Minutes of February 4, 2010 Meeting

Sara Harrington, Natalie Borisovets, Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz, Melissa De Fino, Mary Fetzer, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Francoise Puniello, Caryn Radick, Eileen Stec, Chris Sterback, Susan J. Beck(recorder), Marty Kesselman
Tom Glynn, Wen-Hua Ren, Ryan Womack
Rhonda Marker, Jane Otto, Anne Butman

1 Approval of the Agenda (Sara Harrington) - Approved

2 Minutes approved through Sakai (Sara Harrington) – Announced

3 Introduction of Beatrice Crassous (Sara Harrington) – Introduced

4 Discussion on RU-ETDs (Rhonda Marker and Jane Otto) – Discussion of RUL’s ETD process. Library only collects doctoral level dissertations as well as master’s theses from departments where that is the terminal degree. These are currently also being submitted to Proquest. Master’s theses from programs where that is not the terminal degree are still available in paper. All questions about the current status of dissertations should be directed to Rhonda Marker. Jane Otto shared a Powerpoint slide which illustrated the workflow process and described the step by step process to USC members. There was a suggestion that the information that specific R. Marker and J. Otto shared of use to graduate students and/or the public might be included in the Dissertation Research Guide maintained by S. Bartz. Agnew suggested a librarians’ group be formed to review ETD special format issues, including issues related to the use of images and supplementary files.

5 Netbooks at the Art Library (Anne Butman) - The document “RU Libraries Laptop Lending Pilot: Project Summary” was distributed and discussed. The Council approved the laptop pilot project to be implemented in the Art Library after spring break 2010.

6 Updates / information sharing from AULs serving on Council, if applicable (Grace Agnew, Mary Fetzer, Françoise Puniello)

Fetzer: The Mobile Devices Task Force had its initial meeting and is beginning work. Three libraries will be getting scanners; there is some interest in creating a group relating to services for online students.

Agnew: Will be interviewing another candidate for the Director of Integrated Information Systems

Puniello: Creating facilities needs list; planning possibilities include changes at LSM; a café cart at Alex and reviewing new open spaces at Kilmer.

7 Information Sharing (The Full Council)

Kessleman: described ebook show and tell at LSM

Gasparotto : asked members to identify specific databases which they believe need contextual help files or FAQ’s developed by Rutgers librarians to replace existing vendor database help. DIG will then check to see if that is possible for those databases. Melissa encouraged all selectors to contact database vendors and ask if they could not make the needed changes. Vendors have been very receptive to this in the past.

Stec: Disabilities brochure has been revised and will be available soon

Sterback: Coutts records are starting to flow; investigating new net id login feature available with the latest version received from Sirsi.

8 Adjournment (The Full Council)

USC Goals 2009/2010:

1. Investigate user-focused learning spaces that support learning.

2. Advance leadership in public services through the exploration and potential adoption of emerging services and technologies.

3. Explore instructional effectiveness and efficiency in order to transform teaching and learning.

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