Minutes of August 19, 2010 Meeting

K. Hartman (Chair), J. Otto (guest), C. Pecoraro, M. B. Weber, T. Izbicki, B. Sewell, L. Mullen, G. Smulewitz, Q. Hu (recorder), G. Agnew, V. Pelote (video conferencing)
R. Womack, M. Joseph, A. Watkins, J. Still, G. Springs, A. Martinez

1. Agenda and July minutes were approved.

2. Chair Report (Hartman)

K. Hartman will work on updating the Collection Development website and the Central Funds Request page. Selectors will be contacted to review the latter page as well. Hartman will also work with G. Smulewitz to update and reorganize the resources section of the Selector/Liaison Sakai website.

3. AUL Report - Agnew

G. Agnew reported that a working group will be set up for streaming media and report about services to USC. It is expected the working group will report to LRC on collection issues in a couple of years. K. Hartman will serve as LRC representative on the working group.

J. Otto gave an update on streaming video, including challenges presented, works in the queue, and how this service will move forward. Please see handout "Streaming Video Update" for details.

Agnew mentioned that streaming videos will be available through RUCore and reserves will also be examined.

Agnew suggested LRC host an open house in February to market RUCore tools/services for academic faculty. In this context, L. Mullen suggested the inclusion of other library resources in the proposed open house.

4. AUL Report - Sewell

R. Sewell discussed the library collection budget. In 2010, there was a 6.1% reduction in the state budget. For the new fiscal year, the collection budget reduction will possibly be less than the previous estimate.

For fiscal year 2009-2010, the total expenditures decreased 8.8% compared to the previous year. The expenditure in broad subject category was 60% on STEM subjects, 16% on social sciences, 13% on general/reference, and 11% on arts & humanities. The total spending on all binding processes has decreased 22% since 2006.

The committee heartily thanked R. Sewell for his service on LRC. Sewell has served as collection development associate university librarian for 21 years and as chair of the various collection development committees/councils for 19 years.

5. Weeding priorities, principals, and methodology

G. Smulewitz discussed issues related to weeding projects. She discussed the creation of an RUL weeding team to coordinate the work required for weeding collections throughout the RUL system. The weeding/last copy task force will develop guidelines for priority setting and an action plan.

6. Distributed Technical Services Update

G. Smulewitz reported that individual journal titles have been added to Sirsi with notes indicating the package to which each journal belongs. Selectors will be asked to review Science Direct titles as well as the Springer package this fall.

Smulewitz also noted that the Lyrasis Digitization Project has come to an end.

6. Central Technical Services Update

M. Weber discussed position changes in Central Technical Services.

She received a report from Coutts for the period 1/1/2010-8/10/2010. According to the report, 98.25% of orders have been fulfilled, 1.75% orders were waiting receipt from the publisher, and 1.25% are forthcoming. She will put the report on the Selector Sakai site.

M. Weber noted the patron driven pilot project is moving forward, and suggested that an e-book team similar to the serials team should be considered.

7. Goals discussion outline for September

T. Izbicki will send items for council member to review between now and the September meeting.

8. Announcements

L. Mullen gave a presentation on open access and public services at the IFLA Satellite Conference in Chania, Crete, Greece.

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