Minutes of September 28, 2000 Meeting

Susan Beck; Natalie Borisovets; Jeanne Boyle, conducting; Jeris Cassel; Tom Frusciano; Judy Gardner; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Penny Page; Bob Sewell; Jane Sloan; Samson Soong; Mary Beth Weber.
Myoung Wilson

Jeanne distributed documentation from database vendors and Volume 1 #1 of the Rutgers Continuing Education Catalog.

Gail Rosenberg demonstrated WebFeat a software product that simultaneously searches multiple pre-defined web files and databases including vendor databases, library catalogs, or electronic journals. WebFeat is an interface, not a search engine. The software presents brief and full search results and can link to individual articles in ejournals. It also provides authentication and reports on usage by database, machine, and other pre-defined categories. The vendor configures the software to the site's specifications and does all of the administration. The cost of WebFeat is based on the number of databases and the overall library budget.

AUL Update

Mark Cardullo is working with the networked printing vendor LPT1 to test software enhancements and as soon as they are ready they will be implemented.

Electronic reserves is almost up-to-date. About 2200 items have been processed and about 150 items remain to be linked.

The job description for the open AUL position may be redefined as Associate University Librarian for Information Systems and Technology. The position will include responsibility for digital library projects. The Cabinet is discussing the description and it should be ready to be advertised in October.

The Cabinet discussion document "Suggested criteria for the use of $100,000 funding from the University" was reviewed.

Instruction Services Committee Draft Report

Jeris discussed the committee's draft report and their proposal for addressing information literacy. Recommendations will be ready for a future meeting.

Authority Control Implementation

Ann presented alternative dates for implementing Authority Control in IRIS. Two weeks of downtime will be required and August 2001 was determined to be most acceptable time. Samson will present the recommendation to Cabinet for final approval.

Ovid databases

Ann distributed a list of the Ovid databases and the number of licensed users for each database. Ovid databases are limited to 40 concurrent users overall in all files but each file has a specific number of concurrent users. A training account has been established that will permit an additional 40 users access to Ovid during a training period. Jeanne will distribute the URL, username, and password.

PSC Goals

Jeanne distributed a list of goals for Public Services. After discussion of all of the goals, each committee member identified five priority goals for Jeanne to review and revise.

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