Minutes of January 7, 2004 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Rose Barbalace(recorder), Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Pat Jones, Priscilla Lee, Yuhwei Ling, Megan Ingegno, Ana Ramirez-Luhrs, Chiaki Yamada
Ray Balter, Dean Meister


  1. Announcements
  2. Outline for hiring voucher employees
  3. WebCT Update
  4. Budget Updates
  5. Information Sharing
  6. February Meeting 2/4/04

1. Announcements

Group welcomed Chiaki Yamada to the Student Assistant FG. Chiaki will be representing SERC reading room.

2. Outline for hiring voucher employees

Rose shared with the group the first draft of voucher hiring guidelines.

Group would like to add to the outline, rules for recruiting, i.e. advertising for open job, posting to student employee website and also more information included on visa restrictions and payroll types.

3. WebCT Update

Megan D. and Rose have met and started work on the WebCT site. Project has become more involved then first anticipated but should still be up and functional for everyone to use if they choose by the end of the spring semester.

Teaching Excellence center is offering 2 classes in January on WebCT. For more information visit

4. Budget Updates

Rose will contact Administrative office to see if updated budget reports can be completed before the beginning of the spring semester.

Matthew S. will meet with Administrative office representatives and Payroll office representatives to discuss calling chain for payroll services and standardizing payroll procedures.

5. Information Sharing

Extended Hours during final exam week went well for Alexander Library

All units that held extended hours calculated the number of hours and money spent to maintain extended hours for the fall semester.

Marc will add the Student Guide, Student Contract and Student Evaluation to the NBL website. These then can be easily copied and handed out to new students for the spring semester.

6. Next Meeting:

February 4, 2004 2:30pm at the Library Annex

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