Minutes of February 22, 2001 Meeting

J. Boyle, A. Montanaro, S. Beck, L. Murtha, T. Frusciano, J. Gardner, M. Li, M.B. Weber, M. Wilson, N. Borisovets, R. Sewell, M. Page (Guest), G. Smulewitz (Guest), S. Soong (recorder)
  1. AUL report (J. Boyle)

    PSC will meet in Robeson Library in April and Dana Library in May. EEBO workshops by Kate Jasari from Bell & Howell will be held on 3/6 in NB, 3/7 in Camden, and 3/6 in Newark. A copy of the highlights of Governor's FY2002 budget message was shared at the meeting. Copies of a spreadsheet on the equipment Jeanne recommended for inclusion in the Libraries' ELF proposals to support various public and instructional services were distributed. Jeanne asked everyone to think and suggest projects that could be implemented as part of PROP in the coming year.

    There was a brief discussion on the configuration of the ELF public workstations. The top priority is still to replace all existing public PCs with new high-end machines. To optimize the use of ELF funds, a mix of PCs with ZIP drive or writable DVD drive will be proposed and deployed strategically in libraries on three campuses.

  2. Conference Report (M. Page)

    Mary reported on the Library of Congress Bicentennial Conference on Bibliographic Control for the New Millennium held in Nov 2000. The conference featured topical discussions that addressed major challenges facing libraries and their allies in the vendor and publisher communities, including integrated access to the library catalogs, portals, using discovery as well as delivery tools, adopting more responsive standards for networked resources, and innovative approaches for multiple versions. The conference papers are available at http://www.loc.gov/catdir/bibcontrol/.

  3. MARC holdings (G. Smulewitz)

    Using some test records which contain information in MARC holdings format, Gracemary made a presentation on a number of other display options which represent improvements over the current display formats under "library has" and "latest issues". Some concerns at the Council meeting had to do with the choice of language for field labels and locations, with "real English" being our preference, and the general need to compress the entire presentation. Compression may help solve the problems of expecting users to scroll down to find holdings of libraries at the end of the alphabet and having two listing for each library for current and bound volumes. There was even suggestion for having just a simple open entry display for each library. This topic will be referred to IPAC for their review and recommendations, as we need to come up with a recommendation on what the future holdings display will be by May.

  4. Public Service Policy Memo on Communications

    The PSPM no. 9 on Communications was reviewed. Most of the concerns at the meeting had to do with guidelines for the research guides and library/collections pages. After discussion, it was agreed that we will change the wording of the 3rd paragraph under the "Web Pages" section to read, "all administrative pages must reside on the Libraries' primary Web server or other approved servers to allow for standard headers and footers and a consistent look and feel that is compatible with university guidelines..." The policy was approved with this revision and a number of other minor changes.

  5. 5. Reference assessment (S. Soong)

    Samson reported that, after the reference assessment was referred to the Assessment Committee, the committee considered a number of possible instruments and tools, including the LibQual instrument which is being further refined by the 45 ARL libraries with a 3-year funding from the US Depart of Ed's Fund for Improvement of Post-Secondary Education. The Assessment Committee also considered the Wisconsin-Ohio Reference Evaluation Program that has been adopted and used by over 200 libraries. Since there are many aspects of the reference services, from economics to user satisfaction, we need to determine our primary focus of evaluation before a study is designed. Most council members indicated that they are more interested in assessing reference service quality. Information Services Librarians, however, will be asked to confirm this focus of assessment.

The next council meeting will be held on March 22.

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