Minutes of March 2, 2004 meeting

Pat Jones (chair), Michelle Best, Salvatore Cardinale, Azon De Chavez (recorder), Julie Kaufman, Kayla Reichardt, ClotildeTwagiramariya, Yuhwei Ling
Sandy Bodner (sick)
Susan Brower


  1. Procedures for sending items to TAS
  2. EXTINFO Project
  3. Gov Doc Annual Procedures
  4. Receiving Checklist Review
  5. Round Robin

The group discussion did not follow the sequence listed in the agenda.


Kayla, discussed first on her subject matter. She handed and presented to the group the Revised EXTINFO Workflow sheets.The standardization of the information displayed in the EXTINFO tab of the Serials Control Record is helpful and understandable. The Proposed Keyboard Express Templates was impressive and somehow realistic and relevant to the projects.

At the beginning of the meeting, Kayla was stressed and pointed out to the group that any suggestions, comments and questions in the EXTINFO Workflow are welcome and must be brought out right away to her attention because after the meeting and once she finalized these projects, she will not entertain any changes, revisions because she wants to finish the projects as soon as she can. As the checkers go along with the checkin and if they found some substantial information to be added in the EXTINFO, the best way to handle is to give to the Receiving Coordinator.

Almost all the data and information given and stated in the EXTINFO was approved and accepted by the group, except for:

  1. Latest Ed. REF, Kayla will work out the changes and rewording the word suggested by the group to put in the RECVNGINST.
  2. Latest Ed. REF, Bound upon receipt, she will clarify and will discuss these item with Ian Bogus, NBL Bindery Coordinator, especially the data to put in the RECVNGINST.
  3. Latest Ed. RESERVE, no clear instructions, Kayla mentioned as far as she knows, Access Services has a procedures in processing the Reserve materials. To be sure, Sal will find out from the Access Services.
  4. Microfiche, both ALEX Library and LSM Library has different system and treatment of handling the Microfiche like in shelving, ALEX Library shelved by Catalog #, Call #? while LSM Library shelved/interfiled in the Cabinet? Tantamount to say, the group discussion is not clear, both libraries have their own version. Kayla will look further the record.
  5. New Title/Order, the only change “REVIEW” in the Retention Field will be deleted and will be put in the Binding Folder. Kayla and Julie will talk about “RE-INSTATE” journal. 6) The other items in the EXTINFO PROJECT Workflow like PER gets bound, Supplements or Index bound separately; Microform replaces paper, Kayla advised the group to please read and give her feed back as soon as we can.
  6. Current Year Retained. This topic is a long way of battling. Everyone seems have different perceptions and interpretations. Kayla explained to the group that Current Year Retained, means it is limited and the checkers must pull out the issue one at a time depends on the journal frequency. Examples: Upon receipt V.30, No.1 Jan 2004, pull V. 29, No.1 2003, then discard and remove from the Marc.

Kayla emphasized to the group that the biggest changes in the EXTINF Workflow is in RECVNGINST. And also multiple format such as paper, CD microfiche could appear in one control list.

Gov Doc Annual Procedures

No further discussions. Kayla will go over the LSM record. Hold for the next meeting.

Procedures For Sending Items (Direct Receipts/Recurring Order) to TAS

Susan Brower, the guest, distributed the handout Re: Procedures for sending items (Direct Receipts/Recurring Order) to TAS. She explained how she sends items to TAS. If the item is a monograph book direct receipts/gifts should be sent to Cataloging Department and the label should be read:

Direct Receipts
Cataloging Department
Technical Services Building
Busch Campus

(Fill up the Priority Slip as what indicated)

And if the item is Recurring Order send to same address with note ATTN: RECURRING ORDER.

Receiving Checklist Review

Sal said, all the paper works is in the table of Paul Cabelli for review. The discussion might be in the next meeting.

Round Robin

No other topics arise.




  1. Latest Ed. REF will work all the changes suggested by the group to put in the RECVNGINST.
  2. Latest Ed. REF, Bound upon receipt, she will clarify and discuss these item with Ian Bogus, NBL Bindery Coordinator.
  3. Microfiche, she will look further the record both ALEX and LSM Libraries.
  4. New Title/Order, Kayla and Julie will talk about the “RE-INSTATE” order.
  5. Gov Doc Annual Procedures, she will go over the LSM record.
  6. Finalize the EXTINFO PROJECT Workflow as soon as she can.


  1. Find out from Access Services how they process the Reserve materials from Reference Section.
  2. Try to get the approved Receiving Checklist.


  1. Talk with Kayla RE: Re-instate journal


  1. Gov Doc Annual Procedures
  2. Review of the Receiving Checklist
  3. Round Robin

Meeting Adjourned: 12:00pm

Next meeting: April 6, 2004, 10:30am at LSM/CSD

Next Recorder: Sondy Bodner
Backup Recorder: Julie Kaufmann

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