Minutes of February 1, 2001 Meeting

J. Boyle, M. Chumer, H. Dess, E. Gorder, T. Haynes. L. Langscheid, R. Marker A. Montanaro, M. Page, W.H. Ren, L. Sak, R. Sewell; S. Soong, G. Smulewitz (recorder)

New member representing Special Collections this semester-Erika Gorder.

S. Soong reported:

The Search Committee for the AUL for Digital Library Systems has had many meetings. RUL has hired a head hunting firm to help identify candidates for the position.

Palinet has offered VALE an opportunity to participate in a package purchase of a Net library consisting of approximately 4,000 e-books at a discounted price. The price includes the Marc records for the titles as well as continuous access. The e-books are public domain titles. Access will be shared among VALE and Palinet subscribers and will allow one user at a time. This is the second collection being offered. There were no complaints from the 50 libraries subscribing to the first collection.

For VALE members to participate, there would have to be a 40-44 member library participation. There are now 15 libraries committed. Comments and concerns from the Technical Council about the collection were: a. Is the collection appropriate for Rutgers University Libraries? The material seems to be for high school and lower level undergraduate users. b. The response deadline for participation in the program is two weeks. The time frame seems inappropriately short for an important decision. c. The collection may be of value just to see how it works, as a pilot for RUL. Cabinet will consider this offer at its next meeting.

ELF Money and Computer Purchases - There will be another round of equipment leasing and upgrades for public areas. 331 public work stations need upgrading. The focus will be the science and technology infrastructures. The computers will not be going to staff areas. Money acquired at the time of the SIRSI implementation was used to upgrade staff equipment.

Cataloging of Journal Packages- RUL has cataloged the individual titles in a package, but now Mary Beth Weber has created cataloging for the package title. Examples of Project Muse, JStor and ScienceDirect were handed out. The intent of the cataloging is to provide data about the package such as types of titles in the package, publisher, availability and accessibility as well as subject areas covered.

A discussion ensued about the link from print version of individual titles to the electronic version. Many expressed concern that the process of clicking on the 856 field to access the ejournal is not always understood or simply intuitive. It may be helpful to have user friendly language in the 930 field that indicates that holdings are no longer available in paper but rather in electronic format. The Serials Working Group will look at wording in the 930 summary statement to make transition from paper to electronic clearer to the patron.

Discussion also ensued about representation of backfiles for electronic journals and questions arose about representation of coverage period and where it might be indicated. Other issues of quality control for electronic material were also discussed, such as missing issues, broken connections and dropped from packages. It was suggested that a workflow be established to handle these problems.

Reports from department heads:

R. Marker –Cataloging

There is no copy cataloging section so a method to analyze statistics for copy cataloging no longer exists. Can no longer report dates for backlog in this area. The earliest date in monographic cataloging is 3/23/00.

A gift receiving quota has been established. The gift quota per month is: 350 from New Brunswick libraries, 75 from Camden, 75 from Newark. All of these gifts will receive a brief inventory record in IRIS so that they can be accessed.

A. Montanaro: Systems

ELF proposal is due now. Major unicorn upgrade took place during Christmas break and went very smoothly. There will be a change to the ejournal list on our webpage - those journals with multiple URLs will have package name included.

M. Page: Acquisitions

Ordering is up to date. Processing is somewhat behind. May do Beta testing for EDI ordering and claiming A reminder to those who submit order requests for online material. Please fill out the online forms.

SIRSI training report:

M. Page reported that the session with the SIRSI trainer was very productive. It helped RUL think about our use of the system. The training resulted in little tips that can be implemented immediately and some larger suggestions that must be discussed and analyzed in different forums. Overall the trainer was impressed with the way we are using the system and felt we were creative in many areas.

Looked at EAL cataloging and bound with. Confirmed that our operation is doing things correctly. Also looked at FastCat.


G. Smulewitz reported that the trainer helped with claim reports and an analysis of the report structure. The trainer helped us to understand the organizational structure of the system so we know where the data in reports is being taken from in the database.

Report from Dave Hoover regarding Proquest.

D. Hoover presented information regarding his efforts to find a method for linking to Proquest seamlessly. He explored ways to by-pass the database selection screen and link to the search screen when accessing from the IRIS record. There are some complications. There must be some manipulation to the linking addresses which may be labor intensive.

Also, depending on how the titles in Proquest are accessed, from IRIS bib record or from Indexes will determine the display results. If the title is accessed from IRIS , the patron can not manipulate the results to mark an article for printing and or emailing.

The issues and choices are complex, therefore, to understand them clearly, Theo Haynes has been asked to describe them and their affect on public services in written format for the next meeting.

Next meeting:
Thursday, March 1st, 2001

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