Minutes of Minutes of SACOTAS, January 7, 1999

Harriette Hemmasi, Ka-Neng Au, Rhonda Marker, Mary Page (recorder), Jeanne Boyle, Ann Montanaro, Al King, Jane Sloan, Theo Haynes, Bob Sewell.

AUL's Report:

VALE: Harriette Hemmasi reported that Dave Hoover is spending significant amounts of time working with VALE to solve problems.

RECON: Responses from four vendors have been received. The RECON Review Team is reviewing these and will assess the proposals and cost ranges; Harriette will submit report to Marianne.

Training: Linda Turzynski has been appointed as LIS Training Coordinator and has begun her work in this capacity.

Electronic Resources: Harriette will meet with a number of other librarians today to discuss the possible involvement of RUL in producing/archiving electronic journal.

Sirsi: Windows truncation problem to be resolved very soon. Sirsi has been extremely responsive to our requests recently.

RUNet 2000: Several RUL sites will undergo substantial rewiring.

ProQuest Direct: Currently, UMI has no mechanism for notifying us about changes in which titles are covered by ProQuest. Harriette or Bob S. will contact UMI about this matter. This led to discussion of which electronic resources are selected for cataloging. Is full text/full image a factor in the decision? Do we want to catalog titles that just provide abstracts, not full text? SACOTAS tentatively decided that:

  1. If a title had only abstracts, not full text, we did not want to catalog or provide links from IRIS.
  2. If a title had a mix of abstracts and full text, we might want to catalog and provide links from IRIS.
  3. If a title was in full text and/or full image, we might want to catalog it and provide links from IRIS.
  4. If a title was full image, we want to catalg it and provide links from IRIS.

We will forward this matter to SACOPS for their input on which electronic resources should be represented in IRIS.

Acquisitions Report:

Jane Sloan reported that all ordering was current. Acquisitions began ordering Music materials this month. In an effort to get all materials paid for with RUL funds onto Sirsi, Acquisitions will soon begin working with Media (next), Criminal Justice, East Asian, Jazz, and Government Documents to process their orders.

Jane reported that gift materials are beginning to back up. She and members of the Catalog Department will be studying the gift situation.

Cataloging Report:

Rhonda Marker reported that the Douglass and Alex reference recons are complete. Elizabeth Leister has been hired half-time to account for the portion of Linda Turzinski's time spent on the LIS Training Coordinator position. Elizabeth will continue with recon work, database cleanup and will also do some original cataloging. Rhonda reported that we are very glad to be able to retain her.

Authority Control:

We are reviewing test results from the top three authority vendors. Mark Witteman will be loading the samples onto the test system. A final decision on the authority bidder will be made shortly.

On the Cataloging Department website, there is a list of their current activities.

Systems Report:

Ann Montanaro reported that Innopac will be turned off on June 30th. [Later, it was decided that Innopac would remain accessible to RU staff, as long as it is still functional. Since there is no contract with Innopac, the database is unsupported.]

An upcoming server upgrade will mean some network downtime in all buildings. Systems staff have upgraded memory in the public PC's at

Kilmer and will be upgrading memory in all public PC's soon.

Systems staff is testing the RLIN data backload. Since August 1997, we've been cataloging on Sirsi, and RUL has not added records to RLIN.

Once this backload is completed (should happen by the end of this month), we will get on a regular schedule for providing data to RLIN.

A method for authenticating RU users coming into the network from ISP's has been developed. If a Rutgers person attempts to access, say ProQuest, through their AOL account, they will get a message with instructions on how to proceed. Users will enter their library barcodes and pins to access resources that are restricted to the RU community.

The Systems Department is looking to hire 2 voucher and one full-time, permanent position.

CD-PER Collections:

Bob Sewell brought up the matter of the CD-PER titles that are duplicated in part by ProQuest. The decision to purchase ProQuest Direct was made in part because we can no longer support the equipment needed for the CD product. However, there are many questions about the differences between the online and CD product. It is believed that the CD version provides more full image articles. ProQuest offers the same articles with full text only, but graphics are essential components of research articles.

Jane Sloan will do an analysis of the CD version at Douglass. Business Periodicals On Disk will be retained at Kilmer; the hardware will need to be upgraded. Bob will ask UMI if General Periodicals and Social Science Index are the same, and he will also analyze those products. If they are the same, we will get rid of the CD version. Printing remains an issue. Xerox will provide printers at Kilmer and Douglass until networked printing becomes available.

Five Year Plan Strategies:

Harriette led discussion on the Five Year Plan for TAS and its impact. In particular, we looked at recon, the upgrading of existing records, the creation of links from IRIS to digital full text resources, and linking electronic indexes and abstracts to RUL holdings.

If we create electronic records for all items in the RUL collections and upgrade existing records, we will need to:

  1. Secure funding
  2. Inventory collections
  3. Identify and prioritize collections to be processed
  4. Secure adequate disk space
  5. Be prepared for the inevitable post-project clean-up
  6. Recognize and plan for the impact on cataloging staff

If we do achieve the goal of fully cataloging all RUL materials in IRIS, some outcomes may be:

  1. An increase in RRS/ILL activity
  2. A need for higher level staff, and there will be more in IRIS for staff to maintain
  3. Government documents processing is a largely manual operation which will be significantly changed.
  4. Staff reallocations
  5. Less reference intervention
  6. Reduced ability to provide full level cataloging
  7. An increase in circulation, but circulation will be easier if there is an online records for everything.

If we do create links from IRIS to digital full text resources and link electronic indexes and abstracts to RUL holdings, we will need to:

  1. Identify and regularly maintain those links
  2. Create holdings records or complete item records (MARC holdings?)
  3. Work with vendors to determine services
  4. Determine impact on unit library staff

The next steps include determining dollar amounts and developing strategies for each activity.

Next meeting: February 4th, 1999, 9:30 am, TAS.

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