Minutes of November 4, 2004 meeting

Michelle Best, Sandy Bodner, Salvatore Cardinale, Azon DeChavez (Chair), Yuhwei Ling (recorder), Rebecca Martinez, Natascha Owens, Neera Sondhi, Clotilde Twagiramariya


  1. Receiving and how it affects claiming
  2. Preliminary Receiving Checklist
  3. Reminders:
    • How to treat items with parts
    • Receiving supplements with titles that are different from the main title
  4. Extended Info - has it helped receiving - what, if any problems, are being encountered?
  5. Information sharing

1. Receiving and how it affects claiming

2. Preliminary Receiving Checklist

3. Reminders

4. Extended Info

5. Information Sharing


  1. When adjusting prediction dates, generate new predictions instead of modifying existing ones
  2. Gifts get claimed the same as normal subscription titles
  3. Several changes/additions to the preliminary receiving checklist (see agenda item 2 for details)
  4. Items with multiple parts should be checked in as individual issues
  5. Supplemental CD’s should get sent to selectors


  1. SC – go back to Paul Cabelli with changes to the Preliminary Receiving checklist
  2. YL & SC – finish the extended info standards


  1. Supplemental materials with titles different from main title – How to determine this?

Next meeting: December 1, 2004 @ Alexander Library/CSD
Time: 10:00am

Next recorder: Natascha Owens
Back up recorder: Neera Sondhi

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