Minutes of May 19, 2005 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Ron Becker, Jeanne Boyle, Gary Golden, Judith Grassle, Rhonda Marker, Roger Smith, and Myoung Wilson

Ron Becker and Jeanne Boyle distributed the five strategic goals based on those of the University. After a full discussion with all attendees participating, the draft document was revised and now reads:

Academic Excellence

Strategic Goal: Improve the quality of scholarly resources and information services that support the advancement of academic excellence at Rutgers.

Students and Campuses

Strategic Goal: Enhance the effectiveness of library services for students and the development of library facilities as learning spaces.

Service and Constituency Relations

Strategic Goal: Improve awareness of the resources, services, and support available to all of the Libraries' constituencies.

Resources for Rutgers

Strategic Goal: Increase the Libraries' resources to the levels of peer AAU public universities and manage those resources more strategically and efficiently.

Leadership and Administration

Strategic Goal: Continue to develop an organization and the human resources to achieve the Libraries' strategic goals.

The document will be further refined under the Resources for Rutgers category after Ron Becker meets with Julia Zapcic for advice. Also, Rhonda Marker will rewrite the bullets under Service and Constituency Relations. In addition, Ron Becker and Jeanne Boyle will be meeting with Marianne Gaunt on May 20th to receive her suggestions. The next step will be to write introductions to each section and fuller statements for the bullets. Examples of fuller statements in Academic Excellence include under Focus the development of digital resources, a sentence or two with the sentiment including a reorientation of our efforts so that digital resource development is focused on university scholarship and not on external market forces or other outside influences. Under Students and Campuses, the notion of centralized collections and de-centralized services will be introduced.

Rhonda Marker distributed a document containing five elements to include in the strategic plan:

Current environment summarizes the major factors that influence our decisions. This is based on all the surveying and information gathering we have been doing.

Outlook summarizes the trends that influence our decisions gleaned mostly from articles and presentations.

Our response states our goal, and aligns it with the University's strategic goals.

The vision is an articulation of the underlying approach we have to meeting the strategic goal. It is a unifying principle that should be able to guide decision-making even in the face of an unforeseen circumstance.

The plan puts "meat on the bones". It is a framework that leads directly to action, which states what we are likely to do to achieve our goal.

Rhonda provided an example of the process for the Academic Excellence section.

Ron Becker announced that the Steering Committee will be hosting a strategic planning forum for all RUL personnel in mid to late June and will try to schedule a date where all or nearly all members will be able to attend.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, June 9, 2005 in the 3rd floor conference room in the Alexander Library and will be teleconferenced if needed to the Robeson and Dana Libraries.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Becker, Chair

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