Minutes of Wednesday, November 14, 2001 Meeting

S. McDonald, P. Piermatti, S. Harrington (recorder), T. Haynes, L. Murtha, R. Gardner, J. Boyle
Au, D. Hoover, V. Bowman


1. The E-Journal Publishers table, found on the E-journals page, will be made a static page without hot links to vendor package descriptions.
2. Rebecca will contact designer Mary Domowicz regarding the site www.navsurf.com/colorpicker.asp in the hopes that Mary might provide advice about the appropriate shade of green for the top bar.


A. Design

S. McDonald reported that he re-coded the Indexes and Databases page, posted all pending minutes, and changed the "news" graphic on the current front web page.

S. McDonald also noted that in preparation for the changeover from Proquest to EBSCOhost, he removed all Proquest links and changed them to point to Academic Search Premier. In response to a threaded e- mail discussion, Proquest Research Library was re-listed on the Indexes and Databases page, with a cross-reference to Academic Search Premier.

[The following design section took place at the end of the meeting in the IHL.] The Committee reviewed mocked up pages of the web designer's design suggestions. The front page, Indexes and Databases page, Remote Access Guide page, African Films page, and Friends page were reviewed. Discussion and comments focused on:

In discussion, the Committee reaffirmed that the website design is intended to roll out a new look rather than introduce new content. Committee members underlined the different feel and quieter style of the redesign, with a focus on the use of page 'white space' to highlight important items. Many additional detail-oriented suggestions treating font size, spacing, the use of bold and italics, and other points were raised for consideration.

B. Research Guides

P. Piermatti stated that S. McDonald posted the completed Pharmaceutical Sciences subject research guide.

C. I-Things

T. Haynes reported that descriptions would be written for the following forthcoming indexes: Wiley Interscience journal package, Anthropological Index, ERIC, Nature, Columbia Granger's World of Poetry online, and Patrologia Latina. ERIC may require a new description because of a change of vendor. Currently, the ERIC link off the Indexes and Databases page leads to OVID. J. Boyle will ask the CDC about the status of OVID. L. Murtha agreed to write a new ERIC description if necessary.

Given the slower pace of index additions this year, J. Boyle raised the issue of examining areas where the Committee might seek enhancements/improvements. These areas include:

D. Instruction

L. Murtha reported that the Instructional Services Committee was moving ahead with the finishing touches to the Instructional Services web page, which is nearly ready to go live. S. McDonald has constructed forms so that instruction may be requested online. The Committee expects to move ahead with online instruction tools during the Spring 2002 semester.

E. Stec has completed an online tutorial for the Shaping a Life program treating academic integrity and plagiarism, which can be found at sal.rutgers.edu under Weekly Assignments, Week 9, Plagiarism Assignment.

E. Systems

Online access problems from residence halls continue, as students cannot access selected indexes. Discussion centered on whether or not RUCS was aware of the problem. J. Boyle indicated that she would ask A. Montanaro for the Systems perspective on the issue.

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