Minutes of SACOTAS April 2, 1998 Meeting

R. Gardner, P. Graham, T. Haynes, H. Hemmasi, A. King, R. Marker, A. Montanaro, M. Page, S. Nash, M.B. Weber (recorder) Absent: J. Jeng

[Mary Beth Weber's very full and helpful minutes have been supplemented in a few cases by PG.]


I. Minutes

After brief discussion, it was agreed that making the minutes available via the Web and email distributions is sufficient. Print copies of minutes will no longer be distributed or made available at meetings.

II. Cabinet Report- P. Graham

A. Middle States Accreditation has been completed. Cabinet met with the accreditation team on Monday, March 30. Two topics of interest to the accreditation team were faculty promotion procedures, and collections including the proportion of networked resources to print. The team also met with the Long Range Planning Committee. P. Graham distributed a handout, Appendix D: Organizational Chart, taken from the Middle States Accreditation Report.

B. P. Graham received a memo outlining the process for pay for performance for A/P/S employees (this was formerly known as the merit award). This memo has not yet been received by RUL faculty. PG will distribute this to SACOTAS.

C. Samson Soong discussed the Universal Card for University services. It will eliminate the need to carry separate cards for identification, parking, dining service, etc. The card is free except in the case of replacements. It will contain two barcodes and a magnetic stripe.

The Universal Card will require the Systems to change barcodes presently in the patron file. Faculty and staff will be the first to get the Universal Card. The use of social security numbers for students will be replaced with a student number.

D. The VALE Steering Group is putting fourth a plan of action in the event funding is granted. Bids have been received from vendors, and OCLC is the likely choice. OCLC will cost about $150,000 less than OVID. Additionally, OCLC is a consortium, which is seen as desirable and provides a superior search interface via SiteSearch. PsychInfo is not one of the databases we want via SiteSearch. Seton Hall will handle the SiteSearch software in the fall, and Rutgers will handle it afterwards. This is dependent on funding, which may be less than the requested $2 million. The VALE sites will be redundant (i.e. duplicated) and not mirrored sites.

E. G. Golden discussed the plan for Rutgers-Camden to provide services to Camden County Community College and Rowan Community College. If this plan takes place, Robeson will get a Librarian V line, funds for general staff, and funding for books.

The connection between Rutgers and other institutions in the state continues to emerge. Discussions between Atlantic County Community College and Rutgers are taking place, and there is discussion of a gaming institute.

F. The final report of the Electronic Reserves Pilot Project is available. The success of the project warrants going ahead with making full scale reserves available. This service will be first made available in one of the larger New Brunswick libraries, and will later be available systemwide. A scanning device for production scanning will be purchased.

G. Contracting for electronic resources was discussed. The issue of exceptions to systemwide networking of resources was discussed. An example of such a scenario would involve free subscriptions to electronic journals to which RUL has a current print subscription.

SACOTAS discussed the issue of free trial offers. It seems unfair to restrict access to a particular group of users [see also the further discussion below]. P. Graham, J. Boyle, and R. Sewell will further explore this question and will prepare a response for the next Cabinet meeting.

H. R. Toyama discussed the Instructional Computing Initiative (ICI). There appears to be support for an increase in this fee.

I. S. Soong reported that he has received twenty-one applications for the Library Development Officer position.

J. F. Puniello discussed the Diversity Internship. The internship will be a little different in the first year since there was no time to recruit for it nationally. The first intern will mostly likely be a SCILS student or an RUL employee.

K. Funding for a physical upgrade of the Math Library (carpeting, etc.) has been approved and renovations will begin soon.

L. Richard Lucier, Executive Director, California Digital Library (CDL), will give a presentation on the CDL n April 16, from 2:00-4:00 in the SCC.

M. RUL and Rutgers University Press are co-sponsoring a program on April 20 featuring authors reading from their works.

N. Ninety applications have been received for the vacant Communications Coordinator position (this position was formerly held by Lisa Heidrick).

O. Rutgers will not be entering into a cooperative agreement with the University of Phoenix.

P. P. Graham reported that M. Gaunt distributed to Cabinet a document produced by the Pew Charitable Trust regarding a meeting of the American Association of Universities, the Association of Research Libraries, and the American Association of Publishers. The meeting included library leaders as well as institutional leaders. The discussion focused on the academic problem of funding for libraries. PG will distribute this to SACOTAS.

III. Systemwide Net Access Guideline Draft- P. Graham

P. Graham distributed for discussion his draft of the document Systemwide Net Access Guideline. The discussion centered around issues of primary access limited by geography for certain groups of users. In this case, access is similar to that provided by local CD-ROM networks. Some flexibility in policy approach is necessary. The issue of departmental servers versus servers provided by RUCS was also discussed.

IV. Acquisitions Department Report- P. Graham

P. Graham distributed a copy of the Acquisitions Department Monthly Statistics. He reported that Acquisitions processed the bulk of orders that were in-house last month. Most of the orders were for items purchased with non-state funds, and there will soon be a resulting receiving bulge.

P. Graham wants to have payments completed by July 1, 1998. He has began shifting the workflow to accomplish this.

Acquisitions records will be entered on receipt for Barnes and Noble and Strand books, rather than first creating an order. This will help speed up the payment process. Strand books are a likely candidate for the next phase of the cooperative efforts between Acquisitions and Cataloging.

Special Collections will continue to send gifts to Acquisitions. P. Graham will meet with Howard Dess to discuss procedures when other libraries want to send substantial gift collections.

V. Cataloging Department Report- R. Marker
R. Marker reported on the successful joint Copy Cataloging/Acquisitions project. Some of the workflow changes will be implemented for current imprint gifts.

Database Management has filled the vacant Library Assistant II position. Bonnie Spaventa, formerly of LSM, will start her new position on April 6.

R. Marker reported that seven members of the Cataloging Department recently received NACO training at Alexander Library. Rutgers will begin contributing headings for personal, corporate, and geographic names, and uniform titles to the Library of Congress Name Authority File. The first group of headings have been submitted to the NACO reviewer and another twenty will be submitted shortly.

R. Marker reported on the activities of two subcommittees of LIS-IMP: (1) Authorities Subcommittee- The Subcommittee is writing technical specifications for an RFP for an authority module; (2) Advanced Searching Subcommittee- The Subcommittee is writing scripts for training sessions, which they plan to offer by the end of April. This sessions will be for all staff who use InfoView. Scheduling presents a challenge since training sessions must be made available at different locations.

VI. Systems Department Report- A. Montanaro
There will be two days of downtime, May 27-28, 1998. Electrical work needs to be done in Systems that involves moving out the GEAC machines and rearranging the Machine Room. The Libraries Web pages, IRIS, Unicorn, Innopac, and OVID will be unavailable during this time.

The OVID server has maxed out, which accounts for why it has been slow. The server experiences about 100% utilization daily, and Systems will investigate the possibility of a new server.

Authorization statements will again be included in OVID. This is to inform people of licensing restrictions and to limit the number of users.

Projects currently undertaken by Systems are listed on the department's Web page. The list includes status of projects, personnel, etc. There is also a schedule for Windows 95 installation. The projects portion of the Web page is updated weekly.

The BNA bib loader is being tested. The loader will be used to move records for approval books from Innopac to Unicorn. It will also be used to load CJK and Sage records. The loader will only create bib records; item records will still need to be created.

A. Montanaro will investigate Word Perfect problems which were reported to her at the meeting.

Netscape email was discussed. Alexander Library has expressed concern regarding the slowness of Netscape email. P. Graham reported that programs such as MM and Pine do not seem to have problems while Eudora and Netscape do.

An advantage of Netscape and Eudora is that they enable users to manage email from any location. However, this process does not yet interact properly with RCI servers. It is premature for RUL to begin training and discussions of Netscape mail since RUCS does not yet fully support it.

VII. Recreational Reading Collection

Formerly, books in Kilmer Library's recreational reading collection were entered as circulation records in IRIS on Geac. At the last meeting it was brought out that Kilmer was proposing to enter such records in Sirsi in the public catalog, and the chair requested a fuller discussion at the next (the present) meeting. As a result of ensuing discussions, Judy Gardner meanwhile made a proposal to enter records for these books in the Sirsi cataloging module as shadowed items with no display in the public catalog, thus eliminating their availability for RRS or ILL. In addition, if the Rec Reading copy is an add to an existing IRIS record, the copy will be shadowed. This plan will provide for circulation of these materials yet prevent ILL.

SACOTAS agreed to this proposal. These records may be created in this way by Kilmer Library Technical Services. P. Graham will report to J. Boyle that this conclusion has been reached.

VIII. TAS Web Pages Demonstration- P. Graham

P. Graham demonstrated the Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Systems Web pages. The intent of the Web pages is to make TAS' processes more visible to the rest of the RUL community. Feedback and input are welcome. The TAS Web page is located at xxx.

The Web pages include a mission statement extracted from the TAS Mission Statement, a statistics section in PDF (the statistics are the same as those available in print) in color, and policies and procedures.

IX. Proposal for Microcomputer Support in RUL- A. Montanaro
A. Montanaro distributed for discussion Microcomputer Support in the Rutgers University Libraries, dated March 30, 1998. It is a rewrite of an earlier document titled PCWG Automation Memo Number 10. This document has not been updated since Mike Moyers' departure due to lack of staff.

The document provides an overview of hardware supported by Systems. Libraries are urged to limit their purchases to products which are supported by Systems. The document also lists products in which Systems staff have expertise, and those for which they can provide some support. This document has also been distributed to the PC Working Group. A. Montanaro asked SACOTAS to review the document and to bring comments to the next meeting.

X. Item Type for Serial CD-ROMs- R. Gardner

The issue of using the item type CDPER as opposed to the new item type PER-COM was discussed. R. Gardner will continue to use CDPER until it is no longer a valid item type. She does not want to use both CDPER and PER-COM simultaneously.

XI. Round Robin

T. Haynes: The Bindery Claims Clerk position at Robeson Library has been filled.

M. Page: Reported on New Brunswick Collections Services. There is concern in the New Brunswick Libraries regarding evaluations. For the current year, people will be evaluated by the same person who evaluated them last year. Some reporting lines will change. There will be no real personnel changes except for that of M. Page.

M. Page also reported on the MARC Holdings Group, which includes L. Sak, R. Warwick, G. Smulewitz, and M. Page. MARC holdings will display serial holdings in four different places. The group wants to evaluate this and remove redundant information. They may make a presentation this summer on MARC holdings.

There currently is no way to generate MARC holdings from a 930 tag since 930s are mostly free text. They are not sure how holdings can be generated other than on a record by record basis. G. Smulewitz has posted queries regarding this issue to serials lists without luck. H. Hemmasi noted that some Sirsi sites have implemented MARC holdings, and this lead will be pursued.

P. Graham: Distributed a handout for the Rutgers University Seminar in the History of the Book.

XII. Future Meetings

The next meeting will be on Thursday, May 7, at 9.30 a.m. in the TSB Conference Room. The June 4 meeting will be held at 9:30 in Camden. A lunch gathering will follow for those interested.

The July meeting has not yet been scheduled.

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