Minutes for May 7, 2003 meeting

Gracemary Smulewitz [chair], Iliana Bernal [video-conference], Paul Cabelli, Fatima Cunha [video-conference], Ellen Calhoun, Elizabeth Leister, Jean Madden [video-conference], Kayla Reichardt [recorder], Chris Sterback, and Linda Turzynski
Andrea Lakios and Teri McNally


  1. Finalizing the 852 update document
  2. Status of MARC Holdings implementation for active subscriptions with Bound holdings
  3. Discuss issues regarding conversion of 930 s to MARC holdings create plan
  4. New Bindery software and Bindery update


Meeting was called to order @ 10:10am

* Templates for taking meeting minutes were distributed. We will be using this format for all future meeting minutes.

1. Finalizing the 852 update document:

a. Updates #1 & #2 were accepted except for the changing of the language from Current only to Current retained . Receiving staff will be notified of this decision and will update the wording as they are encountered through daily receiving practices. A suggestion for a mass update was presented, however, SIRSI canned reports do not yet allow for this type of retrieval. Systems may be able to create a report for this purpose. For now, records will be updated by Receivers at the point of receipt, the use of a System generated report is pending.

b. Update #4 new suggestion for handling the Marc-H display for routinely received supplements. The concept behind this new standard is to limit the amount of Marc-H s displayed to the public for a given title and library. For example, it is possible to have up to 4 Marc-H records in this category 1 for the current main title, 1 for the bound main title, 1 for the current supplement and 1 for the bound supplement. i) Lengthy discussion ensued concerning the use of 867 textual holding as opposed to the 854/864 tags which follow the same practice as the 853/863 tags, however that are not recognized by SIRSI and must be manually entered. A compressed display appears to the public either way. It is really an issue of record maintenance, staff time and the usability of all holdings available in delineated tags. Since, hook to holdings currently only directs a patron to the title record and not to the specific holding, it does not seem relevant or efficient to have staff spending an inordinate amount of time manually creating 854/864 s. Should there come a time in the future when individually delineated holdings be necessary for patron usage, we can easily convert the 867 s. ii) Discussion also arose concerning irregularly patterned/received supplements. The issues: irregular patterns should not be summarized in Marc-H and irregular received supplements are virtually impossible for staff to determine missed issues. Solution: these supplements should not be put into the bound Marc-H but should be added as individually barcoded items. A |z public note should state: Supplements irregularly received, see detailed holdings. iii) Procedures for updating the records according to the standards above will be worked out on the SerialsListServ.

c. Update #6, #8, #9 all show samples of the consolidating of multiple Marc-H records into one fluid record for ease of patron understandability. A textual 866 tag is updated manually every time a unit is sent to the bindery and the corresponding 863 s are removed.

d. Update #7 new suggestion following the same pattern as Update #4, but for indexes.

e. Update #10 monthly issues replaced by periodic cumulations. Again the concept is to consolidate multiple Marc-H records into one fluid record for ease of patron understandability. The concept was agreed upon, however:

i) We would prefer the |z public note state: Issues replaced by periodic cumulations . It was determined that forewarning to patrons was necessary that some issues are individual and others are cumulations, however, once notified of that patrons would not necessarily need the specifics as to what types of cumulations [quarterly, semi-annual, annual] or what specific issues are currently cumulations.

ii) The Marc-H record will be attached to the smallest receipt control record. For example, the Marc-H would be attached to the monthly issues control record as opposed to the semi-annual control record. The reasoning behind this is that the smallest receipt is the most current and can represent the entirety of the holdings without necessarily delineating which issues are now in which cumulations.

iii) Discussion ensued concerning the number of control records should be used for this type of material. Is it necessary to have an individual control record for each variation [i.e. monthly issues, quarterlies, semi-annuals, and annuals]? Can control records be consolidated into two main records [i.e. monthly issues and annuals]? Would consolidating the quarterlies, semi-annuals into the monthly issues record cause claiming problems? In which instances? An investigation of these issues will be pursued for the next meeting.

iv) A control record for the annual, not updated to Marc-H but setup to receive barcoded items will still be necessary.

v) A look at the sample record The New York Times Index , also brought up another point. There must be compatibility between the Marc-H enumeration display and that of the migrated 930. [i.e. you cannot have v.12:no.1 (2003) v.12:no.6 (2003) with an 866 display of yr.1979 yr.2002 ]. This is confusing to patrons.

f. Update #19 changed wording of |z public note. Prefer the use of the word prior as opposed to superceded .

g. Update #21 commonly used 852 |z public notes, brought about a discussion concerning cancellation notes. Prior to Marc-H, cancellation notes appeared in the 928 tag of the bib record and was not on display to the public. With the implementation of Marc-H, cancellation notes are now displaying to the public through a |z public note. It is also possible to put detailed information, such as that used in the 928 tag in a |x staff note, which also does not appear to the public. NBL CSD was migrating 928 notes to the |x field starting with the cancellations begun in Marc-H. However, ISAWG needs 928 tag information as it acts as a shelf-list and reports can include that information. SIRSI does not now recognize individual tags of the Marc-H record and therefore, migrating 928 information to an 852 |x field is counterproductive. NBL CSD will recreate 928 s for the cancellations that occurred during Marc-H implementation.

h. All remaining 852 updates were accepted as is. An updated version will be distributed shortly and we can now move onto other issues.

2. Status of MARC Holdings implementation for active subscriptions with Bound holdings:

a. Marc-H statistics were distributed, please see Attached Documents for link. It has been noted that the statistics are not completely accurate. There will be a residual amount of control records that will not be updated to Marc-H, those belonging to monographic series [recurring orders] and booksets.

b. NBL status Science Libraries are done, HUMSOCSCI Libraries expect to be completed by June 1st.

c. CAMDEN status currently approaching clean-up by vendor.

d. DANA status not currently performing a clean-up project. GS will be in contact with IB concerning an approach to this type of project.

3. Discuss issues regarding conversion of 930 s to MARC holdings create plan. This agenda item was only briefly touched due to the lack of time remaining for the meeting. We were all recommended to bring suggestions to the next meeting.

4. New Bindery software and Bindery update. LincPlus has been purchased by NBL. We will be a beta site for LincPlus/SIRSI integration. The HWG will be kept abreast of status of this testing, so that when LincPlus is purchased RUL wide, they can readily implement.

5. Other items not on the agenda:

a. Common Current & Bound Control Record Patterns Update #2 was distributed. It was noted that Marc-H formatted item records are not compatible to previously manually formatted item records. This discussion has come up before. The discrepancy causes item record lists to display incorrectly. However, it was also noted that a majority of item record lists display incorrectly prior to Marc-H. Systems may be able to pursue a fix, but previous discussions have not provided an easy fix. Problem duly noted, but no new decisions made.

Meeting adjourned @ 11:55am




Next meeting date: June 4, 2003 Location: TSB Time: 10:00am
Next recorder: Chris Sterback Backup recorder: Linda Turzynski

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