pull-down options should contact IIS because this indicates that one of the Workflows screen files did not update properly. As a final check, Chris reiterated that everyone with Workflows should check they are running the latest version. To check the version, click the Help pull-down menu in Workflows, then click About, and verify that your version displays as If it does not, contact IIS.

2. Change to OCLC control number

Last year OCLC announced they anticipate that the OCLC control number will reach one billion after July 1, 2013. By that date, systems like our SirsiDynix ILS, which use the control number, will need to adjust to accommodate the larger number starting. SirsiDynix is already planning for the expansion of the OCLC control number and has notified their customers that a software patch will be available in Spring 2013 to accommodate this change. The software patch will be available either as 1) a one-off patch to adjust the length of the control number or 2) bundled with a service pack of updates in Service Pack 3 of Symphony 3.4.1.

When the update is released, LIS will determine whether it is advisable to load this change as a one-off patch or bundled with Service Pack 3.

3. Review what's new in Symphony 3.4.1 SP3

Chris reported the following enhancements coming in Symphony 3.4.1 Service Pack 3:

  1. Implementation of RDA controlled vocabulary lists for use when entering or editing 33X tags in bibliographic records
  2. Addition of item categories 3, 4 and 5 to item records.
  3. Addition of option to delete items with fines and fees, while retaining bill and related information in patron record.
  4. Support for OCLC number format change on July 1, 2013. At 3.4.1 patch cluster 3, Symphony will support title control numbers derived from OCLC numbers with the new “on” prefix.
  5. Addition of display of Call Number in My Account Lists in the Library Catalog.
  6. "Forgot PIN" feature in the Library Catalog.
  7. Enhancement to prevent accidental removal of users with profiles such as MISSING, LOST, RESV-, INTRANSIT, or LIBRARYUSE.
  8. Allow for modification of Subject line in emailed notices.
  9. Workflows Help will appear in the preferred browser instead of through the Workflows client.

4. Preparing the ILS for RDA implementation (Mary Beth)

Mary Beth reported on the plans to implement RDA in CTS and in our SirsiDynix ILS. It includes:

  1. training CTS on the new cataloging standards.
  2. adding the new tags to the format policy tables - SirsiDynix created a perl script that sites can run to add the tags en masse. IIS has run the script in the test system and one positive outcome is that it reorders the tags in each format in numerical order.
  3. determining whether any of the new tags need to be indexed - if it does Bob cautioned the group that we are nearing the limit on the number of new keyword indexes we can define.
  4. working with LCC on the field labels and whether any of the tags need to be added to the brief or full record displays.

Some organizations, like Marcive, have already been supplying records with the new RDA tags and working on these changes now will position us appropriately for the future.

5. Review list of ILS tasks related to the UMD merger and report on the status of tasks completed or in-progress so far

Mary Beth and Chris reported on the status of their work for the UMD merger. Mary Beth is co-chairing the Libraries UMD Integration Catalog Subgroup along with Natalie Wadley of UMD, and Chris is also a member. The Catalog Subgroup has been tasked with the bibliographic data migration from UMD's Voyager system to our SirsiDynix Symphony system. The plan is to normalize and load all data into our test system first, then review and sign off, before loading into production.

Many other groups and teams have been created to work on subsets of the data migration tasks such as 1) a mini item type task force to define the mapping of UMD libraries, locations, and item types to RULs, 2) a serials summary holdings group to determine how to map and load serials summary holdings data, 3) a patron group to determine how to map user record data, and 4) other miscellaneous groups reviewing loan periods, reserve collections and policies, notifying vendors like Coutts and agencies like Palci of the forthcoming changes.

Starting with a list of higher-level tasks drafted by Grace Agnew, Chris drafted a list of more granular tasks that will need to be accomplished in the ILS to complete the data migration. He asked LIS team member to review the list and suggest additions or changes to insure our list of tasks is as comprehensive as possible.

6. Last LIS meeting for Nancy Hendrickson

Given that Nancy Hendrickson will be retiring this Spring, this was Nancy's last LIS meeting. Team members thanked Nancy for her sixteen years of service on LIS. She will be greatly missed!

7. Information sharing, announcements

Gracemary - reviewing UMD serial records.

Mary Beth - busy with UMD Integration and RDA.

Judy - Working on the Douglass merger; DOCLINE/ILLIAD subgroup will meet to plan the continued update of DOCLINE for UMD materials after the merger.

Bob - Planning to begin the record changes for the Douglass merger beginning the weekend of 2/16.

Chris - working with ASC billing group to clear out pre-2001 LOST and other old bills in preparation for the annual patron purge in March; Relais client will be upgraded the week of March 4.

8. Next LIS Meeting

The next LIS meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 1:30 pm in the TSB conference room.

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