Minutes of November 14, 2013 Meeting

Abbey Baker, Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

1. Review Project Plan for Symphony Production and Test Migration - note important dates, notifications, and milestones

The team reviewed the project plan to migrate our Symphony Production and Test systems to new HP servers running SuSE Linux and to also convert the character set to Unicode.

11/18/13 - 11/21/13IIS installs the new production server, operating system, webserver, and database engine
11/22/13 - 11/26/13SirsiDynix prepares server for test migration of production system
12/02/13 - 12/06/13SirsiDynix performs test migration/conversion of the production system; rebuilds indexes
12/09/13 - 12/20/13Rutgers tests and validates the test migration of production system
12/17/13Unicode Consulting Call #1
12/19/13Unicode Consulting Call #2
1/03/14SirsiDynix removes test migration files and prepares for live migration of production system
1/05/14Run last Workflows reports and notices on the old server
1/06/14 SirsiDynix configures Symphony Bridge for Workflows Circulation and turns on read-only library catalog
1/06/14 - 1/07/14SirsiDynix migrates and converts the production system; rebuilds indexes
1/08/14Rutgers tests and validates the live migration/conversion; signs off if successful
1/08/14SirsiDynix loads circ transactions accumulated with Symphony Bridge
1/09/14 Production system goes live!
1/13/14 - 1/14/14IIS and SD prepare test server for migration
1/22/14 - 1/24/14SD migrates and converts our test system; rebuilds indexes
1/27/14 - 1/28/14Rutgers tests and validates the test server migration/conversion; signs off if successful
1/29/14Test system goes live!

Chris noted that there are two important SirsiDynix consulting calls on implementing Unicode that will be held during the third week in December. Key players from IIS, CTS, and DTS need to participate in these calls. In the first session SirsiDynix will review how they implemented Unicode, policy and configuration considerations, and workflow considerations. In the second session SirsiDynix will review the steps catalogers may use to input Non-Latin characters and discuss any follow-up questions

2. Review what will be up, what will be down, and what services may be disrupted, especially during the production migration

Chris reported that there will be no impact on our users in December during the migration dry-run; however, there will be some impact on users and library faculty and staff when we perform the live migration in early January. There will be some downtime when we run the migration extracts and final backup on the old server. When the extracts are complete Symphony will be brought back up but with reduced functionality. Essentially, the Workflows circulation wizards will be available; however, none of the other wizards will be. This means from January 6 - January 8, there will be no Acquisitions, no Booking (except Charge and Discharge), no Cataloging, no creating circ-on-the-flies, no Reserves (except Charge and Discharge), no Serials check-in or maintenance, and no SmartPort. User will be able to request materials in E-ZBorrow, but ILS staff will not be able to receive new items for checkout until we go live. The Library Catalog will be available but only in a static, read-only mode. Users will not be able to perform self-service renewals. LIS Team members will draft an FAQ detailing the list of wizards and other services that will be up, down, or impacted by the migration for handy referral.

3. Identify vendors or record sources that will be impacted and who needs to be contacted

LIS reviewed a draft list of the vendors, systems, and record sources that may be impacted by the migration. IIS will contact the appropriate vendors and confirm whether our conversion will require any configuration or product changes. The vendors and systems on this list so far are:

4. Identify other impacts due to migration to new server

Chris added that other systems or services may be impacted as part of the migration. For example our exchange of data with RIAS and authentication with the university's LDAP server may need to be reconfigured to accommodate these services running on a new server. We'll also need to test the search tabs for the Catalog and the mobile library catalog interface, and inform the American Hungarian Foundation of the downtime, since the AHF is not included in rul_everyone.

5. Create test plan for production migration quality assurance - what will be tested, who will participate in testing

LIS team members confirmed we will use our existing Symphony upgrade test plans and testers as the basis for the Symphony migration test plan. We will start with these test plans, add in new testing for Unicode, and additional tasks for the server migration. Chris will also document and share the new server connection information that testers will need to launch Workflows and connect to the library catalog.

6. Information sharing, announcements

Judy - UBorrow is now live and Rutgers was inundated with requests the first couple of days; continuing preparations for text messaging rollout in the Spring

Abbey - Donna Kessler retired

Stephanie - My Account will be globally changed across the website to My Library Account

Gracemary - Melody Tomaszewicz is retiring; DTS staff filling in for Rebecca Sloat currently on family leave; holding a preliminary Webscale Discovery Implementation meeting on 11/15/13

Chris - TAS's Pie Day will be held Monday, 11/18; Backup Generator for IIS Data Center will be made live the morning of 11/18

7. Next meeting

The next LIS meeting will be held Thursday, December 12 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

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