Minutes of August 25, 2005 Meeting

Grace Agnew; Natalie Borisovets; Jeanne Boyle, Chair; Jeris Cassel; Judy Gardner; Bonita Grant; Marty Kesselman; Ann Montanaro; Kevin Mulcahy, recorder; Bob Sewell; Eileen Stec.
Susan Beck

1. AUL Report

Jeanne distributed the AUL Report via e-mail prior to the meeting.

Since Jeanne will be away the last two weeks of October, it was decided to cancel the October meeting.

EBSCO has sent Google a file with our holdings based on our A-Z list. We are trying to schedule a meeting with EBSCO to discuss their understanding of what this means and what the program going forward will be.

Jeanne distributed the draft description developed by a subgroup of ISC (Boyle, Cassel, Libutti) for the Instructional Technology Development Librarian position Cabinet approved. We are now looking for the dollars to support the positions approved, but since this position was ranked highly it will probably be recruited for when a position becomes available.

Information regarding new, cancelled, and replacement databases has been distributed to RUL faculty and staff. Librarians are busily writing database descriptions and cancellation templates. See Sam’s tracking page for the latest on how the process is going: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/indexes/indexes2.shtml.

IPAC is looking forward to having the Asian cataloger join them when that recruitment is completed but is otherwise satisfied with their membership. Stephanie Bartz was selected by acclamation to continue as chair. We owe this group a lot of praise for their implementation of iLink. The work was extremely detailed and very well done.

MyRutgers – Our new channels and other changes should become available the week of September 19. We will be in their test site September 12.

Brochures – All have been updated except for one – Library Services for Users with Disabilities, which will be done this week. Brochures with the "How to" phrases we edited will be distributed as new supplies are requested.

Jeanne, Jeris, and Jane Sloan will attend the New Media Consortium this fall, which, among other benefits, should allow for useful networking in the recruitment of the Instructional Technology Development Librarian position.

2. Lights, Camera, Action: Downbeat!

The Media Task Force Report was distributed and discussed. Bob noted that he has suggested some editorial changes and will request some changes in the section on cataloging. Bob provided a brief summary of the need for the report: new developments in media technology, access and preservation issues regarding current collections, increased used in teaching and research, questions regarding performance rights. Additional issues raised include the digital delivery of media (for example, podcasting), potential problems with the degradation of unique analog materials used to make digital copies, the role of the libraries in assisting students in using/creating media materials.

The council reviewed the six recommendations, and supported them, with commentary. Comments included suggestions of partnering with and/or outsourcing to NJEdge as a way of maximizing impact and minimizing cost; expanding the selectors’ role in acquiring media; arguing for funding media through an increased base budget rather than reallocation of already stretched resources; determining the proper role of a New Media Center at Douglass.

3. Goal Setting

An overarching theme of focusing on service to users was suggested. Other ideas include expanding/altering traditional reference services and re-examining the role of reference librarians in light of the institutional repository (Jeanne distributed a recent Reference Services Review article by Charles Bailey on this topic). We'll investigate federated searching in light of the forthcoming NISO standards which are being adopted by vendors; we’ll be planning for the libraries’ role in the event that either RefWorks or Endnotes is adopted at the university. We'll continue to explore the relationship of our reference services with NJ Q&A.

4. Access Services Update

The First Time Library Users Task Force sent out a welcome message to all newly admitted students (a copy was distributed at the meeting).

Staff vacancies are necessitating a lot of recruiting, especially in NB.

First steps are being taken to include Camden, Newark, and ILL staff to the NB Access Services working groups. Staff are anxious to work together, and training in using video conferencing equipment will be provided..

ILL staff visited U Penn to see how RAPID implementation is proceeding. Because of the vacancy in ILL our implementation has slowed a bit, but we should begin some demos in September

A project to contact delinquent account patrons has begun. We’re sending letters to about 200 users offering an opportunity to clear their accounts; those who fail to do so may be turned over to the university accounts office.

A brief discussion of security issues noted the need for a security camera at Chang, and a general need for more prompt response from the university. Issues regarding the security of collections belong to CDC.

5. Round Robin

ISC is planning a brownbag lunch on Search Path. ISC is also involved in orientations for “redshirts,” University College, Western Monmouth, and other groups. New students are getting pens and notepads (and copicards at Robeson) when they register at the libraries.

Eileen Stec will be doing a brownbag on RUL's participation in the Project SAILS information literacy assessment tool, and is part of a Vale committee asking SCILS to create a certificate program in information literacy.

Marty Kessleman reported on some interesting presentations at IFLA.

Jeanne spoke of the new remote site planned at Cape Atlantic Community College, expected to open next year. RUL will provide support as at Western Monmouth.

Jeanne, Judy, Roger, Sam, Sean, and Dave Hoover met with OIT regarding the Sakai pilot project. Although Dave had prepared a script for library reserve links, OIT believes it will not be able to implement it until January at the earliest. Jeanne is exploring what kind of library presence will be offered in the pilot.

Kevin Mulcahy

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