Minutes of September 13, 2000 Meeting

Rebecca, Dave, Jeanne, Au, Brian, Sam, Marty, Theo, Vib, Pat, Leslie

A. Progress Reports:

Design Group - VALE and OVID database fixes done, name changes in some of the Wilson databases e.g. Humanities Abstracts -- need to check with cataloging as to correct names for all indexes (Jeanne will check with Samson about this). Information for new students and faculty (Leslie's page) went up. Science Direct is coming soon.

Immediate Things - Harry is working on announcements of new databases as was done for Social Work Abs.

Research Guides Group - still needed? focusing on updating older guides, reviewing links. There is a need for a process for the maintenance and care and feeding of pages. Also a need for guides in some important subject areas. Suggestion to have a formal letter from JEB with a cc from WAC Chair to librarians re: specific pages needed in their subject area, revision of pages in their subject and an invitation to a workshop. Research Guides Group will develop a "Research Guide How To" to accompany the guidelines. Research guides goup will also identify existing guides needing revision as well as new ones needed, identify bibliographers, develop the how to guide for a workshop. Other topics touched upon were: should our research guides be expanded to become scholar's portals and how do we incorporate research guides on the research process. (Instructional Services Group is investigating research process guides and will get back to us on this). The idea of a joint WAC/Instructional Services Group meeting was also suggested.

Newcomers Page (Leslie) - Should it be left on as the first FAQ, should it be highlighted on the top screen in some way. Leave the Welcome up all the time. Issues forwarded to the Design Group to consider. Leslie has agreed to maintain the page.

Maps Database (LSM, created by Ellen Calhoun and Mei Ling Lo) - this is a database for topographic maps at LSM being used for check-in/inventory. In current state,of limited utility elsewhere, in particular need place names linked to quadrangles. It was recommended that this should be part of a maps research guide. Jeanne will give our feedback to Ellen.

Phase 2 Survey for Students - Specific recommendations from the librarian survey, such as related to e-reserves, are being taken care of by Sam. General webpage design issues need input from actual student use. Vib will come up with a sample proceedure/questions for getting input from students that come up to the reference desk with a question that lends itself to the use of the RUL website.

Review of Goals for AY 00/01 - These goals were well articulated in the WAC annual report and endorsed:

Respectfully submitted, Marty Kesselman

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