Minutes of July 23, 1998 Meeting [SACOPS]

Beck, Boyle, Calhoun, Frusciano, Montanaro, Nash, Page, Tate
Beede, Borisovets, Cassel, Gardner, Goodman, Scholz-Crane

1. Agenda and Minutes

The final agenda for the meeting was distributed. Approval of the minutes from the May and June meetings was deferred until final versions were distributed.

2. AUL/PSC Report - JEB

The fall lineup of databases will probably include the following changes: Inspec and ProQuest Direct will be acquired through NERL, Dissertation Abstracts with full-text for Rutgers dissertations will also be acquired through NERL, the web versions of Eureka and UnCover will be our preferred access, Reveal will be acquired, VALE databases (CINAHL, Periodical Abstracts, ABI/INFORM) are targeted for the last half of September, CAB Abstracts is already available, a new web version of Ethnic NewsWatch is being considered.

Ann Montanaro and Jeanne Boyle will make a site visit to the Western Monmouth Higher Education Center July 25, 1998. The Rutgers web page for Western Monmouth can be accessed through the information for prospective students under admissions. Rutgers and Brookdale students will share the site, and there will be an information commons with public workstations. Jeanne will be meeting with Barbara Fiorella, the Rutgers Program Coordinator, later in August to determine more about the status of the Rutgers students, identify what faculty are teaching, and explain about possible library services.

The Extended Campus Services Task Force has been charged and all have agreed to serve. Ann Watkins and Rebecca Gardner will co-chair.

Jeanne is gathering a group to review information Donna Cryan has gathered about networked printing. Networked printing for at least the major libraries is necessary to support printing from full-text electronic resources and electronic reserves. The group will narrow he choices and solicit proposals or sponsor demonstrations.

Harry Glazer, Communications Coordinator, has begun work and is meeting with Cabinet members and others and visiting the various libraries.

The scanner for electronic reserves has arrived and is located in the Copy Center in Alexander Library. The microcomputer that makes it run has been ordered as well. The implementation group will start work as soon as it is fully assembled.

The VALE Steering committee has been elected, and Marianne Gaunt was elected to represent Rutgers. She has also been elected to chair the Steering Committee. John Gaboury and Anne Ciliberti will serve as Executive Director and Assistant to the Executive Director. Subgroups have been set up for Training/Help Desk, Public Relations, Technology, User Interface, Electronic Resources, i.e., collection development. Because of the short timeline for implementation, a

Day 1 Committee of officers, Subcommittee Chairs, and others with particular expertise will be formed so the project can move rapidly. Dave Hoover and Mark Witteman attended training at OCLC.

The web interlibrary loan form and the new RRS form that includes journal articles will become available August 24th. DDS will change its name to Interlibrary Loan Services. Everyone is asked to follow suite in their home libraries and rename their ill operations accordingly. We need to use current terminology, i.e., RRS and interlibrary loan. "Intralibrary loan" should no longer be used.

3. Systems / LIS Updates - AM/JG/HH/others

Ann Montanaro reported that Windows 95 would be in place on all public machines before school starts. Alcohol Studies still does not have Windows 95 on staff machines because the server is too old. Ann will check on the status of the planned replacement.

Installation of Inspec has raised some interesting capacity challenges. It is such a large file that it should be installed on the new Rutgers server. The new server is, however, not configured, so systems will hire Sun to install new disks drives already on hand on the old server. These disks are not compatible with the new server. As a result, response time will not be fixed. We need to get the new server up to do that.

Ann will send the URL for a site that shows samples of the new campus card. The program is called RUConnection, and the new cards began being distributed to facilities staff yesterday. Staff will receive them first. Faculty in New Brunswick will begin receiving them in mid-October. Students will not get them for over a year. We will provide copies of existing library barcodes, and new ones will be assigned by the campus card operation. The new barcodes will be compatible because our software is being used. The campus card will also be a debit card for KnightExpress.

Ann was asked if RUL will have a problem with the year 2000. She responded that we will have no problems except possibly with the library payroll. The new servers will take care of our Novell installations, and software is being used to check all personal computers.

4. Government Document Records in Sirsi - EC

Ellen Calhoun reported that in New Brunswick there is a Government Documents Functional Group that includes all working staff and an Advisory Group that includes librarians and staff and works on policy issues. She led a discussion on whether circulation records for government documents should be shadowed before they are made into full cataloging records. Examples were distributed.

During the discussion it was noted that: all the records are partial, for supporting recon -public services top priority - it is essential to build the online file with every opportunity, there are overall 14,000 brief records that could be released into the catalog if all were unshadowed.

It was recommended unanimously that the brief records should display and all must proceed to full cataloging. Local numbers can be used.

Some documents that have circulated have not proceeded to full cataloging by selector decision, and there was detailed discussion on the matter.

It was recommended that the status of materials with brief records parallels other materials and use "in library" when they are not circulating.

It was further reiterated that selectors can certainly determine where an item should be located but should not have the option to withhold items from cataloging. Jeanne and Ellen were directed to draft a paragraph for Jeanne to bring to Cabinet to gain agreement with this recommendation.

5. Discussion Topic: Draft Principles for Acquiring Electronic Resources - JEB

(background sent earlier by email)

Susan Beck recommended the following changes:

  1. Add administrators to the series in point two.
  2. The overall sentiment should include acknowledgment of the rights of producers. Add the following statement from the ARL licensing principles document: As responsible agents for an institution, librarians must negotiate licenses that address the institution's needs and recognize its obligations to the licensor.
  3. There needs to be a mechanism for informing RUL librarians and staff about our agreements, e.g., when we may copy, download, ill. Jeanne is working with Judy Gardner and Bob Sewell to gather our current licenses and make a chart for interlibrary loan work. It was suggested that the information could be posted to the libraries web page. The obligation to do this will be noted in a later section of the principles.

Discussion was wide ranging and included: a general discussion of licensing as an issue affecting all libraries, agreement that individual librarians should not be negotiating licenses, license negotiation needs to have a systemwide approach, collection development issues, Dialog licenses, we are a fair use library, we need to have agreements to support international cooperation, GPO depository libraries at times receive password access to databases, need for agreements for individual sites. It was noted that the depository access arrangements are not as frequent now as previously and should be accepted. Individual site offerings should be considered on a case by case basis, but the start of any negotiation would be by the principles.

6. Discussion Topic: Planning Priorities from Faculty Planning Committee - SB

(background at http://newark.rutgers.edu/~au/plan.htm)

7. Discussion Topic: Getting Started - Implementing the Plan in 1998/99 - JEB

These two discussion items were merged. Copies of the faculty planning committee web pages and background work done by Susan Beck were distributed. Discussion included: How do we begin implementing the plan? For recon, how do we set priorities? The process of recon can be approached in various ways, e.g., A-Z, by voting, by collection, by call number range, alphabetical by name of library, beginning with the largest.

Since we want it all done, it was agreed that we would not make a recommendation but would instead defer to technical services to select the method that is the most efficient.

We agreed instead to concentrate our discussion and spend time on prioritizing those collections where there are no records. Included are: portions of Special Collections, microform sets, government documents. We need a list of uncataloged collections. It was suggested Unicorn could make a list of finding aids for microform sets as a start. There is a list of microform sets on the Alexander Library home page. Jeanne was directed to work with Bob Sewell to develop a process.

Jeanne reported that activities ranked 3 and 4 have been discussed with Jeris Cassel as probably appropriate for the Electronic Resources Committee. The activity ranked number 2 - provide information services electronically for remote users, will be addressed in detail at the August SACOPS meeting.

8. Round Robin

Stan Nash noted that Lourdes Vazquez has joined the Alexander Library. On questioning, he noted Lourdes is a New Brunswick Librarian assigned to the Alexander Library.

Thelma Tate reported that the Douglass Library is recruiting for 2 temporary librarians - 1 full-time and 1 part-time. Overall NB groups reviewed these positions.

Ellen Calhoun reported that Mei Ling Lo has submitted her resignation. The LSM librarians have submitted a recommendation to the Technology Team for an Information Resources Librarian for New Brunswick to be based at LSM.

A position description for an Agricultural Resources Librarian has been submitted to the Collections Group. Irwin Weintraub and Rebecca Gardner will each be doing one weekly reference slot at LSM.

Ann Montanaro announced that next Thursday from 10 am -12 noon there will be UMI ProQuest Direct training in the SCC IHL. Systems has two openings, and she has received good resumes. In the current environment, there will be frequent openings in the department.

Susan Beck - Julie Still will be in the Chronicle in an information ethics article. They will begin interviewing for a Camden/Rowan librarian. They are investigating networked printing.

9. The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

Submitted by,
Jeanne Boyle

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