Minutes for April 5, 2006 meeting

Andy Martinez, Virgia Miller, Gracemary Smulewitz (Chair), Rebecca Martinez, Salvatore Cardinale, Fay Austin, Christopher Sterbeck, Yuhwei Ling, Paul Cabelli, Melody Tomaszewicz, Ellen Calhoun, Ian Bogus, Jamie Maguire (guest), Sharon Favaro, Melissa DeFino, Elizabeth Leister, Bob Hosh (recorder); via videoconference: Terry McNally, Jean Madden.
Andrea Lakios


  1. Adding a note to MARC record of old title when sending a title change to cataloging. (PC)
  2. Discussion of gift processing from units.
  3. Evaluation to determine what technical services functions we haven't reviewed per our charge by TSC?
  4. Presentation about Authority Records. (EL)

Meeting Minutes

The minutes for the last meeting (March 1, 2006) were not reviewed.

Paul Cabelli reported on the need to include a note concerning a title change in the MARC holdings record of the Old Title when the title change has been sent to cataloging. Paul will bring examples of this situation to the next meeting.

Also, notes are needed in the Old Title MARC record if the new title is only an online title. In addition, any missing items of accompanying materials should be noted in the MARC holdings. A workflow and list of contact persons at libraries & branches should be set up to maintain the accuracy and current status of these records.

The processing of gifts from the units was discussed. Selectors will make decisions about retaining gifts. Sharon will review gift collections sent by Melody (LSM) and Susan (ALEX).

Elizabeth Leister made a presentation about authority records. The presentation included a basic understanding of authority records and their use in cataloging. Topics included name authority (proper form of a persons name or corporate name), subject authority (authorized form of a particular topic by the Library of Congress) and Series authority records. Elizabeth also demonstrated how cross-references work in the authority files.


Paul will bring examples of old and new title notes for titles being sent to cataloging to the next meeting.

Jamie Maguire will notify Mary or Janet at Acquisitions about updates of accompanying materials.


Melody will present for discussion her draft procedures documents for new location codes in SIRSI and for Replacement books.

Next meeting: May 5, 2006; Conference room at TSB. Time: 10:00 a.m.
Next recorder: Elizabeth Leister, backup recorder: Yuhwei Ling.

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