Minutes of September 27, 2013 Meeting

Grace Agnew (guest, ex officio) Abbey Baker, Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

1. Update on migration of the Symphony servers to new hardware running Linux and Unicode

The server that runs the SirsiDynix Symphony test and production systems is 6 years old and nearing the end of it's useful life. IIS has received the funding and begun preparations to replace it.The replacement project includes the following tasks:

  1. Installing new test and production servers in the IIS Data Center with SuSE Linux 11 and Oracle.
  2. Converting the Symphony platform from Solaris to Linux.
  3. Converting the database character set from MARC8 to Unicode.
  4. Rebuilding the keyword and browse indices.

The benefits are:

  1. Symphony will run on newer state of the art hardware that should accelerate processing of daily/nightly jobs.
  2. IIS will be converting the operating system to an architecture we are building expertise on.
  3. Our bibliographic and authority records will be converted to Unicode.
  4. We will be in a better position to import/export records with other systems that have already converted to Unicode.

There will not be a Symphony upgrade to a new version this season. The new version of Symphony, known as Symphony 3.5, has not been released and is not expected until Q1 2014. Instead we'll need our testers to help us with post-migration testing and quality control.

2. Update on Libraries Integration and the 100-day workplan

  1. Chris reported, as part of the 100 day workplan, that he, Tracey, and Bob will be conducting a Director's Station workshop at the Smith library. He will contact our Smith colleagues to identify individuals to attend the training and if there are any available seats to offer them first to our colleagues at Dana.
  2. IIS has added a fourth Health Sciences library to Symphony called RWJ-ARC. The RWJ-ARC library is located in the Kessler teaching building on Busch Campus. It is a reserve-only location (like SERC), contains mostly medical textbooks, and has a self-check station. The RWJ-ARC is staffed by one full-time staff member and a librarian reports there a few hours a week to provide on-site reference.
    Right now the items at this location are not in Symphony and were never in UMDs Voyager ILS. Instead they were made available by a web-accessible catalog and checked out via a self-check station that is similar to the one we have at Alexander. During the Fall semester staff at the RWJ-ARC will be adding the approximately 1000 items to Symphony, and then will begin to circulate them in Symphony.
    Since this is a permanent reserve location the items at the RWJ-ARC will not circulate to any other library or be made available for resource sharing.
  3. Gracemary reported DTS and CTS are determining how to handle UMD serial titles that are duplicated in EBSCO.

3. Update on closing the Chemistry Library

Chris reported, as of 9/27, there were very few items left in Symphony attached to the Chemistry library. There are only:

16 brief items borrowed from E-ZBorrow
16 call numbers with no copies attached to cancelled orders
1 Chemistry serial control record

The rest of the items were mapped to the Annex, and a holding code was added as an item note to represent the item's former library, location, and item type.

4. Beginning preparations for OLE

Grace presented on the current state of the OLE project. The presentation included:

  1. the system architecture and an update on the current version of the software - OLE is currently at 0.8. 1.0 is due out in Q4 of this year.
  2. how OLE integrates with other Kuali projects like Kuali Rice and Kuali Financial.
  3. what modules are currently developed or well underway - Select and Acquire
  4. which modules need more development - Describe, Deliver, Integration and Implementation tools

Grace would like LIS to take the lead on testing and evaluation and to work with a revised TSCWG group to assist in carrying out this initiative. Grace proposed to Marianne that Rutgers join Kuali so that we could load the software, gain access to Kuali OLE partners, and be able to participate in development. Since OLE is still at least 2 years away from a full-fledged system, it presents Rutgers with the opportunity to take time, kick the tires, and prepare ourselves for implementation. While we are waiting for these pieces to fall into place, LIS team members are encouraged to review documentation and interact with the "test drive" version of the software via the Kuali website.

5. Information sharing, announcements

  1. Judy - testing new authentication method to access electronic reserves; testing text messaging for Hold Availables in the test system
  2. Abbey - spending time setting up Health Sciences funds in Workflows
  3. Gracemary - beginning to create order records for Health Sciences serials; still negotiating small packages after the UMD merger; made a choice for webscale; will be a development partner with Ebsco
  4. Bob - planning next phase of the Douglass/Music merger
  5. Stephanie - held first LCC meeting with Health Sciences colleague

6. Next meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held in November on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB Conference Room.

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