Minutes of December 2, 1999 Meeting

MA Cicerale, H. Hemmasi (recorder), J. Howard, T. Meyer, A. Montanaro, K. Oster, M. Page

Karen Oster

Ann Montanaro

Karen and Unicorn:

Bob and Unicorn:

Karen and Bob and Unicorn:

Mary Page reported that serials training is in progress; by end of week all NB will be trained; during next week staff at Dana and Robeson Libraries will be trained.

Tracey Meyer distributed authority control training plan and provided update on implementation process.

Linda Turzynski reviewed general results of cataloging training evaluations; will send results by email; emphasized need for customized training and the need to consider context-specific needs of those attending training; also emphasized the need for supervisors to follow up general training with training and/or discussion about specific application to jobs

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