Minutes of September 16, 2010 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Karen Hartman (Chair) Qian Hu, Tom Izbicki, Laura Mullen (Recorder), Cathy Pecoraro, Fernanda Perrone (for Michael Joseph), Gracemary Smulewitz, Gene Springs, Julie Still (remote), Ann Watkins (remote), Ryan Womack, Tao Yang
Andres Martinez, Vincent Pelote, Mary Beth Weber

1. Approval of agenda, minutes from August 2010 (approved)

2. Chair Report (Hartman)

Hartman welcomes Tao Yang to the Council. Yang will replace Tom Izbicki as the Arts and Humanities representative (and Team Leader). Tom Izbicki has assumed the interim AUL Collection Development and Management position, and therefore will not be continuing as Humanities Team Leader. The bylaws state that if the elected member must step away from the position, the runner up from the election will be asked to assume the position- but that person was no longer available. In this case, Yang will assume this position pending approval by the Planning and Coordinating Committee.

Hartman and Smulewitz have been working on the contents of the Selectors' Sakai site. Folders and subfolders will include all pertinent collections information, and will be the major site for selectors' "official" resources. Suggestions are welcome from selectors for the site's contents.

There is a suggestion, in updating forms, to make sure that selectors include a resource's ability to integrate with mobile devices when considering purchase.

3. AUL Report (Izbicki)

Izbicki is focusing first on the budget and funding issues, and has been meeting with many different people in RUL during the transition. Appointments have been made with the deans of various schools where discussion will focus on their needs- vs. our resources. The plans of the various schools for programs and future directions will be noted. Even though the big agenda is the budget, we will still be working on development of "best practices." The state budget has been allocated and we have rebuilt the transfer fund. We will watch for any big increases on any product. The "hedge" on the transfer funds for individual fund codes will be changed from 10% to 5 %. Last copy and weeding is on the agenda for a meeting next week. Izbicki met with Agnew to discuss the new group tasked with working on tracking our electronic rights.

We need to expand our electronic resource management capabilities to move beyond a journals-based approach. Any ERMS needs to capture rights information, and work with our own financial systems. We need a streamlined approach that can work "end to end." A group will "spec out" what an ERMS should look like, and it will be something that can hook into all systems (authentication, OLE, etc.). Reports must be useful; something we have not seen yet from vendors. Izbicki will sponsor for collections, Agnew for cyberinfrastructure, Boyle for licensing. This is a 3-5 year vision; we are working actively now with vendors.

4. AUL Report (Agnew)

Discussion of streaming video; Jane Sloan will visit LRC in November. It is important to continue to think of streaming video in collections discussions. The service from end to end must be analyzed. Bandwidth issues are being looked at (discussions with OIT ongoing); streaming reserve titles competing for bandwidth. Workflow and technical issues will be discussed in November. Whenever we purchase through VALE we can transfer to NJVid. We need alternatives where we can "park" videos. Rutgers' YouTube channel can be considered. Need a decision chart; where to put videos and when. NJVid has 350 videos; everyone should visit NJVid to see what's there. We are streaming videos to our users; should we catalog all of them?

Agnew discussed the formation and membership of the Web Board. Womack will represent LRC. Agnew asks that representatives be active, and establish real dialog back and forth. The group will start with more technical issues and later will likely become more collections based. The membership is not written in stone; things will change. It will focus first on fixing services and integrating them effectively. Chairs are Tibor Purger and Judy Gardner. Grace Agnew and Mary Fetzer will sponsor and decide, in their roles as advisors, when things need to go to Cabinet. Boyle will sponsor for assessment.

5. Goals /Action Items Discussion.

Izbicki reiterated LRC's current goals. LRC distributed goals and took another look at the grid. Goal 1A,1C, 1E and 111C are pertinent. This is a revised chart of last year's- presented by Izbicki. Action items need to be specific; annual action plan needs measurable results. Agnew advocates specificity in indicators, so they are accomplishable action items. Need to add more action indicators.


a. Funds (establish methods/terms/guidelines systemwide for negotiations across the board-to include costs, access, archiving) Processes for all major ejournal packages are reviewed prior to renewal. Next year this will extend to e books and other formats.

b. Evaluate success of patron-driven ebook program, and decide whether to continue this. Womack brought approval plan issues to this discussion. A larger discussion will look at issues of determining RUL's future goals in terms of ebooks purchasing overall. Womack will bring information from NBCG in terms of alternative models for ebook purchasing. Sources of funding, and integrating with other acquisitions methods are up for discussion. Approval plan has been focused on NSPs and publisher lists; we need to need to continue to look at ways to reduce costs. First year gets the business model down, and the second year gets the workflow down. Need to fine tune existing plan, and make changes for efficiencies. Need to look at the future of the approval plan; continued funding for the approval plan is an imperative.

Action: Izbicki will meet with potential collaborators regarding ebooks acquisitions.

c. E-book devices will become "mobile devices" in the written goal here. Focus is not on ebook readers, but on handheld/mobile. We can remove this item-except in terms of looking at new resources and older ones in terms of integration with mobile devices.

d/e: Seek out donations and grants opportunities…

Action: Grants will need to be part of goals-pending further discussions with relevant parties in RUL. Izbicki will work with Sewell and McDonnell. Discussion will focus on emerging areas, especially newer ones. Agnew mentioned that grant money can be used for digitization of unique scholarly output, not just collecting materials. Members asked that there be a reminder about science and social science and needs there; not to place focus too heavily on humanities. Action can include seeking grant money off the top for support of library resources. Disciplinary representatives might be tasked with looking at options. Sustainability of funding is important-not just start up funding. Improved picture out of the state does not look promising. We need to do a lot of fundraising, or obtain grants for ourselves. We need to find better ways of sustaining our collections funding and be prepared to make the case for this.

f. LRC will be revising and updating published collection development policies one by one. This is a priority.

g. Evaluate usage statistics. We have the statistics; the next issues include finding the best ways to present and disseminate them, and to decide how selectors might best use the data.

ILL statistics can be useful; what are we borrowing and what are we loaning? Yang suggested a language breakdown, and others would like more information on a variety of measures. Womack is discussing with J. Gardner.

h. Evaluation and weeding process is continuing. Action: Weeding and Last Copy Task Force is meeting. Prioritization is important, and is ongoing.

IE. Establish preservation programs. Izbicki will talk to people involved in the last proposal. Establishment of a preservation policy is most important (GA). What should we preserve? We need consensus on what we are preserving; at present there is none.

IIIC. Communicate available resources to faculty. Action here can include vendor fair, open house with a focus on RUCore, and development of LibGuides wherever useful.

Recap: Hartman and Izbicki will revise the goals and actions.

6. Review of Draft Collection Development Statements (Course Reserves, Textbooks) Mullen, J.Gardner, Martinez.

In the interests of time, this discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

7. DTS update: (Smulewitz)

All cancellations and format changes have been completed. Smulewiz is meeting with Hendrickson. Money will move to the transfer fund. Cancellations will be posted to the Sakai site. Transition from the new vendor for the electronic resources suite of products has been completed (Searchlight, A to Z, link resolver); now working with the ERMS. There are issues. Private vendor webinar was attended, and was helpful. Group is working on various link resolver issues; more people will have to get involved with these issues. Pecoraro will be training to analyze all coverage issues. DTS is looking at reorganization. All cancelled titles in the Alexander Reading Room have been pulled and moved to a different set of shelves (this move is due to café coming in). We will have to move microfilm collections. Check the A to Z list now for most accurate information. Hu asks for publisher link up top; aggregators with embargoes lower. Number of links on each record can be enormous; we need to discuss strategies for fixing long lists on records.

8. Central Technical Services Update (M.B. Weber)

Weber sent a report that orders are being processed in a timely fashion; otherwise business as usual. Moving ahead with streaming video. Please send Weber any questions.

9. Announcements (none)

10. Adjournment for SpringerLink presentation (all welcome) in the SCC (11:30 start).

Respectfully submitted Sept. 20, 2010
Laura Bowering Mullen

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