Minutes of October 21, 2010 Meeting

G. Agnew, K. Hartman (Chair), C. Hu, T. Izbicki, A. Martinez, L.Mullen, C. Pecoraro, V. Pelote (videoconferencing), G. Smulewitz, A. Watkins, M. B. Weber, R. Womack, M. Joseph (recorder)

Motion to approve agenda approved.

Minutes approved.

1. Approval Plan (Womack)

Situation critical; state funds and Van Wagoner funds insufficient; Libraries are consuming principal.

An initial discussion took place within the context of all of RULís monographic acquisitions. Womack noted that 40-50 percent of all titles purchased are approvals. This total has been closer to 53 percent in recent years. He discussed a proposal to eliminate coverage of 225 university and commercial presses from our Coutts approval plan to save approximately $118,000. However, this does result in the loss of 2,800 titles per year, and the removal of costly publishers such as Routledge, Macmillan, Palgrave and Ashgate from the plan. This will significantly weaken the Librariesí collections. In 2008, Rutgers ranked 73rd on a list of ninety-two American ARL libraries that reported a total for monographs acquired. Cuts would drop us into the 83rd position. As deep as these cuts will be, they will only extend the life of Van Wagoner into FY 2013.

New ways to fund monographs acquisitions were discussed. One option is not to purchase e-book packages on approval. There will likely be a decline in firm orders, too.

The Committee wondered whether salary savings funds might be a stopgap for this year or the next. Committee members felt we must begin to make the case in stark terms for on-going funding of the research monograph, which continues to be central to the scholarship of many disciplines. T. Izbicki will raise this concern at a Cabinet meeting and report back to committee. A suggestion was made to make a similar report to the New Brunswick Faculty Council.

2. Weeding/Last Copy Task Force (Izbicki)

Lively discussion contributed to continued revision of policy. T. Izbicki reported that the previous weeding/last copy discussion never concluded.

3. AUL Report (Izbicki)

T. Izbicki is tracking state funds with G. Smulewitz to determine what can be done for certain disciplines. He will consider what has to be prepaid and what funding we have used in the past. T. Izbicki will also be reviewing monographic standing orders and questioned whether we are carrying ceased titles. He noted that these orders should be regularly reviewed.

4. AUL Report (Agnew)

Jane Otto will return to LRC for the November or December meeting to continue to update progress of the streaming video/media working group. C. Mills is working on an annotation tool for NJVid.

5. Review of Draft Collection Development Statement, Textbooks, Course Reserves

The Collection Development Statement for textbooks, organized by Mullen, was approved.

The draft Collection Development Statement-Course Reserves was discussed. Concern was expressed about streaming services and reserves: infrastructure may be heavily used; this service competes with similar and identical services being offered by other university and consortial agencies. Libraries will need to re-examine this service in a wider context. A. Martinez will take these concerns to J. Gardner and bring a revised version for review at the November meeting.

6. Updates: Distributed Technical Services (Smulewitz)

Open Library Environment (OLE): roll out initiative in the spring to implement a new statewide catalog.

Café opens in January on schedule; students culling through ERIC lists, EAL weeding process continues, people are being trained to adjust electronic holdings; EBSCO transition proceeding reasonably well. EBSCO seems both flexible and receptive. Problems with transition are being documented to be a resource for other libraries.

7. Updates: Central Technical Services (Weber)

Two staff retiring. One leaving November 1, the other in January. One of them is the primary person who handles end processing. Central Technical Services is investigating a new label printing program that has been used by DTS. It will enable catalogers to print the labels for materials, which will be affixed by the staff who do end processing.

M. B. Weber reported that current orders are caught up.

M. B Weber reported on the patron drive acquisitions pilot project for Mei Ling Loís math and computer science books. Ordering information for e-books will be placed in record (9xx fields) to track selector, profile and funds.

To date, only one book has been purchased as part of the patron driven pilot. Weber mentioned that UC Riverside uses student fees to fund e-book purchases. She will follow up with them for more information about this potentially valuable funding connection.

8. Announcement (Hartman)

Goals and Indicators completed.

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