Minutes of December 12, 2013 Meeting

Abbey Baker, Stephanie Bartz, Judy Gardner, Gracemary Smulewitz, Christopher Sterback (recorder, chair), Bob Warwick, Mary Beth Weber

1. Review Current state of the Project Plan for Symphony Production and Test Migration

Note slight modifications to dates and how the process will be accomplished for the live migration

The conversion and rebuilds went very quickly. According to SirsiDynix there were very few conversion errors for a site with our size of database. SirsiDynix did identify 8 serials control records that had duplicate control IDs and they stated these need to be corrected prior to the live migration. Gracemary will see that these are fixed.

Given the speed at which the conversion and rebuilds were finished during the dry-run, SirsiDynix believes we'll be able to go live one day earlier than originally projected. This means we'd go live on Thursday, January 9, instead of Friday, January 10.

Chris will start drafting announcements for review by LIS to make sure everyone is aware of exactly what will be up and what will be down during the migration. These messages should be posted by the third week of December.

Chris reported on the trouble with LDAP authentication in the Library Catalog. As we began to test features and functions in the Library Catalog, we soon noticed that NetID logins did not work but barcode and pin logins did work. Based on the troubleshooting efforts by the appropriate players from Rutgers, SirsiDynix, and OIT, we were able to determine where in the process LDAP authentication was not working and how it should be fixed. The problem was resolved on December 17.

RUL faculty and staff from CTS, DTS, HS, and LIS attended the first Unicode consulting workskop on December 17. At this workshop, a SirsiDynix trainer reviewed all of the configuration changes we will need to consider when changing the character set from MARC8 to UNICODE. The second workshop is scheduled for February and its main focus is to address our questions and concerns after we've gone live and worked with the new system for a couple of weeks.

2. Review feedback from testing assignments so far

Testers did not report any showstoppers and our new production system works as expected. East Asian Cataloger, Li Sun, reported through Mary Beth that a number of bib records with non-roman characters did not convert to Unicode correctly. When these records were investigated, we found the problem was in the source record not the conversion. Li suggests that we should clean these up and seek out replacement records after the migration is complete.

3. Review which vendors have been contacted and status

LIS Team members will draft a boilerplate message to be sent to the vendors that we either receive records from or supply records to in order to inform them our database character set will be changing to Unicode. Chris has reached out to our contacts at Rias and OIT to register our new server as a sending agent for rias invoice files and a receiving agent for patron files. Chris has also informed Palci that we are converting to Unicode and Relais is creating a test environment to make sure our new server will work with E-ZBorrow when we go live next month.

4. Last LIS Meeting for Judy Gardner

Judy Gardner is retiring and this was her last LIS meeting. Team members thanked Judy for her sixteen years of service on LIS. She will be greatly missed! Also of note, Judy was the last member of LIS that was present at its inaugural meeting on March 14, 1997.

5. Information sharing, announcements

Gracemary - Webscale Discovery team attended an all-day training session with Ebsco

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