Minutes for July 5, 2006 meeting

Gracemary Smulewitz (Chair), Ian Bogus, Ellen Calhoun, Sal Cardinale, Melody Tomaszewicz, Yuhwei Ling, Paul Cabelli, Melissa Defino, Elizabeth Leister, Chris Sterback, Rebecca Martinez (Recorder); Via Teleconference: Jean Madden (Robeson), Iliana Bernal (Dana), Fatima Cunha (Dana), Andrea Lakios (Dana)
Sharon Favaro, Fay Austin, Andy Martinez


  1. Gift Processing relating to record management.
  2. Adds, Relocates and Withdrawal proceedures- MT
    1. Adding duplicate material in a different format - restrictions, process, impact. YL

Meeting Minutes

Gracemary noted that this is the first TSCWG meeting after July 1st, and Collection Services is now Rutgers University Libraries' Distributed Technical Services (DTS). The TSCWG group will continue to make decisions for RUL-wide workflows.

1. The Holdings Group in conjunction with Sharon Favaro came up with criteria for records to be matched when doing adds (including gifts and replacements), and withdrawals. The following items must be an exact match: (See document - "Gifts and Replacement Copy: Adding a Monograph Copy to a Full Record" - for more details)

If the date cataloged is "Never," then the record is not a full record - it is preferred that rather than adding an item, it should be sent to Cataloging for enrichment. If there is a date cataloged, then the record is acceptable for updating. This information should be added to the document "Gifts and Replacement Copy: Adding a Monograph Copy to a Full Record"

It was noted that foreign language publications and booksets should be sent directly to Sharon Favaro in cataloging.

During the discussion, it was determined that the criteria would apply to more than gifts and replacements. The definition of a fully cataloged record should be added to the document. The topic of the inventory/recon process arose - Andrea at Dana is working on a recon project. If she finds a brief MRQ record, she is adding a note in the 500 field, so that it can later be harvested for full cataloging. Gracemary and Paul are due to meet with Mary Beth Weber and Sharon Favaro about the role of the MRQ records in this process. Melody noted that Kilmer had been closed for asbestos treatment, and during that time a complete recon was done. They added MRQ + the last nine digits of the barcode and either an "S" for a serial or a "B" for a monograph. Chris was concerned about the duplicates in RLN. Melissa questioned if there was a second 035 tag, if it would match on that. It was decided that the next time Melissa comes across an MRQ record, she would hold it aside and go over its treatment with Chris.

If an item cannot be cataloged due to an established Collection Development policy, then it should be sent back to the DTS - Holdings Group - either Melody at LSM or Susan Brower at Alex. They will pass along all relevant information to the selector.

The document reviewed will be official once the meeting regarding MRQ records has taken place. It was decided that the title of the document should be "Criteria for Adding a Monograph Copy to a Full Record"

The sub-topic of items with separate formats was then addressed. Yuhwei described that when checking in an item that is an exact copy of the print - in this case a CD - SIRSI adds the item as a copy 2, rather than it's own item, with a separate call # structure. It should only be a copy 2 if the item in hand is the same format and the same home location. Also, it was noted that Holds create a problem - if there's a hold on copy 1, then the copy 2 is also unavailable for request. If an item comes irregularly, it can be checked in and modified manually. If the item comes regularly, a separate serials control should be created. (It was noted that holds were a problem in the past, and that's why Accompanying Material standards were created.)

It was suggested that a separate serials control should be created that is attached it a different call number structure. EIB Group Activity Report was used as an example.

During the discussion it was noted that Receiving staff should be looking out for material that duplicates the print copy. A question about shelving this material at Dana - including the locations of Ref-Com and Stacks-Com arose. Rebecca is going to go over this with Au when he's back from sabbatical.

A separate call # structure was created for EIB Group to no avail - it still added the item as a copy. It was decided that a separate group would look into the details of this problem and determine if/how a copy that is a different format can be added through the serials control without creating a "copy 2". Sal and Yuhwei will look at the properties to determine if there are discrepancies. They will report their findings to Chris Sterback - documenting where it worked correctly and where it didn't work correctly.

2. Adds and Withdrawals were discussed - Relocates and transfers will be held for the next meeting. The document "Adds, Relocates, Transfers and Withdrawals" was reviewed. The document refers to other documents within the body - it was suggested that links be added to the documents referred to once added to the website. While the document refers to routine procedures - exceptions should be included. Melody will work with Ellen to add those. Some clarification should be added - such as when adding items, it refers to adding to a record that doesn't already have holdings for that library. Procedures for adding to the same call # and different call # should also be included.

For Withdrawals - a statement such as "Where other library holdings exist" should be added.

The question of whether or not charging to Batchwith is necessary. Unit Distributed Tech Services staff should charge to Batchwith, while Cataloging staff may edit the item to "Discard."

In a few places, it was noted that the phrase "for your library" should be added for clarification i.e. remove the 928. . . for your library. Under last copy procedures, a line should be added noting to check with the selector.

It was suggested that the August TSCWG meeting be cancelled due to work on the cancellations project and the RFP - also rollover procedures will be taking place shortly.

The Holdings Group will continue to adjust what they have and begin documenting other procedures/workflows.

Gracemary will send out 2-3 possible dates for the next meeting.



  1. The Holdings Group will make various updates to the documentation, as discussed.
  2. Yuhwei Ling and Sal Cardinale will review adding different formats through the serials control and send their findings to Chris Sterback.
  3. Gracemary will send out 2-3 dates for the next meeting.


  1. Discussion of MRQ records with Mary Beth Weber and Sharon Favaro.

Next meeting: TBA Location: TSB Time: 10:00am
Next recorder: Andy Martinez
Back up recorder: Chris Sterback

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