Minutes of September 9, 2002 Meeting

K.N. Au, S. Harrington, T. Haynes, D. Hoover(recorder), S. McDonald, L. Murtha, K. Wenk
S. Bartz, J. Boyle, R. Gardner, V. Bowman

1. Content Group Report (WAC-C)

Standard wording and templates are available for those that are doing description revisions. They list catagories and types of information you way want to include in the description. We are working towards a standard look for all descriptions. They can be found on the Staff web pages under Public Service/Web Advisory Committee/Reports/ Style Sheet for Database Descriptions

- Newspaper Abstracts was canceled on Sept 1. The web page has been updated to reflect this and to direct users to Academic Universe and Dow Jones.

Life Sciences with Bioengineering Index which had been renamed to Biological Sciences Collection was canceled on Sept 1. The web page has been updated to reflect this and to direct users to BIOSIS Previews.

ARL Directory will not be getting any new content as it has been discontinued by the provider. We will keep the link up that points to the static content.

Kraus Curriculum development library survived cancelation and will be kept active.

- Question as to when we would move to Webspirs version 5 for silverplatter databases. It was noted that VALE had listed both versions on their test web site (www.valenj.org:10085) at the end of Sept. and had asked institutions to let them know if they wanted version 4 or 5 on their live VALE menu. Rutgers did not respond, so the link was not changed. Since it was unclear as to who decides this and since silverplatter has had version 5 out for months, it was decided that we would move ahead to version 5. Since VALE only provides Social Work Abs, and ATLA - those links have been tested. Dave Hoover will verify links for the other 3 RU silverplatter databases (Crim Justice, LISA, and Philosopher's Index) for webspirs v5 and will get the proper URL's to Sam and cataloging.

2. Design Group (WAC-D)

- The issue of the order of the sidebar menu on all library web pages was discussed and it was decided that they would be:

Hours and Directions
Ask A Librarian
How Do I
Advanced Users
Search Website
Site Index
Site Map (when it becomes available)

this grew out of a discussion at our last meeting that questioned whether these links were grouped together properly.

- Search Engine no match page was also revised to include the "How Do I" box.

- It was questioned if there is a link to Hours and Directions from anywhere except in the sidebar menu. Sam will check on this.

- The placement of the link to the "New Users" page was questioned. It is currently only available as the last "Need to know" link on the AAL/FAQ page titled Rutgers General Information (get Info link). This page contains a lot of RU information that new students commonly ask for at reference desks. It was decided that an RUL_EVERYONE message would be sent to remind people of this page. Also the WAC-C group will take up the issue of placement on the library web pages.

- All SPCOL pages will be moving from the rulib directory over to the rul directory and will be getting the RUL look and feel. Some finding aids will have the left menu bar stripped to make printing work. Au asked about having printer friendly pages -Sam said this would have to wait for a Content Management System (CMS).

- Media Vision Forms for scheduling Cablecasts are available. This will allow faculty members to request video materials that we have broadcast rights for to be shown at certain times.

- Z39.50 web page for Endnote, ProCite, Ref Manager was posted that explains the settings necessary to connect to IRIS. Some missed this email and news item.

- J. Boyle has decided what Public Services Policies will be moving from the Staff Resources to the About the Libraries pages, to make them more accesible to our users. The PSPM number will be removed.

- Sam will work on finishing the Staff pages redesign that was discussed at a previous meeting. Frames will be removed, and Search link be added.

- Promote CMS system starting with a Systems Lunch Presentation explaining some of the desired outcomes of using one. Will also hold another meeting that will incorporate an outside moderator (Rick Anderson) to faciltate the construction of a list of features and needs in the CMS.

3. Instruction Report

- Fall semester orientation is proceeding.

- Goals for next year :

- Develop a model for curriculum materials to be shared among faculty members. Abilty to retrieve and download materials to use as is or to tailor for the new course.

4. Systems Report

- Eureka telnet links are going to be decomissioned by RLG on Nov 30. People were initially concerned, but were more comforted once they new that command line searching has been incorporated into the new Eureka interface. The message I received from RLG will be sent to Sam and Au so it can be reviewed and redistributed to RUL faculty. After the telnet links are gone from RLG we will adjust the scripts to tell people to use the web version instead. It is unclear if RLIN staff mode that is used from the web pages will be effected by this but we will check. WAC-D will decide on the appropriate wording for the discontinued messages.

- EBSCO problems with slowness were reported. DH is on an EBSCO mailing list that sends notification of such problems. He will continue to forward them to RUL_EVERYONE as they arrive. Feel free to call about problems as systems will look into it and place calls to EBSCO to make sure they are aware of the problem.

When EBSCO changed its interface a new link came up for "Linked to Full Text Resources" - this link sometimes leads to full text but also leads to resources that must be paid for by the end user. It also leads to the ability to save SDI searches. It is not clear if this is an extra paid for service that is turned on by mistake, or if we are entitled to it. DH will contact EBSCO to see what is going on.

- Web of Science seems to be having slowness and session expired problems again. Please wait for pages to load fully before clicking on another link. Once you get a session expired message, try clearing your web cache and restarting your browser.

- Links will be activated in Ovid databases this week that say "Library Catalog Holdings" - they will combine the ISSN or ISBN (if it exists in the citation) with a link that searches IRIS by ISSN/ISBN. This is the same functionality that has been added to other online databases (Academic Search Premiere, Silverplatter etc)

5. Assessment

- the Assessment commitee agreed to help condcut the assesment, but put it back to WAC to choose a method. We were asked what outside people should we invite in to help choose the right tools. Answer - METRO, People who do this at Library Conferences, SCILS, Palinet, Listservs for HCI (Human Computer Interaction). The question was raised as to if there would be money available to pay someone to come in.

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