Minutes of April 23, 2009 Meeting

Bartz, S; Borisovets, N; Cassel, J; De Fino, M; Denda, K (guest); Gardner, J; Gardner, R (for Au); Gasparotto, M (guest); Gerber, A (guest); Glynn, T; Harrington, S; Hu, Q (guest); Kuchi, T (recorder); Liew, C (guest); Mardikian, J (for Marty Kesselman) ; Puniello, F; Radick, C; Ren, W; Stec, E (guest); Sterback, C; Wilt, M (guest); Womack, R.
Au, Ka-Neng (R. Gardner-substitute); Beck, S; Berger, E; Au, Kesselman, M (substitute-J. Mardikian)

1. Preliminaries - Introductions and Welcome

The following guests were introduced and welcomed: Melissa Gasparato and Qiang Hu (new library faculty); Andrew Gerber (adjunct instruction librarian). Jackie Mardikian represented Marty Kesselman and Rebecca Gardner was covering for Au.

2. Chair's Report on Follow-Up Activities

Chair shared computer security publicity materials from OIT. She asked the group if displaying some of the postcards and bookmarks at the libraries would be helpful and offered to arrange for their dissemination.

Chair met with the RUcore Cyberinfrastructure steering committee regarding support for creating You-Tube videos on library/information services. Isaiah will help with the current technology already available within RUL. A working group on You-Tube videos is being setup

Chair discussed with Jeanne Boyle the matter of policy regarding asking for identification from library users. There is no policy regulating ID inquiries. The group agreed that the current statement at the entrance of the library buildings regarding the possible checking contents of bags and of identification suffices. Chair will review or restate current policies as needed just as a reminder of what is currently in practice.

Chair presented a report about the workings of USC to the Planning and Coordinating committee. The general consensus was that USC was working well. The Council needs further subgroups to conduct its work. It was thought that an additional member - viz., the AUL of Digital Library Systems should be present at these meetings for gathering and generating ideas that will address the needs and uses of technology for information services. Also an annual joint meeting with LRC would provide a necessary connection to matters common to both these broad areas of library information services. Term limits for members should be staggered so that rotation of membership is more manageable. USC also needs to plan an annual election for chair of the council.

3. Public Access/Community Users Task Force (J. Cassel/Tom Glynn)

Cassel presented the charge of the Community Users Task Force. The name and charge of the task force was approved with the deletion of the deadline for the completion of the charge. It was suggested that reaching out to Nancy Kranich as the outreach person to work with community users issues would be very helpful. Chair mentioned that she would reach out to Kranich as a potential member of the Community Users Task Force.

Glynn presented the proposal for PC Reservation public access policies for community users. The need for a relatively consistent policy within campuses (as well as relevant ones across campuses) was iterated.

Tom welcomed comments on the Young Scholar's Program. Newark has not had a major problem, but will look into these issues as well. It was suggested that the form created for the Young Scholars program could be reviewed by JEB/University Council. Concerns of review and submissions of the form can be addressed by the task force members. Issues of accompanying students needs clarification. Also, libraries "Children's Use Policy" needs clarification and reviewing. For instance, is a "Young child" referred in the policy defined as anyone under 18 years of age? The Young Scholars Program is designed to be the exception to such rules about children's use. It was recommended that JEB be a member on the taskforce. Please address your questions and comments to Tom Glynn and members of this task force.

4. Who's Who Directory Update: Demonstration of Prototype (Kayo Denda/Choong H. Liew)

Guests Denda and Liew (co-chairs of the Who's Who Design group) presented a prototype for the libraries' faculty and staff directory. They engaged the USC members in a 2-3 minute brainstorming about elements that could be included on this webpage. The purpose was to capture variations, locations, and ideal presentation of information for the directory. Readily available or uploadable type of data is still not consistently available across the university, which presents problems to creating an easily maintainable directory. The directory is meant to serve external users as well as internal users.

5. Instruction Vision, Philosophy, and Mission (All) (documents)

USC members have been engaged in developing an "instruction philosophy" towards achieving its 2008-09 goal: Develop a system-wide vision and philosophy of instruction to be used as the foundation for the development of an educational program to facilitate student learning. Further discussion took place based on brief statements of instruction philosophy, mission and vision constructed by the USC and ISC members. Suggestions to include broader issues of "transformation of information into knowledge" along with "information technology" terminology were suggested. Also it was decided that a single statement about "Instruction mission" would suffice.

6. Meeting Changing Needs of Users (All)

Wilt shared information about a virtual education tool titled "23 Things Programs" which is a nine-week curriculum to work with Web 2.0 tools. Attendees will have to use these tools, submit assignments and apply them to regular work. Discussion ensued.

7. Reports, Announcements, Concerns, and Issues

Postponed to the next meeting in the interest of time and chair requested members to share items via email before the next meeting on Thursday, May 28, 9:30 a.m. The following announcements were forwarded shortly after the meeting by Stephanie Bartz:

Update from Government Publications Processing Team
Tangible copies (paper, fiche, CD, etc.) of Federal depository monographs are now being added to the IRIS records for the online versions. For other materials in IRIS, the reverse is true; the online item is generally added to the record for the tangible format.
Essentially, even though the title field in the record includes the notation "[Electronic Resource]" you will now see physical items included in the attached list of holdings. To see an example, search for the title:
Syria options and implications for Lebanon and the region
The reason for the change is that the Government Printing Office is now producing separate records for every format of every monograph. Rather than asking Cataloging to recombine information for every record, we are following GPO's suggestion and using the record for the online version as our root record. The change in procedures has been approved by Mary Beth Weber. Procedures for depository serials continue to follow the old standards.

Announcement from the PC Working Group
The next image for public PCs in the libraries (for fall 2009) will include two new features on the desktop.
1. A standard copyright notice will appear directly below the browser options. This replaces the small paper notices that we've attached to the front of computers in the past.
2. For computers that are NetID restricted, a "Log Off" button will be added to the upper right corner of the screen.
Both enhancements were engineered by Joe Abraham. Stephanie forwarded a screenshot also courtesy of Joe.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Triveni Kuchi

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