Minutes of June 25, 1998 Meeting [SACOPS]

Beck, Beede, Borisovets, Boyle, Cassel, Calhoun, Gardner, Goodman, Frusciano, Mardikian, Montanaro, Nash, Page, Tate

1. Agenda and Minutes

The final agenda for the meeting was distributed. A draft version of the minutes from the preceding meeting by Thelma Tate was distributed. If corrections are necessary, please contact Thelma within the week.

2. AUL/PSC Report JEB

VALE databases will be available September 1, 1998 with three databases. OCLC will offer free subscriptions to First Search for a designated time period. Our contract with OVID expires September 30, 1998. We will try to extend our contract on a monthly basis until the end of the first semester to avoid disruption for our students during this transition.

VALE is thinking about using the GALILEO interface see http://www.galileo.peachnet.edu/Homepage.cgi for more information.

NERL is looking at a networked version of PROQUEST. This means we will continue Proquest and Periodicals Abstracts.

JEB is currently investigating the impacts of the new minimum monthly charges implemented by Dialog. It appears that we will probably all continue to keep our accounts, because the charge is by account (which we only have 2) and not by password.

3. Systems/Lis Updates AM/JG

AM reported that Unicorn 98 has been loaded into the test system, and will be reviewed by the staff. New work flow clients were to be received. Dave and Mark will be involved with VALE and will be going to OCLC for training shortly. Two servers will be shipped to RULS in July for VALE and Seaton Hall staff will be working here with RUCS to get the servers up. Currently there are still two positions open in systems, but advertising has taken place to fill those positions.

4. Discussion Topic: Legacy Round Robin

Susan Beck reported the greatest challenge for the Robeson Library would be the integration of the responsibilities for the students and faculty of Camden County Community College and Rowan University beginning July 1, 1998. We have established an administrative service librarian liaison position to help provide assistance to the administrator^s information needs on the Camden Campus. Ann Scholz-Crane will be filling this role during the upcoming year.

Ann Montanaro: The LIS implementation was successful. Completing the Windows 95 installation is a goal. There are no current plans to upgrade to Windows 98 at this time. All Novell servers are being upgraded; all PC's will be upgraded to Pentiums by fall. Biggest challenges facing Systems include authentication and the technical requirements of installing electronic resources.

Jackie Mardician: She is working on joint UMDNJ and RULS work with the Grad School Of Public Health providing more orientations for the school. Instruction sessions are now being held at the school not the library because of class size.

Ellen Calhoun: Government Documents. GOV Doc records were successfully transferred into SIRSI from GEAC; full cataloging of selected documents continue; cataloging document serials;. Ellen informed us that most documents are still distributed to libraries in paper not electronic format, although some agencies such as the Dept. of Energy are providing technical reports on a searchable web site for downloading.

Penny Page: Alcohol Studies now has all Pentiums. Over the past summer, Alcohol Studies successfully made the switch to the windows version of INMAGIC software for their database with a great deal of help Systems.

Thelma Tate: Douglass is feeling the impact of reorganization in many ways including the redistribution of materials and increased frustration. Increased networking capabilities have reduced some frustration for users and staff. Douglass' biggest challenge revolves around clarification of the reorganization issues, which affect the campus. Douglass is loosing one position to Chang and another librarian just resigned, they are hoping to get some temporary replacements. There is a current proposal to restructure Douglass for Media and funding has been sought to improve media services and performing arts. Librarians continue to participate in the Shaping a Life program.

Tom Frusciano - presented a lengthy report of the many activities successfully completed in Special Collections and Archives. Highlights include looking at reorganization impacts; looking at impacts of SIRSI; technical challenges presented by SIRSI; move to Pentiums; electronic access to finding aids presents new challenges; etc. They have received RLG funding to mark up finding aids; Women in Public Life project is coming to conclusion; they received federal funding for a Latin American project. Digital Projects include Electronic New Jersey and 1960's projects at Rutgers and Oral History of World War II Project. Prepared the Paul Robeson Exhibits. For more details of the activities of Special Collections and Archives contact Tom or visit their web site at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rulib/spcol/spcol.htm

Tom mentioned that if you need to answer salary information questions for Rutgers as a public institution you are to refer users to Vice President Richard Norman's, office.

Stan Nash: There has been a tremendous growth in the activities in the Scholarly Communication Center. Much of the New Brunswick Libraries Instruction activities are now taking place in the SCC. Although many New Brunswick Librarians from the Alexander Library are using the SCC for instructional purposes, New Brunswick faculty members from the Livingston Campus are also using the facility for instruction. Reference service at the SCC is also on the rise. Future challenges for the SCC include increasing income opportunities and staffing issues.

Reorganization of Information Services can be described as a 'year of ambiguity'. There will be an open meeting on July 1 for Information Services. There is now a plan to be hashed out and hopefully implementation of the plan will begin soon. Staffing problems have plagued the libraries, however temps have been great.

Librarians at Alex taught a three credit course and Joe Consoli who designed this course received a teaching award for College Avenue Campus.

Judy Gardner: There have been two major accomplishments: The New LIS for circulation; the implementation committees have changed how people work together; the users have become more independent and future plans include online request features. We have become a fair use library for copyright issues

Natalie Borisovets: Dana has experienced a major expansion of instructional programs with long term involvement commitments have increased. They conducted a very successful faculty training program on computer literacy. They have increased their involvement with the honors program. Liaisons have been developed with Central High (Newark). They are working with teachers at Science High as well. The Computer Lab in the basement of the library is the busiest lab on campus; two site managers will be hired to take care of the labs. Jazz is busy creating finding aids to their materials and the Criminal Justice Library issues still need to be resolved.

Susan Goodman: Many faculty at LSM are involved with the reorganization process; they filled a reference supervisor position; renovation has been completed; new signage has been installed and reference has been moved to the first floor, they are now collecting daily reference statistics to revise staffing patterns.

ARCVIEW has been installed on two machines and staff is trying to become adept at using it.

Jeris Cassel: Jeris spoke on behalf of ERC, WAC and Kilmer. ERC has acted as the LIS Publicity Committee. They are currently developing a current list of indexes on the WEB ( by Julie Still) this does not include gov docs. They are still trying to develop an online registration form for instruction classes. They have also looked at the TEST OVID interface and have revised documentation. ERC coordinated 256 workshops; conducted Internet workshops for Friends; met jointly with WEB Advisory Committee and the New Brunswick Libraries Instructional Committee. They are currently working on putting up a research page and are developing an orientation program for transfer students.

Web Advisory Committee: New pages have come up and developers have come and talked to the group about pages. They have revised SIRSI page and are working on logo page, they have worked on copyrights page and have included access to Federal Libraries. They are discussing revising guideline for WEB pages, and revising search engine page; One of the WAC's goals is to improve communication to the library system. They are working on an Ask a Librarian Model- many fell that it is working so why change it. There is a need for clear guidelines in the development of FAQ's. They are considering getting Ask Jeeves software to use for Ask a Librarian.
For a demonstration of Ask Jeeves see: http://www.askjeeves.com/

Kilmer: Jeris distributed the results of an email survey conducted at Kilmer, but reached no conclusions. Kilmer Library Faculty continues to teach a three-credit course and are involved in a mentoring program for students encouraged to go into doctoral programs. They are also being asked to provide Internet workshops for elementary school teachers. They have finally been able to hire one librarian.

As New Brunswick Libraries Convenor, Jeris will soon issue a report on those activities.

Ben Beede: Ben has been very involved with reorganization and is working on centralized telephone service in New Brunswick. Also working on See-you See-me project.

Jeanne Boyle: Would label this past year as experimentation /Transition. Major accomplishments include the Long Range Plan. Decision processes need to be quicker. There still needs improved communication among faculty and we need to raise our sights beyond our own buildings. We need to assess how we are being viewed on the WEB. We haven't really learned how to work together yet and haven't acknowledged that as an issue. We need to learn to recognize the good that everybody does.

5. Discussion Topic: Implementing the Long Range Plan: What are our first priorities?

Susan Beck reminded SACOPS that there are really two plans for planning purposes: the Long Range Plan developed by the Long Range Plan Steering Committee - see http://www-rci.rutgers.edu/~jeboyle/lrptop.htm and the Plan developed and agreed upon by faculty consensus at the March Faculty Meeting - see http://newark.rutgers.edu/~au/plan.htm

SACOPS employed the nominal group technique to rank the Goals and Activities identified in the Implementation of the Long Range Plan found on pages 13-14 of the plan final draft. The object of the ranking was to identify the activities that should be tackled in the first year of the plan. Everyone had three opportunities to name their top choices. Activities were ranked (1st choice received a score of 3, 2nd choice a score of 2, and 3rd choice a score of 1) as follows:


Rank Activity Total
Rank Value
1 Create electronic records for all items existing in Rutgers collections 30
2 Provide information services electronically to remote users 10
3 Work with Rutgers faculty, design instructional programs for students that incorporate information literacy to advance undergraduate learning goals 7
4 Develop programs in collaboration with TEC, RUCS, OTR, and other relevant groups for faculty use of instructional technology and multi-media services 5
4 Design and implement electronic navigators and interactive instructional programs 5
5 Implement user-initiated services, such as self-checkout of library materials, and journal article and interlibrary loan requests 4
6 Expand and refine human resources development program 3
7 Improve existing records to assist in more complete and effective retrieval 2
7 Create finding aids for specialized materials 2
7 Create mechanisms to link catalog records to the digital full text or to library buildings 2
7 Design and implement assessment measures for services using technology 2
7 Continually assess impact of library technology and realign and expand staffing as needed 2

6. Discussion Topic: SAC Composition What do we need to be?

Comments during this discussion included some of the following, (because of the nature of the topic and fast and furious comments, notes were difficult to record).

You can't have this be a decision making body if it only meets once a month.

No absolute conclusions were reached at this time.

7. Adjournment

Susan J. Beck, recorder

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