Minutes of SACOTAS, March 2, 1999

Hemmasi (chair), Boyle, Haynes, Kesselman, King, Marker, Montanaro, Page, Sewell, Tipton (recorder)
  1. Authority processing -- LTI has been selected as the authority vendor; University Purchasing will contact LTI and authority processing will begin later in spring or early summer.
  2. Technical services mid-year report has been issued. Harriette would welcome midyear reports from other library technical services units for sharing.
  3. Updating electronic resources page -- This page now provides a link to the cataloging page. The cataloging page includes policy statements about cataloging electronic resources, including ejournals and government documents.
  4. RUL is trying to arrange a trial for Ebsco online. An announcement will be made once this trial is arranged.
  5. Cataloging records for Camden purchases from the Strand have arrived from Blackwell. TAS is still looking at purchasing cataloging records for firm orders or slip orders.

    The cost of processing a book is estimated to be $42.18. This price includes acquistions, cataloging and database maintenance costs. It is possible that replacement book fees will be changed to accommodate this increase.
  6. The Public Access Committee will be changing the books and serials default displays in WebCat.
  7. A meeting of all VALE members will be held at the SCC on 3/4.
  8. Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee will sponsor a half day conference on April 13th called "Envisioning the Library of the Future". Speakers will include physicist Robert Nahory and a reactor panel of librarians.
  9. Jane Sloan will be out for about two weeks. For acquisitions issues, speak with Janet Howard or Harriet.
  10. Spending of state funds should be completed by the end of March.
  11. Report on cataloging by Rhonda Marker
    New gifts are now going directly to cataloging, and will no longer go to Acquistions. This change is expected to streamline the processing of gifts. The contact person for gifts is the supervisor in Contact and Copy Cataloging, Ruth Dyer. Cataloging priorities must be indicated for gift books, the same as for any other item. New review books are tagged as "current imprint gifts", and are expedited. Units are requested to give advance notice to the contact person if multiple boxes of gift items will be sent to cataloging.

    SACOPS has requested cataloging of eight microform set titles. They will be cataloged at the set level and not analyzed (meaning that inidividual titles contained in the sets will not be cataloged). The first of these, "Eric Reports [microform]", has already been cataloged and is searchable in WebCat.

    Shadow records exist for monographic series for checkin purposes, but they should not be used for cataloging. There was some discussion about the best place to put the "do not use for cataloging" designation. Marker and M. Page were asked to come up with an appropriate place in the record for the note (subsequently, Marker and Page recommended that the note be the last element in the 245, title field).

    Interviews continue for the Librarian V position in cataloging.

    The day-long cataloging retreat was an unqualified success. It was good for morale, and staff now understand more about what their co-workers do.
  12. Report on Systems by Ann Montanero
    Chris Barrows is the new microcomputer coordinator.

    IRIS will be down from 6 p.m. on March 15 until 8 a.m. on the 16th.

    TAS will be testing spine labeling software. If the software works, the technology will be shared with other units as soon as possible. The hardware is not unique, but the program is. Spine labels can be edited in WordPerfect from SIRSI cataloging records.
  13. 930 Field Cleanup
    Mark Witteman has produced a statistical report on the 930 fields that need information to be added or edited. At first glance, the numbers seem rather high. Harriette will ask for a cross-search with materials having active check-in records. The numbers also will be analyzed to see what percentage of the total collection for a given unit is involved. Harriette will update the group next month on the status of this report.
  14. RU-Online
    A lively discussion ensued about the meaning of RU-Online and the significance of the 856 electronic access field. The issues discussed included:

    When should the 856 field be used? What does it need to point to?

    Should RU-Online be used every time one uses an 856?

    Rather than convene a meeting of all members of the three SACs for a joint discussion on these topics, the group agreed that the three AULs would discuss the issues at each of the SACs in hopes of having all groups come to a consensus.

    Electronic resources can be located in IRIS by searching "http" as a keyword with other search terms.

The next meeting will be April 1, 1999, at 9: 30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Roberta Tipton

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