Minutes of Sunday, November 4, 2001 Meeting

Samson Soong (chair), Jeanne Boyle, Lida Sak, Ann Montanaro, Ellen Calhoun, Rhonda Marker, Mary Page, Hector Perez-Gilbe (recorder), Bob Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz, Ned Richards, Theo Haynes

AUL's report:

Samson reported that Gracemary will serve as new Chair of the Serials Management Working Group, effective Nov 2001. Among other things, the Group will in the coming months work with other library committees to finalize a plan for implementing the MARC holdings format in IRIS.

OCLC World Cat, with five simultaneous users, will be made accessible for library users beginning Dec. 1. We are working with OCLC to obtain Communication Abstracts "full text".

Purchases of equipment for the ELF II proposals will be coordinated by a number of people to determine the appropriate equipment for each proposal. All purchasing orders will be submitted at the same time. The project is expected to be done in 12 months.


Rhonda reported that a new librarian, Ruth Bogan, has been hired. The new position will work on databases and catalog portal management. This new librarian started on Monday, November 5th.


Ann reported that the Luna project is waiting for server and software issues to be addressed, but Oracle training has been scheduled. Systems participation on ELF II proposals requires coordinating the time frame for the implementation of various parts of the project. Software conversion required for SIRSI will take place before the spring term begins. On January 1st 2002 an upgrade to SIRSI software will take place.


Mary reported that ordering and labeling is essentially up to date, thanks to the great help of student assistants. Receiving has experienced a slow down, due to regular mail slow down. Acquisitions just started using Amazon services for rush material. She will conduct a comparison between this new service and Barnes & Noble service to determine the use of both services for specific circumstances.

Charleston Conference: Issues on Serials and Books Acquisitions:

Mary Page reported on presentations she attended during this conference. She talked about two new projects on digital preservation, digital project for thesis and dissertations from West Virginia University and Virginia Tech and electronic archives from Stanford University. She also mentioned comments made by participants on the future of NetLibrary and e-books. Her general perception was that e-books haven't found the right model for library use. NetLibrary is looking for buyers, but this does not imply that the company will cease operations. Finally she comment on an excellent presentation from Amazon library services.

Bibliographic control for government publications:

Ellen Calhoun presented a report on the efforts that have been made so far to enhance access to government documents. Samson Soong will like to see a small work group to review the viability of acquiring MARCIVE services for segments of our government documents collections to get the project started. There was agreement that a pilot project of a discrete portion of the collection be described and funded. A work group will be asked to provide a brief description of a pilot project by the end of Jan. 2002. Results of the pilot will be used to leverage funding requests for further cataloging. Ellen will like to see a representative from Camden included in this work group, as well as serial services representative and Gracemary Smulewitz. The report should include a brief description of what is and is not included in IRIS from government documents. As part of detailed title discussion, Jeanne Boyle suggested that GPO Access should be cataloged and included in IRIS.

Handling de-selected/canceled e-resources and their links in IRIS:

Mary Page, Gracemary Smulewitz and Bob Terrio will constitute a group to oversee the implementation of a new mechanism or form for selector to inform all appropriate units of the de-selection of e-resources to maintain IRIS record up to date. They will also overlook the current acquisition forms.

Other Issues:

Hector presented an issue dealing with government documents housed at Douglass library under LC classification to be transfer to the government collections at LSM and Alex. Technical services personnel working on this project should be advised on how to deal with LC vs SuDoc classification systems for these items. Gracemary will look into it and get back to Hector apart from the council on this matter.

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