2004 State of the Libraries: Creating Our Future

November 3, 2004

RU Libraries in relationship to State, Rutgers, and world

Strategic Plan Context

Strategic Plan Process

Mission and Values

Planning Structure

Input to Process

Plan Accepted

Annual Goals

Resource and Structure Realignment

Annual Assessment

Supporting University's Goals Through RUL Activities

University's Goals

Academic Excellence

Library Activities and Planning Linked to Goal

Faculty liaison report Jim Niessen and Tom Glynn

Survey Via Listserv and Web

Interviewing the Departmental Library Committee

Working With the History Department in New Brunswick

Students And Campuses

Library Activities and Planning Linked to Goal

Robeson Library renovations Libby Hart and Katie Anderson

Old workroom

New workroom

New staff cubicles

Old services desk

New services desk

In destruction - front view of services desk

Re-construction - front view of services desk

Service And Constituency Relations

Library Activities and Planning Linked to Goal

UMDNJ / NJIT / RUL collaboration Jeanne Boyle

UMDNJ / NJIT / RUL Collaboration


  • Current
    • Faculty, students, staff
      • Primary borrowers in New Brunswick / Piscataway
      • Guest borrowers in Camden and Newark
    • No remote access
    • Limited consortial services
  • Future
    • Primary borrowing on all campuses
    • Remote access
    • Shared database licensing systemwide
    • Join consortia along with us
  • Status
    • Working groups
    • Data transfer agreement in progress


  • Current
    • Faculty and students in federated departments or teaching or cross-registered at Rutgers are primary borrowers
    • Remote access
    • Limited consortial services
  • Future
    • Expand to include all joint degree programs
  • Status
    • Met with associate provost to confirm current program and future course
    • Business manager seeking data contact

Resources For Rutgers

Library Activities and Planning Linked to Goal

Fundraising (private gifts and grants) Julia Zapcic

Private Gifts and Grants

  • Creating the Future, Today
    • Goal, $9,250,000
    • Raised, $12,845,978
      • $5,976,929 Academic Growth & Support, Current Operations
      • $4,344,568 Academic Growth & Support, Endowment
      • $2,524,480 Facilities & Equipment, Current Operations
  • Mission Accomplished
  • Living the Future
    • Goal, Get Ready…Set…
      • Read and Listen
      • Think and Speak
  • Into Action
    • Set priorities to support University goals
    • Marshal resources
    • Make alliances

Leadership and Administration

Library Activities and Planning Linked to Goal

Organizational structure and cultural change Marianne Gaunt

Organizational Structure and Cultural Change

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