Minutes of November 20, 2006 Meeting

Puniello (Chair), Au, Borisovets, Cassel, Ellis (guest) J.Gardner (recorder), Joseph, Montanaro, Sewell, Stec, Womack (guest)
Agnew, Beck, Kesselman


  1. AUL Report. (Puniello)
  2. Foreign language information on the RUL Web site. (Womack)
  3. Demonstration of Electronic Dissertations Database (Montanaro, Ellis)
  4. Update of Federated Searching (Montanaro)
  5. Information Services Training for Access Services Staff (J. Gardner)
  6. Information Sharing

1. AUL Report (Puniello)

RefWorks. Training has taken place; additional train-the-trainer training is coming. Ann reminded us that users must have pop-ups for RefWorks to work in Firefox (not a problem in IE), and that public access terminals will be configured to allow pop-ups to open for vendors of our licensed resources.

2. Foreign language information on the RUL Web site. (Womack)

We discussed Ryan's proposal to provide a basic introduction to the libraries in other languages on the RUL web site, intended audience and content. Reviewed Yale University's and JSTOR's sites and NJ foreign language speaker statistics. Recommended a committee draft the text in English, and begin to recruit native speakers to work on translations. Ryan and Michael volunteered, and Triveni Kuchi has since joined the group.

3. Demonstration of Electronic Dissertations Database (Montanaro, Ellis)

Will be a link from RUCore. Waiting for sign-off from the Graduate School-NB, where it will be used first and then move to other schools. Submission process uses RUCore's workflow management system. Students may submit dissertations and supplemental materials in Word, LaTeX, or PDF; presentation will be PDF. RUL catalogers review and may add metadata; the MARC record will be extracted for loading into IRIS and we send records to ProQuest. Shaun will work on conversion if needed (Word to PDF, for example) and students must sign off on the PDF before it is sent to the Graduate School.

4. Update of Federated Searching (Montanaro)

Reviewed 4 possible displays of the SEARCHLIGHT button on the RUL web site. Recommended 'Find Articles with SEARCHLIGHT' under FIND ARTICLES on the left-hand bar. Public demo will be available in early December; advanced search option might be ready by next semester.

5. Information Services Training for Access Services Staff (J. Gardner)

Discussed Information Service standards for access services staff, possible librarian role in training/teaching items under Basic Library Resources, developing an online course to teach standards in future, need to define appropriate steps for access services staff to take to get patrons started. Will revise 4th bullet, possibly to referral to Searchlight. Francoise will forward access services' request for librarian assistance to the Instructional Services Comm.

6. Information Sharing

Ann requested detailed problem reports on Article Linker. Cathy Pecoraro might spend some time at reference desks to observe problems as they arise.

IRIS will be down for an upgrade Saturday, December 30, 2006 beginning at 6:00 pm and will back up early in the morning of December 31st (18 hours downtime anticipated).

Au alerted us to a pending change on the website… left clicking on the picture will take users to a gallery with captions identifying the pictures currently in rotation. WAC will recommend placement of RUCore button on the front page.

Jeris announced that R. Brown's last day at Kilmer is Nov. 22nd and that Kilmer will then have no librarian 5s.

Eileen reported that "Shaping a Life" will not have a library research component beginning 2007- 2008, although that could change. She and Marty submitted a capital campaign proposal on collaboration & curriculum design.

The donor for multimedia lab at Douglass came for site visit and faculty presentations.

Dana Library is reviewing budget for funding to restore some hours.

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