Minutes of January 22, 1998 Meeting [SACOPS]

Susan Beck; Ron Becker; Ben Beede; Natalie Borisovets; Jeanne Boyle, conducting; Ellen Calhoun; Ton Frusciano; Judy Gardner; Susan Goodman; Jackie Mardikian; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Stan Nash; Penny Page; Thelma Tate.
Harriette Hemmasi, Mary Page, Ray Schwartz, Mary Beth Weber.

1. Tom Frusciano was welcomed as the new representative from Special Collections and Archives.

2. CD-ROM Report Review

Mary Beth Weber and Ray Schwartz represented the CD-ROM Working Group and SACOTAS to review sublocation designations. SACOPS requested that the designation be clear and not mislead library users. Everything cataloged in the Computer Files format is assigned a LC call number. DOCUS-COM materials are assigned a SuDocs classification number. After a lengthy discussion, SACOPS recommended the following designations be used for new and existing materials:


There was some discussion of the need for database cleanup for materials currently cataloged to the old forms of the sublocations.

3. Display of serials in WebCat

Harriette Hemmasi and Mary Page, representing two LIS Implementation Committees, led a discussion on alternate ways of displaying new serial receipts in the catalog. The serial check-in system allows the coding of individual titles to show numbers of recently received issues. The central topic of discussion presented to SACOPS was whether to display one or several recently received issues in the public catalog. Both pros and cons of alternatives were presented leading to a discussion of which display best meets the needs of users and presents understandable, useful information. A comprehensive discussion followed and SACOPS agreed that all serials will be coded to display receipts according their frequency. If the frequency is greater than 12, display 12 receipts. This will mean that some individual issues will continue to display after the volume is bound and some unbound issues will not be displayed. Additionally, issues received out-of-order will appear in the sequence received. The serials staff will only change the display if it is an egregious error. Mary will issue a table showing how each type of serial will be coded. Records already coded will be changed as new issues are received. (See appendix)

SACOPS requested that the text format for the holdings be changed to display in both upper and lower case letters rather than all capitals.

Harriette will ask Mark Witteman to make the recently received field display only in the ALL display of IRIS. They will also work on a note in the FULL display to alert users to click on CHANGE DISPLAY to view recently received serial issues.

Newspaper records and government document periodicals have both the print and microform holdings on the same record, and only one "latest issue" per library can display in the catalog. SACOPS agreed that it was preferable to display the latest paper copy received. If microfilm were barcoded it would appear in the copy display but SACOPS felt this was an unnecessary additional workload.

4. AUL Report

The Electronic Resources Committee produced three updated brochures which were distributed: "Remote Access Guide," "E-mail Instructions for Online Databases," "Instructions for Copying to Disk."

Jeanne distributed a copy of an SCILS internship report analyzing "Ask a Librarian Questions." It will be discussed at the next meeting. "Ask a Librarian" responses should be included in reference statistics during the month the library is answering the questions.

VALE. PALINET has presented a comprehensive proposal for using Site Search and OCLC databases. They will be demonstrating the service at Rutgers in the next week.

Several libraries have asked to be able to restrict email access from public computers. Issues were raised both supporting and rejecting this restriction. The committee agreed that, at the present time, it was more important to continue with the current service and to try to raise the awareness of library users about the importance of using the equipment to search library resources.


The following table of frequency will be used to determine the number of latest issues to display in the public catalog:

monthlies 12
bimonthlies 6
quarterlies 4
annuals 1
semi-annual 2
dailies 12
weeklies 12
biweeklies 12

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