Minutes of SACOTAS January 5, 1995 Meeting

Mary Page, Judy Jeng, Jeris Cassel, Bob Warwick, Rhonda Marker, Harriette Hemmasi, Evelyn Greenberg, Rebecca Gardner, Tessa Evans, Peter Graham, Tom Frusciano, Ann Montanaro, recorder

1. AUL/TNIS report

Peter Graham reported on the December Cabinet meetings. Dr Seneca attended and heard reports from each of the units. An NEH grant has been received to support the development of the 4th floor of Alexander.

NEH will match $1 for every $4 raised. Matt Weismantel has assumed responsibility for the organization of INFO. Frank Polach has attended the Faculty Standards and Priorities Committee meeting and has reviewed with them library statistics, funding, and collections. The Cabinet will hold a retreat in January to discuss electronic collections vs print collections, service points in New Brunswick, and collections and funding. Both CD-Plus and InfoShare will be demonstrated and reviewed in January.

The training for contact cataloging has begun and the changes will be implemented on January 9. The new cataloging procedures will minimize the number of changes made to copy. Concern was voiced that issues raised during the focus groups have not been addressed and that there are no longer subject catalogers. Peter pointed out that few materials are unique and that, given the economic climate, generalists are needed rather than specialists. Rhonda Marker added that the focus group meetings provided important information for the catalogers and that the ideas presented are being incorporated into the new workflow. Peter will bring back to SACOTAS the changes in cataloging guidelines to inform the group. He will meet with LSM librarians on this and other topics.

2. Acquisitions Report.

Tessa Evans reported the number of orders was increasing but Acquisitions was keeping up with them.

3. Systems and Database Management

Ann Montanaro reviewed the progress of the Alexander Library Reference Recon project. She reported that downtime could be anticipated during the week of January 9 while the UPS is installed in the Computer Room.


Harriette Hemmasi announced that the following topics had been discussed at the morning meeting: attempting to standardize code in the order and check-in records to improve the ability to provide reports and statistics; reviewing package and membership records; and creating check-in records for both paper and microform copies of newspapers.


The newly-revised INFO menus will be in place on January

6. Home Page

The INFO Advisory Group will have a demonstration on January 12. Peter asked Jeris Cassel to have LIAC begin to work on policies and guidelines for Home Pages.

7. Unit Reports.

LSM. Marty Kesselman will be handling electronic resources at the Cook/Douglass Science Library. A temporary technical services librarian has been hired to work on special projects including weeding bound periodicals and reference recon.

Douglass. A project is underway to determine which books will be moved from LSM and Douglass to the Cook/Douglass Science Library.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 2, 1:30 TSB. All SACOTAS meetings through June will be held on the first Thursday of the month at 1:30 at TSB.

Ann Montanaro

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