Minutes of October 2001 Meeting

Ann Montanaro, Leslie Murtha, Myoung Wilson , Julie Still, John Maxymuk, Judy Gardner, Natalie Borisovetts , Jeanne Boyle, Marty Kesselman, Theo Haynes, Rebecca Gardner
Tom Frusciano, Bob Sewell, Samson Soong

MARC Holdings and IPAC -- Julie Still

Distributed a sample record showing display of MARC holdings from the test catalog for Arizona Quarterly. Will clarify if cancelled notes are always present. A note that says an item is currently received is desired, and "shelved by title" might better be stated "shelved alphabetically by title". MARC holdings is a standard whose implementation will enable us to move more easily into our next system.

Julie reported that the languages limit will be reduced to only the 20 most frequently occuring languages, IPAC is split on keyword vs. browse as the default, and IPAC will reconsider the decision to represent e-resources on separate records.

AUL Update -- Jeanne:

RLG SHARES Meeting -- Judy:

Real Time Reference -- Marty

iLINK -- Ann

Agenda Setting -- Jeanne

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