Minutes of February 18, 2010 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Karen Hartman (Chair), Qian Hu, Tom Izbicki, Laura Mullen, Cathy Pecoraro, Vincente Pelotte (videoconference) Fernanda Perrone, Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz (Recorder), Gene Springs, Julie Still (videoconference), Mary Beth Weber, Ann Watkins (videoconference), Ryan Womack
Harry Glazer and Michele Tokar

I. Approval of agenda – Karen Hartman

The agenda was approved.

II. Marketing Plans

Harry Glazer introduced a multi-year marketing plan that has been approved by Cabinet. The plan has 5 different elements, 2 of the elements are being presented to librarians, asking them to consider what should be done to market the libraries.

1st element

Open offer – Develop publications that would be useful to liaisons in working with their departments. The publications can be used to inform departments of special projects that the liaisons are working on. Also, Harry would be willing to work on publications about collective projects such as RUcore or the Classics portal. In addition, if the project warranted, he would develop a news article.

2nd element – The Marketing Team presented a sense of what users find most salient about the libraries:

  1. Higher Education Focus
  2. Useful Service
  3. Friendly Service
  4. Enrich Knowledge

The Marketing Team asks that selectors report feedback, whether good or bad from our users. L. Mullen noted that she gets feedback through Ask a Librarian. She can strip out the patron’s identity.

III. AUL reports

Grace Agnew

Systems position:

There is a new candidate for the Director of Integrated Systems. Interviews will be conducted shortly.

Security Violations

We have an established workflow for treating security violations. Vendors normally review excessive downloads for robo-applications. The violation can come from students or faculty, intentionally or inadvertently. If the abuse is to a proxied title, we evaluate logs and trace the IP. Then the first action is to shut down the abuser’s access by blocking the IP.

If abuse is through the VPN, logs are not maintained but the VPN can get shut off. Hopefully in the future OIT will maintain logs on VPN activities.

There has not been a repeat offender; if there is one, it will be pursued more vehemently and ultimately we may block that person’s access more permanently.

Dave Hoover attended a security seminar and learned that many IDs are pirated from websites.

The University has contracted with an identity theft management company which will counsel victims if the abuse is a result of identity theft.

Grace recommended that everyone clear their histories and change passwords every six months. If library staff or faculty are notified of abuses, they should contact Gracemary or Cathy Pecoraro who will work with Dave Hoover to resolve the problem. Grace will handle complex abuse matters.

Bob Sewell

A Digital Preservation Task Force has been established. The aim of this task force is to carefully examine digital preservation with the hope of standardizing practices and evaluating policies. Members of the committee are Isaiah Beard, Melissa Gasparotto, Ron Jantz, Farideh Tehrani, Tom Frusciano, and Mary Beth Weber. Grace Agnew and Bob Sewell are ex-officio members.

Rutgers is participating in a Mass Digitization Project sponsored by Lyrasis. Chris Masciangelo is coordinating the project in DTS and consulting with Isaiah Beard and Melissa De Fino as needed.

Journal Package Negotiations

Science Direct – the new agreement reduces subscribed titles by canceling duplication. Also remaining print subscriptions were changed to online only. The agreement reduces the annual price cap. There is no loss of content with the new agreement. A new University policy requires that all no-bid contracts over one million dollars must be reviewed by the Board of Governors. Once the contract is finalized, DTS will post the title list.

Wiley/Blackwell- has a new business model. All contracts include Wiley and Blackwell titles merged into one offering. Rutgers purchased their previous contract through NERL and it included our Wiley subscribed titles and many enhanced access titles as an added benefit. The contract expired at the end of 2009. The new contract will now include subscribed Wiley and Blackwell titles, no enhanced access titles, and the library has an option to buy extra collections for an additional fee.

The plan is to review low use subscribed titles and determine if some valuable enhanced titles can be swapped into our subscribed title list. We will try not to increase the cost fees and we will not be purchasing extra collections.

LRC Networked Resources Team Leaders will be reviewing the low use titles and working with selectors to determine titles to cancel and or swap. Once this contract is finalized, DTS will post the title lists.


Bob Sewell is asking selectors to compile a wish list of titles priced between $1,000-$10,000. These titles should not be confused with the lists for one time purchases. The process for the wish list is still being discussed.

Selectors are submitting requests to the Serials Team for the end of year one time purchases. When pricing is available, selectors are using the central request form to submit their request. It is then added to the central request lists. The deadline is March 15^th .


Bob Sewell does not anticipate any give backs this year but the forecast for next year is grim.

IV. ArXiv and Open Access

Qian Hu distributed information on ArXiv. ArXiv is an open e-print archive of scientific papers that were preliminarily preprints of Physics and Mathematics and now include Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics. It is hosted by Cornell University. The annual budget is approximately $400,000 to host ArXiv, and Cornell is seeking support. Cornell has developed a three year interim business model that is use-based, scaling payment based on usage of the previous year. There are three levels of usage. Rutgers is in the first tier of 100 heaviest users and ranks 46th. Payment is voluntary and RU would pay $4,000/year. NERL is offering a 10% discount. Bob Sewell will discuss this plan with the Committee on Scholarly Communication and determine where the funds will come from.

A discussion followed about supporting an open access repository and how RUL will handle issues of open access that require funding. LRC members agreed that the issue needs more extensive discussion.

V. E-books

Mary Beth Weber reported that the E-books Working Group is going to establish new membership soon and is also considering forming an e-books team similar to the Serials Team to answer questions and place orders. Currently a sub-group of this Working Group is evaluating the possibilities of a patron driven acquisition model for a small collection.

There is concern about restrictions that publishers are imposing on e-books purchasing. Can the books be bought from a vendor, like Coutts, or must they be bought directly from the publisher? The concern involves Elsevier, Springer, Cambridge, Oxford and Wiley. Mary Beth will look into this.

VI. Goals

Members reviewed goals for 2010 and found that LRC is already meeting many.

Some goals that need to be addressed:

  1. Increase library funds from tuition and research money- responsible-Marianne Gaunt, Bob Sewell
  2. LRC will discuss free resources this year
  3. Will discuss subject guides this year. Julie Still reported that many guides are developed for individual classes and are being placed in Sakai and can only be accessed by the class.

VII. Other announcements

Bob Sewell -There is a new exhibit on Henry Rutgers

Gene Springs – "Handheld–conference" – offered as webinar at Kilmer – mix of libraries participating. Let Gene know if you are interested.

Julie Still - Camden is digitizing their first collection on St. Josephs Church. Julie also asked that LRC look into the issue of libraries being required to buy textbooks for reserve.

Next meeting: March 18, 2010

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