Minutes of Thursday, February 28, 2002 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Natalie Borisovets, Tom Frusciano, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Marianne Gaunt, Marty Kesselman, Rhonda Marker, John Maxymuk, Ann Montanaro, Leslie Murtha (recorder), Bob Sewell and Myoung Chung Wilson.

Update from the AUL - Boyle


Budget cuts for the current and coming fiscal year were reviewed.

Privacy Forum

The symposium "Privacy in Cyberspace: New Challenges for Higher Education," jointly sponsored by Rutgers University Libraries, Rutgers University Computing Services, the Office of the University Registrar, the Office of the Vice President for Continuous Education and Outreach, and the Professional Development Program of the School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies, will be held in the Teleconference Lecture Hall on Monday, March 18.


Ingenta workshops are scheduled for the first week in March.

Eureka workshops are scheduled for the first week in April. The presenter will be Sue Marsh of RLG. The schedule will be distributed.

The planned discussion of review of services has been postponed

Discussion of the Vision for Reference will be on a future agenda.

There will be a review of RUL participation in RLG and OCLC this spring.

The new release of the software for networked printing has been obtained, and is being installed as the new ELF machines move into public areas.

Jeanne is working on a plan to have more documents placed online rather than making them available in hard copy.

IRIS records (discontinuous discussion recorded in one entry) - R. Marker

At the last meeting, a Format Merge Group was commissioned to explore the implications of merging records for material in multiple formats into single records representing intellectual content. Members were Natalie Borisovets, Judy Gardner, Tom Frusciano, Bob Warwick and Rhonda Marker, chair.

The Group's recommendations are that print/text-based books and periodicals with identical content should appear on the same record. The Format Merge Group distributed documentation, including precise vocabulary, to explain precisely which records would be merged, and which would not. Recommendations are based on current best practices in cataloguing.

The process of merging records would take place over time, with EBSCO titles being merged first, followed by NetLibrary titles. Other titles will need to be merged manually over time.

Some information, such as unique ISSNs for electronic materials, and some descriptive text will be lost in process.

CD-ROM periodicals will present some problems; however, these resources are being phased out.

When, eventually, government documents are catalogued, there may be some issues to be worked out.

During the transition period, records for serials will continue to be confusing.

The recommendation of the Format Merge Group does not include media that does not have a text-based/hard copy counterpart (such as sound recordings, musical scores, or visual media).

PSC unanimously agreed to move forward with the project of merging records as recommended by the Format Merge Group. This will mean that all manifestations of a single work, including print, microform, and online, will be cataloged on a single record. This practice will apply to both serials and monographs, including dissertations, that might appear as a print manuscript, a microform reproduction of the printed document, and/or a photocopy reproduction made from the microform, and/or a PDF or plain-text electronic reproduction of the document. Different editions of monographs having even slightly differing content will be treated as different expressions of the work, and will be catalogued separately; however, periodicals that are reproduced as plain text, with or without graphics, will be treated as a manifestation of the printed journal. This practice will apply only to text-based resources.

The Format Merge Group has been further charged with developing user-friendly explanations of the change.

Jeanne and PSC thanked the task force for their efforts

CAPS - M. Gaunt

Review of CAPS proposal - In May 2001, President Laurence appointed an advisory committee on the means of developing a new undergraduate division at the University to provide access to applied and professional education. Marianne Gaunt served on this committee, with Jeanne Boyle substituting. Reports from this committee have been merged into a new proposal for CAPS. This proposal still needs to be placed on the agenda of the University Senate for open discussion. Issues of concern are:

Support for library services. Current proposal includes funding for a librarian to act as liaison to school; however, the range of programs may not be within the compass of a single librarian's knowledge. Subject specialist knowledge may be required, and funding for collections will be necessary, as well as technical support. This funding must be built into the proposal.

The University acknowledges that an up-front investment will be necessary until the unit can become self-supporting.

Tenure for CAPS faculty is an unresolved issue

The time line for implementation of CAPS is incertain, due to the resignation of President Laurence [subsequent to this meeting, the CAPS proposal was tabled indefinitely, due to fiscal constraints].

As a corollary, library support for satellite programs at Western Monmouth and Western Morris is acknowledged to be less than ideal at present.

Live Assistant Demo - M Kesselman

With the help of J.D. Kathura, sales representative, Marty Kesselman presented a demonstration of a real-time reference support program called Live Assistant. The program manages "calls" and provides an interface through which the librarian and the patron communicate. The real-time reference task force recommends that the libraries run a trial project offering real-time online reference from Spring Break to the end of the semester. From 1-4 PM on week days, with one person being on duty to take "calls."

The cost of Live Assistant is $500.00 in start-up costs, and $150 monthly for maintenance; however, Rutgers has been offered a discount start-up price for the trial period of $250.00 in start-up costs, with one month of free service; if the service were to be continued, the remaining $250.00 of the start-up fee would be charged.

Live Assistant provides access to a variety of usage statistics, and session logs can be printed out for future reference. However, patron information does reside on the vendor's server. Assurances of confidentiality are offered, and information can be deleted periodically.

The committee's proposal will be forwarded to the Public Services Council mailing list for comments.

VALE Reciprocal Borrowing - J. Gardner

The VALE Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement has been ratified by RUL, and descriptive text has been approved as an amendment to Public Services Policy Memo #6.

E-Resource Options - J. Boyle

Many of the electronic resources subscribed to by RUL offer a variety of options for the way in which information is displayed, and the way in which the search interface functions. Some also include value-added features for SDI. Librarians in public services need to have the opportunity to review these options when a resource is made available, in order to choose the best combinations for our user population. A standing committee will be formed to undertake this task in consultation with the Systems department. Jeanne will draft a charge, and issued a call for volunteers.

Spring Semester Meetings

The Public Services Council will meet on Thursday, April 25, in Newark, at the Robeson Center across the plaza from Dana Library. On Thursday, May 23 (Commencement Day), Public Services Council will meet in Camden at the Paul Robeson Library. The June meeting will be on 6/27, at Alexander Library. No meetings have yet been scheduled for July or August.

Round Robin

A. Montanaro

Database user statistics were distributed.

On Saturday, 3/16, IRIS will be down for database maintenance. A notice to this effect has been distributed via e-mail. The read-only catalog will not be available during this time. It was commented that it is important that news articles concerning downtime not be archived before the event takes place.

IRIS is now Z39.50 compliant, and can be used with EndNote. However, this has not been extensively publicized. There is a need to develop explanatory material for public service use.

R. Sewell

Reminded everyone of the Bishop Lecture on Shakespeare scheduled for the evening of 2/28.

J. Gardner

The Library Assessment Committee is preparing a survey for patrons using the Ask-A-Librarian service. It is hoped that it will be implemented over the week of March 5-10.

PINs are once again visible to Access Services staff.

Access Services will begin forwarding their minutes to the faculty/staff e-mail list.

Web-based desktop delivery for articles ordered through ILL via ARIEL is being worked on.

There is the potential opportunity for RUL to join a patron-initiated direct borrowing ILL consortium with libraries in PA.

The ILL system used by the NJ State Library is migrating to an Autographics platform.

M.C. Wilson

NB ISSG has been working on a pilot project to bring reference services to student centers and other avenues outside the libraries. A trial is scheduled for late spring at the Busch Student Center.

N. Borisovets

The VALE Reference Committee is considering a major proposal for real-time reference. One of the options is to join up with Q&A NJ, which is a going concern, but has a need for more librarians to participate. Browser commonality and connection speed are issues to be considered; at the moment, only cable modems provide a fast enough connection. It is a labor-intensive service; the site is heavily used. Q&A NJ uses Live Ref to support their program, and the current cost is $6800.00 annually.

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