Minutes of December 3, 2002 meeting

Michelle Best, Salvatore Cardinale, Azon DeChavez, Pat Jones, Julie Kaufman, Yuhwei Ling (recorder), Catherine Pecoraro, Kayla Reichardt, Clotilde Twagiramariya
Sandy Bodner


  1. Approval of previous minutes
  2. Procedural Manual
  3. Review of Bindery Process
  4. Statistics

1. The group approved the minutes of the November 5, 2002 meeting.

2. The group outlined what should be included in the procedural manual. First, Kayla mentioned that she is still working on the guide sheets. It was mentioned that the procedures for receiving on SIRSI on the NBL website were pretty complete and correct but certain items need to be added and updated for the new version of SIRSI. Items that need to be added include Marc instructions, searching techniques, confirming information in the extended info, descriptions of types of items, where items go after check-in (split for Alex and LSM), labeling issues (how and when), how to identify title and frequency changes (and procedures to change them), how to handle duplicates, damaged issues, and address changes.

Concerning the duplicates issue, since Alex and LSM have different procedures for them, the group was undecided how to proceed and the matter is postponed pending further discussion. Damaged issues will go the claims coordinator. Criteria for damaged issues include pages missing, water damage, and torn pages. Julie at Alex and Kayla at LSM will handle address changes (for the time being). The address label should have the date, vendor name, and a note with the valid address. Details for the other procedures will be meshed out at a later time.

3. The bindery procedures were reviewed and discussed by the group. It was agreed that the full procedures would be on the guide sheets as well. It was reiterated that the formatting of issues to bind be as specific as possible. Complete volumes to be bound donít need the issue numbers, just the volume numbers. Special attention and care need to be paid for supplements, indexes, and special issues as well. Also, always follow the binding instructions in the extended info for wait to bind volumes (indexes arrive later, etc). Lastly, the group was reminded to make sure that as much information (bind number, etc) as possible be entered in the bind tab of the control record.

4. The statistics for November 2002 are as followed:

Marc Holding Statistics
HUM = 4,275 (current), 2133 (bound)
SCI = 3,202 (current), 1960 (bound)
NB = 7,477 (current), 4093 (bound)

Materials received
HUM = 3,149
SCI = 2,389

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 7, 2003 (10:00AM @ LSM)
Next Recorder: Cathy Pecoraro

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