Minutes for October 4, 2006 meeting

Fay Austin, Ian Bogus, Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Salvatore Cardinale, Fatima Cunha (video Dana), Melissa DeFino, Janet Howard (guest), Andrea Lakios (video Dana), Elizabeth Leister, Yuhwei Ling, Jean Madden (video Camden), Jamie Maguire, Rebecca Martinez, Teri McNally (video Camden), Cathy Pecoraro (guest), Gracemary Smulewitz (chair), Christopher Sterback (recorder), Melody Tomaszewicz
Iliana Bernal, Sharon Favaro, Andres Martinez


  1. Approve minutes of September Meeting - everyone
  2. ADDS, Withdrawals, Relocate documentation - MT
  3. Notes in holdings related to print cancellations and online access - RM,CP
  4. Long Overdue material - impact on record management - GS, AM
  5. LOCALMAINT - use of this status in Workflows - MT

Meeting Minutes

1. Approve September minutes

The minutes of the September meeting were approved with mostly minor corrections. Jamie will add a couple of statements about the handling of accompanying material for serials and send these to Andy to incorporate in the official version. Gracemary will send the remaining minor corrections to Andy.

2. ADDS, Withdrawals, Relocate documentation

Gracemary led this discussion by first noting that reviewing these documents helps RUL by fostering a common language that we can all understand.

TSCWG members reviewed the document drafted by Melody regarding the procedures for Adds, Withdrawals, and Relocates. TSCWG focused on reviewing the first part related to Adds and will take up withdrawals and relocates at future meetings. The essential questions are "What is an add?" and "Can we define it universally for TAS, DTS and other units?" After a lively discussion, TSCWG members settled on the following:

An Add represents adding an item to an existing record when an exact match can be determined.

TSCWG members noted that there are additional considerations. They are:

  1. What is an exact match?
  2. Are we allowed to add to a brief record or only a full record?
    - Teri McNally stated that Mary Beth said units should not add to a brief or MRQ record. This needs to be clarified with cataloging.
  3. What constitutes a full record? Does it contain a 245, 260, 300, call number, and at least one subject heading (unless fiction)?
  4. Is there a distinction between adding to a monograph vs. adding to a serial record?
  5. What about government documents?
  6. What about copies supplied as replacements by patrons for LOST material?
  7. Are there categories of full records, like the ones created by EBSCO, that should not be added to?

In order to address these questions a subgroup of TSCWG, comprised of Fay, Elizabeth, and Sharon, will meet with Mary Beth and will report back at the next TSCWG meeting.

3. Notes in holdings related to print cancellations and online access

It was noted that a number of titles are being cancelled in favor of online access. As part of the process, the title's Marc Holdings record is being updated with the text "Cancelled in paper format after ...". The concern is that there are no further instructions given to the patron to point them to the electronic access URL's. One suggestion was to add the 856 tags into the individual Marc Holdings records. Chris cautioned the group that Systems has limited tools available to manipulate Marc Holdings records. Any workflow that may depend on this process, such as the loads of our monthly EBSCO and Serials Solutions marc records, might have to be maintained manually. Since Bob is responsible for these dataloads he needs to be contacted to ask him what is possible.

4. Items tabled until next meeting

TSCWG ran out of time and tabled the discussion of 1) Withdrawals and Relocates, 2) Long Overdue material, and 3) the new DTS location, LOCALMAINT, until the next meeting.


  1. Ian will send a message to RUL_EVERYONE regarding the new PRSRVATION status and how items charged out for PRSRVATION will be reflected in IRIS.
  2. Gracemary will send Andy the miscellaneous corrections to the September minutes.
  3. Jamie will send Andy updates to the September minutes regarding accompanying material for serials
  4. Fay, Elizabeth, and Sharon will meet with Mary Beth to answer the questions raised in the "Adds" discussion.
  5. Gracemary will mock up records in the test system to illustrate the use of cancellation notes and the 856 tag in the Marc Holdings record.
  6. f. Cathy and Elizabeth will ask Bob about the possibilities of adding 856's in batch to Marc Holdings records.

5. Next Meeting

Since the next regularly scheduled TSCWG meeting is at the same time as State of the Libraries, the meeting was rescheduled for Thursday, November 2 at 1:30 p.m. in the TSB conference room.

Recorder: Melody Tomaszewicz
Backup Recorder: Ian Bogus

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/ts-core/minutes/holdings_wg_06-10-04.shtml
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