Minutes of December 3, 2009 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz, Ed Berger, Natalie Borisovets, Melissa De Fino, Mary Fetzer, Judy Gardner, Tom Glynn, Sara Harrington, Marty Kesselman, Mei Ling Lo, Sam McDonald, Françoise Puniello, Caryn Radick, Wen-Hua Ren, Eileen Stec, Chris Sterback, Ryan Womack
Ka-Neng Au, Susan Beck, Melissa Gasparatto

Co-chair's report (Sara Harrington):

Streaming Instructional Video Working Group

Ryan Womack distributed the revised SIVWG Recommendations document. The USC recommended revisions to the Location and Distribution section, specifically concerning availability via YouTube or iTunes and an additional statement that video development will adhere to any RUL accessibility guidelines, which will conform to W3C 2.0 accessibility guidelines.

Salient issues that emerged in the discussion included a working definition that the instructional videos covered by the guidelines include short videos created by RUL for specific purposes, such as training. The guidelines do not include presentations, talks, longer than 10 minutes, etc. The guidelines also do not address larger custom tutorials, such as SearchPath and RIOT.

The guidelines recommend a Sandbox where working files from Camtasia, Captivate or other software applications, as adopted, can be stored during the development process. The original master should be stored and made available via RUL's website although additional avenues such as YouTube and iTunes can also be utilized. The maintenance group will investigate the Rutgers educational channels on both services as potential homes for RUL instructional videos.

Consistent RUL branding was also recommended. The maintenance group will develop a template with logo, title, and creator and encourage everyone to use at the beginning and end.

RUL management of instructional videos should include a centralized location on the RUL web for videos that adhere to the guidelines, with links to the videos on any appropriate additional pages. Ongoing management will also include annual review by creators for ongoing usefulness, as well as software application version upgrades whenever appropriate.

Discussion on training included the recommendation for a sakai "community of practice" site and a strategy for helping people get started with Camtasia.

There was also discussion of a broader focus on other technologies such as support for blogs, particularly WordPress.

USC voted unanimously to accept the recommendations, with the changes that Ryan will make based on the discussion.

Sara noted that the Working Group has completed its work and asked for steps to continue to move the recommendations forward. A proposed maintenance group consisting of Isaiah Beard, Sam McDonald, Mei Ling Lo and Ryan Womack was proposed for appointment by the USC co-chairs.

Common Knowledge Database

The Common Knowledge Database is a "virtual rolodex" for answering reference questions within the New Brunswick Libraries. There are 752 entries, with 8-10 entries added per year. Many of the existing entries are out of date. A decision needs to be made about continuing, archiving "as is" for continued use with the caveat that it is out of date or discontinue. The New Brunswick ISSG solicited comments and received four, including a recommendation that it be replaced with a Wiki. It's potential as a systemwide service was discussed as well as its usefulness as a training tool for New Brunswick faculty and staff. Grace Agnew noted that it would not be possible to add to the Systems action plan for the current year but could be proposed as a priority by USC when planning occurs for the next FY.

It was agreed that a recommendation is needed from the New Brunswick Information Services Group. USC needs a better understanding of its usefulness to the New Brunswick reference services faculty and staff before a decision can be made to continue and expand the service, archive it as a searchable web page that is available for continued use or abandon the service because it is too out of date for continued use.

Instructional Mission Statement

USC discussed feedback received from the Planning and Coordinating Committee was discussed. The Planning and Coordinating Committee had concerns with the statement, "The Libraries' instruction program teaches members of the Rutgers community to transform information into knowledge." It was agreed to table this statement for the time being, since it is redundant with other efforts at RUL and at the university generally. Sara stated that she would solicit final input from Acting AUL for Research and Instructional Services Mary Fetzer, then pass the statement and background to Triveni Kuchi, chair of the Libraries' newly formed Information Literacy Planning Task Force.

Guide for Faculty to the Libraries (brochure) Harry Glazer (guest)

Harry noted that the current brochure was last edited in 2007 and needed revision, particularly to focus on services specifically for faculty. A lively discussion at USC focused on the need for a streamlined approach, with core bullet points and a link to more information at the libraries' website. A bookmark, refrigerator magnet or similar useful "giveaway" was recommended, with a memorable URL such as "faculty.libraries.rutgers.edu . The need to emphasize RUcore as a service and not just as a resource was also recommended. Harry talked about the need to provide sufficient information at point of contact and also the need for a multifaceted approach that includes the website, giveaways and brochures. It was recommended that any handout consist of bullets, preferably no more than 5. Harry took the comments and will consider ways to streamline the approach in a less text and paper-intensive manner. Mary Fetzer and Harry Glazer may return to USC in the Spring 2010 with the document.


Françoise Puniello announced the consolidation of music media and the Kilmer Media Center into a single media center at the Douglass Library.

Mary Fetzer announced that Judy Gardner and Mary Fetzer are working on a plan for staffing the new media center. This is a work in progress. The collection is moving in Januar y 2010. The opening date for the merged service location is January 19, 2010 . Delivery of media for classroom use will still happen. People who book media will not have to go to Douglass to retrieve their media. The email Marianne Gaunt sent to Deans and that liaisons are sending to departments encourages people to get their bookings in by a certain date.

Françoise Puniello also announced a New Brunswick TV electronic bulletin board committee, consisting of Anne Butman, Kayo Denda, Myoung Wilson and Françoise Puniello. The committee will investigate the feasibility of this service and make a recommendation to USC.

Françoise also announced that Learning Spaces Committee, chaired by Anne Butman, has held its first meeting.

Marty Kesselman announced that Melissa Gasparatto, Katie Anderson and Marty are working on "text a librarian" presentation for discussion at the February2010 meeting.

Grace Agnew announced the availability of the Shoah Holocaust testimony collection in early 2010 through the auspices of FAS. This collection consists of a significant subset of Holocaust video interviews which are searched at the Shoah site but physically streamed from a Rutgers server. It was agreed that this is a significant collection that should be actively promoted when available.

Submitted by Grace Agnew, January 6, 2010.

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