Minutes of September 25, 2003 Meeting

Boyle (Chair), Agnew, Beck, Borisovets (Recorder), Frusciano, J. Gardner, Harrington, Libutti, Montanaro, Sewell, Wenk, Wilson

I. AUL Update (Boyle)

A. Budget:

B. State of the Libraries (November 12):

Karen Kavanaugh, the Executive Vice President for Administrative Affairs, will be the keynote speaker.

C. Undergraduate Teaching Conference (October 3):

The Libraries have been invited to demonstrate teaching-related resources at the annual New Brunswick conference.

D. Project SAILS:

This is a Kent State/-ARL-sponsored project to develop an instrument to assess information literacy skills that we have been invited to participate in. If we decide to participate it will probably not be until September of next year. The target group would be incoming freshmen.

URL: sails.lms.kent.edu/team/index.html

D. Reorganization Reports:

The regional and steering committee reports on the libraries have been completed. RUL and UMDNJ are in agreement that the libraries should be organized as a single system; NJIT has proposed a federated model. We're not sure yet how these reports are going to be shared.

E. Video Production Facility:

University Relations is giving up their facility on Kilmer and have offered it to whoever can use it.

F. User-Centered Concept:

Is also being built into a number of Cabinet goals.

G. SAPAC Symposium:

James Marcum (FDU) will be the keynote speaker at "Visions of the Academic Library 2012." PSC has been invited to co-sponsor the Symposium which will probably take place in early December.

II. Digital Projects Criteria (Sewell)

A Working Group has been charged to develop guidelines for proposals that result in the digital republication of existing documents. They have developed a "Collection Development and Management Criteria Questionnaire" that would be submitted as part of a project application.

It is envisioned that a permanent standing committee of the CDC will be in place before the end of the year and would act as a granting agency. Funding would be primarily for personnel; the digital infrastructure is being put in by the Libraries and can be assumed.

A parallel process for service projects could be developed; there is no requirement that these monies have to be used for collections.

The PSC suggested some minor word changes and approved the proposed Questionnaire.

III. Index Template (Harrington and Borisovets)

An Index template to be linked from the Indexes and Databases page after a particular resource is no longer available has been developed. The cancellation 'hold' means there's no longer an immediate need for the template, however it could be used in a modified form when a resource is canceled or discontinued.

Discussion: Who will be responsible for completing the template when a resource becomes unavailable? In was agreed that as any cancellation would go thru CDC, the appropriate Electronic Resources team would be responsible for completing the template.

IV. Instruction Services Committee Update (Libutti)

Will be meeting in October. Will be concentrating on long-range planning, especially in the area of information literacy cross-currents between library and teaching faculty.

Libutti agreed to distribute committee agendas to the RUL list prior to their meetings.

V. CLIR Statistics Review (Boyle and Beck)

Boyle and Beck have gone thru the extensive Dimensions and Use of the Scholarly Information Environment report [http://www.clir.org/activities/details/dimensions_docs.html] and have identified some tables that might be of interest to us.

In light of our focus on undergraduates this year, Beck will go thru the report again looking for other tables that might be relevant.

For Further Discussion: Is there anything in the data that would suggest that we need to consider modifying specific services/actions/behaviors?

VI. Goals Action Items: Undergraduates (Discussion):

Wenk and Libutti will recommend to PSC a process for development of a Virtual Library tour that could be put on a CD and distributed to incoming students, perhaps at orientation.

For Further Discussion:

The Reference Interview and other virtual and non-virtual communications with undergraduates: Are there techniques and behaviors that need to be reinforced or modified?

Our brochures and other written communications: Is the information, language, and organization appropriate for communicating with our undergraduate users?
Suggestion: Develop an information brochure specifically for incoming first-year students that could be included with the Admissions mailing.
Suggestion: Develop an information brochure specifically for incoming transfer students.

A future PSC meeting will focus specifically on our services to undergraduates.

VII. Other Announcements:

Borisovets: The AskAL Ask a Librarian management database is almost ready to go. Setting up training for all those involved during the semester is the major stumbling block.

Frusciano: Special Collections has two major exhibits in place: The History of the Voorhees Library, and Musical Concerts at Rutgers: 1900-1999.

Boyle: The Monday, November 24th PSC meeting will be held in Camden.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/psc/minutes/pscmin_03_09.shtml
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