Minutes of March 6, 2003 Meeting

Grace Agnew (chair), Ka-Neng Au (recorder), Jeanne Boyle, Ellen Calhoun, Ron Jantz, Michael Joseph, Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page, Hector Perez-Gilbe, Robert Sewell, Gracemary Smulewitz

I. AUL Report: "New Jersey Digital Highway"

G.Agnew reported on a recent meeting with IMLS concerning a grant proposal in which RUL will partner with the NJ State Library, the NJ Historical Society, and selected museums. IMLS has new guidelines for proposals to emphasize accountability and replicability. This grant proposal to develop a digital portal - "New Jersey Digital Highway" - will focus on the immigration experience in the state, and the principal investigator (L.Langschied) and senior researcher (R.Jantz) will actively involve educators and teachers in the selection and use of digital materials and metadata. The project will build on RUL's investigation into standards for data architecture and infrastructure.

II. LUNA Update (A. Montanaro)

There are currently four projects using the LUNA server: maps from the New Jersey Environmental Digital Library; the AMICO Library (Rumsey Collection); an Art History course; and the David Rumsey maps. The Classics Department and the Institute of Jazz Studies have expressed an interest in participating.

III. Binding for Theses and Dissertations (M.Page)

RUL needs to contact the Graduate and Professional Schools on all campuses about developing a policy on archival copies of Masters theses. CDC and PSC will also discuss this issue as it affects binding and storage costs. RUL will rely on UMI for an archival copy of Doctoral dissertations. UMI has contracted with the Library of Congress to serve as the copyright depositor for dissertations.

IV. Automating the binding process: testbed proposal (G.Smulewitz)

LinkPlus is a new SIRSI module for streamlining the bindery process. New Brunswick will test the software, which will be acquired with funds from the MIC grant.

V. Annoucements

R.Sewell reported that the bindery RFP has been revised by University Procurement and will be sent out soon to selected vendors.

G.Smulewitz announced the merger of Access Services and Collection Management. This New Brunswick department will now be known as Collection Services.

M. Page is pleased that new staff members in Acquisitions are working out very well and making significant contributions to the Department.

A. Montanaro pointed out that the renovation of the Systems Department offices were in progress.

R. Jantz will lead a team to investigate the implementation of Fedora at the University of Virginia early next week.

G. Agnew shared several observations from a recent meeting with AULs from NYU: selected Endeavor as their new IOLS; implemented SFX; hired new archivists for moving image digitization project; hired conservationist for media preservation.

There will be a half-day program organized by the Training and Learning Advisory Committee and the Planning Committee: "Preparing for the Digital Future in RUL - Project Reports" on 9 April.

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