Minutes of July 14, 2005 meeting

Ascuncion DeChavez (Chair), Michelle Best, Sal Cardinale, Yuhwei Ling, Natascha Owens, Neera Sondhi, Rebecca Martinez, Linda Zuckerman (Recorder), Clotilde Twagiramariya, and Karen Walinski


  1. Introduction of new member - Sal
  2. Accompanying materials - Yuhwei
  3. Notes in Extended Info - Rebecca
  4. Superseded items - Rebecca
  5. Information sharing - All

1. Minutes approved from last time.

2. Asked how new procedure for pulling a bindable unit with claimed issues was working. This procedure uses a colored strip of paper to distinguish Bind-Prep "missing" issues from Bind-Prep with "claimed issues". Everyone said procedure is working OK.

3. Sal introduced a new member to LSM. Her name is Karen Walinski and she is a SCILS student. She will be working on receiving at LSM. Karen will also be taking over the receiving for DANA. Everyone went around the room and introduced themselves and what they do.

4. Yuhwei presented the final draft of the Accompanying Materials document. These standards apply to all of RUL. He discussed some of the tasks that collection services will handle. Yuhwei and Sal will meet to discuss some remaining open issues. Natascha met with bindery to discuss their input.. The processing slip will be modified to allow for the extra information required regarding how many pieces are included with the barcoded item. A new stamp will also be needed.

5. Rebecca discussed notes in the extend infor section of the control record. She gave out a handout with 3 examples of notes in the extended info section. If notes are added as a specific reminder, then when they are no longer relevant they should be removed. Notes should be clear for everyone to understand.

6. Rebecca discussed superceded items. The handout showed examples of what the notes should say if there are superceded items to be sent out. The processing slip should indicate where to send the superceded items.

7. Information Sharing - Going around the table, a few minutes were devoted to sharing information regarding regular tasks. Rebecca spoke about her trip to Chicago for the ALA conference. She said that Electronic Journals was a hot topic. SIRSI is developing an electronic resource management system. The system of choice seems to be ENDEAVOR.


  1. May need to have another meeting to discuss Accompanying Materials.


  1. Yuhwei will be meeting with Sal to discuss items still open for Accompanying Materials.

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 4, 2005: 10:00am @ LSM

Next recorder: Michelle Best
Back up recorder: Sal Cardinale

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