Minutes of November 22, 2013 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Natalie Borisovets, Adriana Cuervo (remote), Joseph Deodato, Mary Fetzer, Bonnie Fong (remote), Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner (co-chair), Tom Glynn, Melissa Just, Sam McDonald, John Maxymuk (remote), Kerry O'Rourke, Cathy Pecoraro, Fernanda Perrone, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Roberta Tipton (co-chair), Yingting Zhang (guest), Victor Zverevich (guest)

1. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed. Guests and new members were introduced.

2. Approval of Minutes

Approved with two amendments. "Website" will be bracketed in the topic line of item 4. December will be changed to January in the last paragraph of section 9.

3. Content management needs for website

Some web pages created by or at the request of Public Services Council/User Services Council need to be reviewed and updated. These are largely service pages not maintained by Judy Gardner and Access Services (e.g., Information forů Students, International Students, etc.). Sam McDonald has been making small updates (e.g., removing references to the Chemistry Library) but the pages need owners who will maintain and update content on a continual basis. Descriptions pages for large multidisciplinary databases also need to be considered. There are no obvious owners for databases such as JSTOR, Web of Science, etc. Pages for individual libraries also need owners, although some have already been assigned.

The Web Board would like to establish a stable framework and turn over ownership of pages to specific people/groups/departments. The pages are drupal based and allow for WYSIWG or html editing. Training can be provided as needed and Sam or Yuhwei can provide support when needed.

Sam will provide a spreadsheet for USC to review so that owners can be assigned. Melissa will provide a list of owners for the individual library pages.

A question regarding the representation of USC on the staff pages was raised. It was agreed that a list of members with their roles and terms of service (when applicable) is sufficient. The section with contact information can be removed since this information is readily available in the staff directory.

4. Support for citation managers

The Council looked at a private LibGuide constructed to inform the discussion by gathering links to currently available support options. OIRT will only support RefWorks and Flow, which CTAAR and the Libraries also support. Support for other citation management options is only really handled by the libraries. We provide end user support, training, and documentation for a number of systems.

The Committee on Scholarly Communication is planning to add a page on Citation Management Tools to the website. There was a discussion regarding what contact information should be included there for users who need help. The draft page includes 5 contacts, none in Camden, and this is thought to be too cumbersome for users.

The consensus was that a separate form for submitting questions related to citation managers should be created. The form would send email to a group mailing list similar to the one used by the Serials Team. Once that mailing list is created, a "Standard Reply" can also be added to the AAL interface so that questions can more easily be referred from there. A "Citation Help" web page that brings together all the citation management tools may also be created. Bobbie, Joseph, and Yingting will serve as a working group for the project.

The topic of citation managers will be revisited at a future meeting, likely December.

5. E-Textbook and Related Projects

Grace gave an overview of the E-Textbook Discussion Group report that was distributed by email prior to the meeting. The report includes a list of next steps which included the following:

The report will be discussed more fully at a future meeting.

6. Support for remote campuses

The Libraries currently provide services, mainly book and video delivery, to remote campuses (e.g., Camden County College and Western Monmouth). There are indications that Rutgers plans to expand on these types of agreements, but it's not clear whether the Libraries are being considered in the planning process. Cabinet is looking at these issues.

Delivery to remote campuses is a relatively rare occurrence. It may be more efficient in the long run to look at delivery to individuals instead of proliferating delivery locations. Questions regarding eligibility and return procedures would need to be worked out. There's also a question of where true distance learners would fall into the mix.

7. Sharing with RBHS librarians

Librarians from the Health Sciences Libraries are scheduled to visit Kilmer and LSM on December 9 and Art and Alexander on December 10. The initial group is from RWJ, but the librarians at Smith are also being invited. A return visit to the RWJ library and the Children's Hospital library is being planned for January 29.

Librarians at the Dana and Smith libraries will also be getting together after January 1 for an exchange of information on a variety of topics.

8. New Faculty Positions

PlanCo is compiling a wish list of new faculty positions. The initial discussion was on 11/20, but a more substantial discussion is scheduled for December. Tom will forward the preliminary list from PlanCo so that USC can review and send additional suggestions.

What do we need? What should we call it? Is it saleable? The topic of lines will be revisited at a future meeting.

9. AUL/IIS Director Reports



10. Announcements

Tipton: Preparation for eliminating Searchpath at the end of the semester is complete.

Pecoraro: The ongoing link resolver issues have been escalated to highest priority by the vendor.

Deodato: Web scale discovery is expected to be live for the spring semester in place of Searchlight. The change should be relatively transparent to users since the interfaces are similar.

Just: Victor Zverevich will give a brown bag on December 4th on "Recent Developments in Academic & Public Libraries in Russia."

Deodato: LibGuides and Libraries chat will be an option instructors can include in e-college for the spring semester.

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