Minutes of August 18, 2011 Meeting

Karen Hartman (co-Chair), Qian Hu (for Laura Mullen), Tom Izbicki, Michael Joseph, Elizabeth Leister (for Mary Beth Weber), Kevin Mulcahy, Vincent Pelote (remote), Gracemary Smulewitz, Julie Still (remote), Tao Yang (recorder)
Barry Lipinski, Laura Mullen, Gene Springs, Ann Watkins, Janice Pilch, Mary Beth Weber

Approval of agenda

The agenda was approved.

Approval of July Minutes

The July minutes were approved with one change, which was the removal of the dollar figure for the new Patron Driven Acquisitions program.

Chair's Report - Karen Hartman

Janice Pilch will join LRC as the representative of the Committee on Scholarly Communication - she will attend the next meeting on September 15.

AUL Report - Grace Agnew

Agnew was unable to attend the meeting.

AUL Report - Tom Izbicki

Izbicki was still waiting for budget figures. The decision of the Board of Governors to cut the tuition increase by half might affect library budget. Because of the ongoing fluctuations in the financial market, the payout of endowments could be uncertain.

The collection development training program will start on August 30th in Alexander and 31st in LSM. The training will cover budget calendar, fund codes, monograph order issues, and procedures to set up vendors. The program may travel to Newark and Camden. Izbicki hopes this will develop a shared understanding in collection development areas. Hartman suggested putting the handouts on the selectors' Sakai site.

Consolidation and Retention Policy for Print Indexes and Abstracts at RUL (revised) - Karen Hartman

The policy had been revised by Hartman and Mullen and distributed to members before the meeting. The major change was based on Still's comment at the previous meeting about giving branch libraries more flexibility of keeping the print indexes. The policy was then approved unanimously.

2012 Goals Discussion - Tom Izbicki

Izbicki reminded everyone that this is the last year of the multi-year strategic plan and LRC needs to consider what have been completed and what must carry over. He then led a review of the activities in the RUL Strategic Plan Goals (the "grid") in collection development areas.

Izbicki felt that no activity on the old list could be readily dropped. Members then discussed other ideas for next year's goals:

To conclude, Izbicki stated that the next step is to develop a fresh version of the activities and indicators and the final discussion will take place at the next meeting.

Update Distributed Technical Services - Gracemary Smulewitz

Regarding the EBSCO takeover of Wilson, Smulewitz recently met both the Wilson representative and the EBSCO representative separately. The Wilson representative informed Smuelwitz that until Jan 2012 dual access through both Wilson and EBSCO platforms will be maintained; the intent of the EBSCO takeover is to get the Wilson discovery tool (Web discovery) and link resolver; the Wilson Retrospective Collections, if purchased with limited user access right now, will have unlimited access after the merger; Wilson OmniFile and EBSCO will become a super database in January; there is no need for the libraries to do anything. However, the EBSCO representative in a subsequent meeting said that EBSCO will announce its plan shortly.

RUL will move back to Academic Search Premier from Academic Search Complete, which means the loss of access to Film & Televsion Literature Index with Full Text and International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance with Full Text (an announcement to rul-everyone was made after the meeting). TAS staff is testing EBSCO Counter product, which is compliant with SUSHI (Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative). Smulewitz will ask to have a complete payment of serials by December in her meeting with the staff of EBSCO Financing Department.

Update Central Technical Services - Mary Beth Weber

Mary Beth Weber was unable to attend the meeting and Elizabeth Leister read Weber's update:


Tom Izbicki will be on vacation for a few days in early September to do research. Kevin Mulcahy asked about the possibility of joining HathiTrust, which will be discussed at future meetings.

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