Minutes of September 7, 2000 Meeting

Samson Soong, Linda Langschied, Jeanne Boyle, Michael Chumer, Michael Joseph (recorder), Robert G. Sewell, Mary Page, Rhonda Marker, Lida Sak, Ann Montanaro

Before goals for 2000/01 are set, TSC reviewed briefly the accomplishments made during 1999/2000. Soong, having read the TS annual report and overview, expressed admiration for industry and effectiveness of the Council during the past year.

Most of the 99/00 goals will need to be kept as 00/01 goals as they are multi-year goals or objectives. Creating electronic records for all items existing in Rutgers Collections remains a high-priority item. Council also decided to encourage making finding aids available on websites for those materials which have only collection-level records.

We will continue to improve existing records to assist in more complete and effective retrieval. Many brief records in IRIS should be upgraded. Auhority control implementation is not yet scheduled, and might come as late as May 2001. The implementation date will need to be determined soon.

The goal of linking electronic databases to library holdings should now be part of what we do on a regular basis. Therefore, Council decided to retire this as a yearly goal. Montanaro noted that EndNote software won't work with the remote Ovid databases the way it would have locally. Systems would need to find a way to authorize people to use the remote Z39.50 server without distributing usernames and passwords.

We will continually assess impact of library technology and realign, retrain, and expand staffing as needed. The position of Networked Resources Associate, designed to facilitate and expedite the acquisition of e-resources, will report directly to Head of Acquisitions.

We should also continue to pursue digitization projects. Council decided to further examine and learn emergent metadata schemes, including Dublin Core metadata set, and other new standards for web projects. Council will discuss this further at its future meetings. Council members will let Samson know if they have additional suggestions which should be to be incorporated into the Council's 2000/01 goal statement.

Lida Sak urged consideration of the notes connecting the cataloging records for serials which have ceased in print format, but which continue in electronic form. Council accepted the proposal.

Discussed blocking procedures for UNCOVER customized gateway service. Units were asked to add the ISSN whenever creating a new brief bibrecord for serials check-in purposes. They also should add the ISSN at the time the next issue is checked in if it is not already present on the record. This will aid in blocking titles from being requested from the UnCover Gateway when the Libraries already own them.

Mary Page submitted "mission statement" of newly-created Serials Management Group. Statement accepted in emended form as "charge" to the group.

Rhonda Marker reported that TAS creates inventory records in IRIS for the Direct Receipts and Gifts and plans to use those inventory records to machine-match and select full cataloging records on RLIN that will be loaded into IRIS. Our profiles for record selection are being set up, and testing this process will be done before the end of October.

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