Minutes of SACOTAS December 18, 1996 Meeting

Peter Graham (Chair), G. Smulewitz (Alexander), Lida Sak (TAS), Judy Jeng (Dana), Rhonda Marker (TAS), Theo Haynes (Camden), Mary Page (LSM), Harriette Hemmasi (Music), Ann Montanaro (TAS), Ray Schwartz (Dana), Evelyn Greenberg (Alexander), Tessa Evans (TAS)

(primarily by Lida Sak, to whom thanks, with some additions by PG). (corr. 12/19/96)


P. Graham reported on CNI (Coalition for Networked Information) meeting in San Francisco in December 1996. He went to several CAUSE meetings, one CNI session about Internet II and to the ARL Licensing Conference

COPYRIGHT WORKING GROUP met on December 16th. P. Graham is preparing a brown bag-bag lunch about licensing and copyright issues. The lunch is planned for January 14th at 12 noon at Alexander Library Administration Conference Room.

CABINET: M. Gaunt asked the members to review the goals of the libraries (fund raising, raising University's awareness of intellectual property, digital projects, electronic reserves, support of distance education, interactive video services, reorganization of NB libraries, space for Dana and LSM, staff development). the discussion demonstrated that the Libraries are on target in working toward most of these goals.


Tessa Evans reported that the department is current in end processing. The vacant position responsible for ordering has been filled. Tessa is reminding all SACOTAS members to send the titles of all cancelled serials to her.

The new NOTIFY procedure was discussed and agreed on.


Cataloging is recruiting for a Library Associate II in Adaptive Cataloging. This person will also assist in Contact & Copy Cataloging (less than 1/3 of the job.) There also is a vacancy in Database Management, due to a promotion to the recently filled position in Acquisitions. The person in this position handled withdrawals, transfers, series authority work, and miscellaneous corrections.

Database Management finished the searching portion of the Special Collection conversion project; they sent out 13,000 cards this semester to be converted by OCLC.

E. Leister is completing the LSM & Science Branches Ref Recon project this semester. There are only a handful of problems remaining.

Copy Cataloging is still current with searching current receipts.


Staffing continues to be an issue; A. Montanaro is hiring students who will work over the semester break. Mark Witteman is working on the web-pages for the library-wide page and hopes to be finished by January 20th. Current Contents will be available by the spring semester. There are still some difficulties with the MLA database. The cartridges sent to us have to be converted by RUCS.


P. Graham distributed a list of members of all implementation committees and is planning to meet with the Implementation Committee and the Steering Committee in January.


L. Sak and M. Page distributed the lists of notes suggested to be used for Summary holdings (tag 930) and restrictive notes to be used with URL's. It was agreed to put the notes about restricted use in the 930 tag only, not the 856 tag (for now). A. Montanaro and T. Haynes suggested to use restriction notes near or adjacent to the "clickable" URL. P. Graham suggested to use the citation form, <URL:http://...> in the 930 tag. This matter will have to be revisited once we start cataloging on SIRSI.


DANA (corr. 12/19): Judy Jeng reported on M. Gaunt's visit to the Newark FAS Library Committee. The Newark Faculty Council passed a resolution to support the acquisition of new library online catalog software. A letter was sent to Dr. Seneca to urge his support with the highest priority possible. Dana Library has an open line for Library Assistant III.

LSM: Construction continues, hopefully will be finished in spring 1997.

ALEXANDER LIBRARY: Scholarly Communication Center is almost finished, furniture and equipment will be delivered in January. The library is also getting a new express elevator. Alexander Library Technical Services are going to be a part of Access Services under the direction of Farideh Tehrani.

Next meeting:

1:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 6, 1997, TSB
1:30 p.m., Thursday, March 6, 1997, TSB

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