Minutes of October 24, 2013 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Mary Fetzer, Bonnie Fong, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner (co-chair), Tom Glynn, John Maxymuk, Kerry O'Rourke, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Li Sun (recorder), Bobbie Tipton (co-chair).

1. Approval of Agenda

The Agenda was adopted with minor changes. Item #5 (Status of RU Online designation) and item #6 (Support for remote campuses) will be on the agenda at the next meeting.

2. Approval of Minutes

The Minutes (September 19, 2013) will be approved by the committee via an online poll. The poll will be available for one more week.

3. SearchPath

SearchPath will be removed from the RUL website, but will be archived. Rebecca Gardner will write a redirecting page to SearchPath for this semester. An email will be sent out to RUL-everyone to announce that SearchPath will be unavailable after this semester.

4. Sharing with RBHS librarians

Kerry O'Rourke consulted with RBHS librarians. RBHS librarians want to have a tour of each library and meet with RUL librarians in order to get better acquainted with their new colleagues. The libraries to be included are Chang, Douglass, Kilmer, Alexander, and LSM. They may also visit Dana and Robeson. Mary Fetzer and Kerry O'Rourke will make arrangements. Tom Glynn mentioned that finding ways to work with and share information with RBHS librarians is a 2013-14 annual activity for both the New Brunswick Collection Development Group and the New Brunswick Information Services Group. This will be a good first step.

7. U Borrow

Judy updated the group on implementation of UBorrow, the CIC's unmediated ILL service. UBorrow uses the Relais discovery software, the same search interface as E-ZBorrow. Judy and Chris Sterback are participating in conference calls with Relais and staff at UPenn, UChicago, and Penn State, institutions that participate in two user-initiated unmediated services. Our goal is to develop a single search interface so users have only one place to search. Then we will determine behind the scenes where to send requests, to an E- ZBorrow or UBorrow library. This development will take some time and so we've decided to introduce UBorrow as its own standalone service at Rutgers in the interim.

UBorrow requests are processed in ILLiad; UBorrow does not use the Relais back-end for staff processing. When users place requests for UBorrow books they will log in to "ILL & Article Delivery" and the book's bibliographic information will carry over into the Book Form. On the lending side, UBorrow requests coming to us from CIC libraries will arrive via ILLiad.

Since E-ZBorrow libraries are in PA and nearby states, and CIC libraries are in the Midwest, we expect UBorrow delivery to take longer and shipping costs to be higher. In addition, staff will need to manually create brief records and holds in WorkFlows for UBorrow requests, whereas this is done automatically by Relais' back-end software for E-ZBorrow requests. For speed and convenience, users should request from E-ZBorrow before they try UBorrow, but we can't control this until we have one search interface.

When one user interface is available we will also rebrand the E-ZBorrow button in the Library Catalog to include UBorrow. Until then we do not plan to provide a link to UBorrow in the Catalog. Links to UBorrow will be provided on relevant web pages and policies and instructions created. UBorrow books circulate for 8 weeks with one renewal. A news article to introduce the service is planned. ILL staff are currently working with Ed Smith to configure ILLiad and we're testing with UChicago. We don't have a rollout date yet. [Announced November 8.]

Judy also reported that Chris has implemented 'deep linking' in E-ZBorrow and is still investigating a few glitches. When Rutgers owns a copy, the link to the Rutgers Library Catalog used to go to the basic search page and users had to rekey their search. The link to the Library Catalog now searches the 001 tag and goes to individual bib records where users can immediately place requests. Deep linking will work the same way in UBorrow.

8. CIC Reciprocal Borrowing

J. Gardner received an inquiry about the CIC's reciprocal borrowing agreement and if RUL participates. The program provides visiting CIC undergraduates onsite access, and visiting CIC graduate and faculty in-person borrowing (under some special conditions). USC recommended that we join the program, and Judy will investigate and share details about how it works.

9. AUL & ILS Director Reports

Tibor Purger, Director of Integrated Information Systems

The backup generator is working well. The warranty for the generator runs out at the end of the year.

New videoconferencing equipment is available in the Pane Room and the Teleconference Lecture Hall. A meeting or event can be recorded. Attendees will able to participate via an iPhone, an iPad and or their office computer. Policies and procedures for the new equipment are being developed.

By the beginning of December the Library Catalog will be updated to support Unicode. After the upgrade, users with mobile devices will have more options beyond simply searching the catalog. There may be a few hours of downtime when the change is implemented.

10. Announcements and Committee Updates

A small delegation from the National Central Library of Taiwan visited us on October 18, 2013 and met with Marianne Gaunt.

A new Undergraduate Experience Librarian, Lily Todorinova, will join us in January.

There is a serious mold problem at the Chemistry Library. Records for the moldy books will be shadowed in the catalog as we work to remediate or remove the books from the collection.

11. Review and Future Agenda Items

Our next two meetings will have to be rescheduled because of upcoming holidays. Possible alternative dates for November and December meetings are: Nov. 22 (Friday); Dec. 19 (Thursday) or 20 (Friday) Bobby will send out a Doodle poll for these dates. [Dates have since been set for Friday, November 22, and Friday, December 20.]

The meeting adjourned at 11:30am

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