Minutes of May 31, 2000 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle reported on the university's copyright policy review process, a copyright presentation she made to the SCC/CEI environmental indicators annual meeting, new photocopiers and networked printing, and the Institute for Legal and ethical issues that she attended.

Mary Page and Harriette Hemmasi led a discussion about IRIS sublocation indicators for CD-ROMs. We need to resolve the old COMFIL with the newer CDPER and similar sublocations. The 930 is used for locations for serials, while the 931 is used for non-serials. There will be further discussion at the technical services council, and a decision will be made.

PSPM 4 was discussed. Judy Gardner and Jeanne will revise it.

Library designators in IRIS, on volume spines, and in RLIN were reviewed, and suggestions for expanding abbreviations to fuller names were made. Jeanne will revise the chart containing the information and ask technical services council to act.

Some networked indexes that do not require a license or registration are free on the Web and are important to disciplines at Rutgers. Examples are Agricola, PubMed, and an anthropology Index. The Collection Development Council has recommended that selectors be able to place major unrestricted indexes on the indexes Web page. These resources should also be cataloged. Only primary titles should be considered, i.e., titles for which a selector would be willing to pay at least $1,000 from their own collection budget. The Public Services Council concurred and further recommended that the indexes Web page be retitled to "Indexes and Databases". Elective reference tools, such as the Gale Literature Resource Center and the OED should be added. Jeanne will relay the information to WAC and review to which networked request form this information can be added.

We will soon be accessing Ovid databases remotely from the Ovid server rather than from our own Rutgers server. A decision was needed on continuing discontinued indexes. It was decided that indexes that were cancelled from Ovid and not available from another vendor would be maintained and remain available on our Web pages. Ovid indexes were available from another source would be removed. Indexes should be offered in both Web and Telnet versions. Current Contents and Dissertation Abstracts should be removed since they have been replaced by other titles.

Jeanne Boyle developed [these notes from Ann Montanaro's notes, November 9, 2000]

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